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On ZTE announces Nubia Z7 with 5.5-inch QHD display post (35 comments in total)

Who buys a ZTE phone anyway? Never heard of them before. Are they available only in China?

Update: I found there is an ZTE USA website. Nothing like a third or fourth tier manufacturer for one of the devices people use dozens (if not hundreds) of times a day. Either get an iPhone or an Android from a strong vendor (Samsung, etc.).

Why ZTE? Isn't that sort of like setting out to get a new point and shoot digital camera and right off looking for a Polaroid digital, Casio or one of the few old Agfa digitals?

I guess I'm confused on who buys a ZTE and why it's getting any play here on DPR Connect; other than it crams in what is likely a poor implementation of 4k video. Plus the cost is estimated at $550 USD? At that rate, go and get a nice higher end Samsung, HTC, etc. Android or iPhone...or even a Windows phone from a big name.

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (199 comments in total)
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mpix345: Funny. The RX100m3 was my first thought as well. Hopefully the Panasonic LX8 will be a good alternate with the same pricing differential as the FZ1000.

My guess is the LX8 will be closer to the RX100 though, and Sony will be less likely to roll back price on a camera that is still relatively new.

I agree. I can't wait to see with Panny has to compete with the MIII. I just can't deal with the ergonomics of the RX100 line. I tried.

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (199 comments in total)

Glad to see this, just too late for my purchase back in late March :-( This will bottom out the used RX10 market as well for those who were considering selling the RX10 for the FZ1000. So, it server two purposes for Sony.

The RX10 fits my needs better (f/2.8 all the way, aperture ring, exp comp dial, ability to use my soft shutter releases, audio monitoring, a least some limited environmental seals, etc.). However, I did consider if I were to start over which would I choose...with the old price, it would likely have been the FZ. Now, it's more clear cut for the RX10 for my needs.

They are both excellent cameras and comparable in many ways. It's great to have a choice with prices close enough to not be a big factor.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1239 comments in total)
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Serickmetz: Wow the Panasonic isn't even out yet and already looks bad next to that Sony.

Maybe Panasonic should have come out with something innovative instead of just copying Sony and stealing a piece of their pie.

Argh $998 on Amazon now. Oh, well. Prices always drop. I got mine in mid-March 2014. I can look at it as about $3.33/day for the use in that time with the price drop. When I look at it like that, I can live with it. LOL

B&H is still at $1298. I wonder what will happen to the price of the RX100 MIII when the new "rumored" Panny LX8/9 (or whatever) is released and likely at a lower price point.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1239 comments in total)
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tko: Seems like Panasonic wins in almost every area. In RAW, image quality is better or equal, longer zoom, same weight. Well done Panasonic, nice to see you back.

Maybe Sony should have tried a little harder.

I agree on this too. On the 4k deal and "very few people" have the TV for it...think back to the old days of video when full HD was new. I think a lot of people may have said that same thing. Now, it would be nice to have that full HD video from 5-10 years ago vs the SD. When i doubt, that 4k can't hurt.

However, there are MANY things of the RX10 I greatly prefer. Some of them include: f/2.8 all the way, exp comp dial (I hate cameras that don't have this), threaded shutter button (so I can use my soft releases), step-less aperture for video, aperture ring like a camera should have IMO, audio monitoring....those are the big ones for me.

Then again, Panny has advantages too. I'm NOT a fanboy of either...I'm more of Fuji guy. I have the RX10 and have owned a Panny GF1/GH1 and still have my LX5.

They are both great for what they are. Neither is a slam dunk vs the other. They will both appeal to different users. For me, right now, the RX10 is it for the above mentioned.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1239 comments in total)
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mark moe: I like that Sony is weather sealed... I like tropical vacations and rain is a factor. I like its ND feature a lot too.

The extra zoom of the Panasonic does mean as much as the above to me.

I agree. I have an RX10. It has some degree of sealing, but NOTHING like a sealed camera like an OM-D, GH4 or the old Olympus E-1 & E-3 I used to have. On those, you can see rubber o-ring gaskets and other seals on the SD card doors, all covers and feel how there is a resistance/sponginess to the buttons indicating probably seals there too.

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Randy Benter: Only 4 new cameras in this update and still no support for the E-M10. Apple is terribly slow when it comes to adding support for new cameras.

I understand. However, it's a two part issue. 1) Olympus has to provide the data to Apple to create it and 2) Then Apple has to implement it. One, or both, of these may not have been done yet. We just don't know. My guess is that is is #2 as if "I'm the manufacturer", I would send out my data to all of my vendors providing support at the same time.

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On Canon USA brings white EOS Rebel SL1 to America article (119 comments in total)

Now, maybe if they had a clear/translucent version, that could be fun from a technology and conversation starting standpoint. To be able to see the internals (just isolate the sensor from light in its own little box) and it would be sort of fun. "Do I have an SD card in this thing? Yep! I see it!" LOL!!!

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On Canon USA brings white EOS Rebel SL1 to America article (119 comments in total)

<--face palm. I just don't get the colored cameras. White, pink, blue, green, red, etc. Black, black and silver, whatever, fine...but white? I don't understand how the additional cost of making it and the retailers stocking another SKU# makes much sense. Maybe they sell really well in Asia, but I just don't see it in the USA or the EU.

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On Fujifilm announces 1.4x teleconverter for X100/X100S article (130 comments in total)

I have to say that I'm impressed with how Fuji supports their existing cameras, past and present. The continuous firmware, beyond what almost anyone else does and now this addition to the other converter from last year. Now your X100(s) can be it's native 35mm, 50mm or 28mm. Looking at this, the little X100 series can be a prime shooter great travel kit with the camera and two converters. It may look a little bulky, but beyond that, I'm sure the IQ of the teleconverter will be stellar.

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cheetah43: DSLRs all look hideous. The mirrorless have big screens at the back with no space to put a viewfinder; and if somebody squeezes in an EVF but reducing the screen size people start yelling. As for 'high quality but high price' lenses - people should calculate compound price inflation at 3, 4, 5, 6% per annum over 40 years and then ask the question "A high quality lens cost so much 40 years ago. what would be a reasonable price now?". Is the new Zeiss for A7 really expensive? The manufacturers ought to get their act together by concentrating on the quality of sensor, lens, design and build, useability. A plastic body is not acceptable.

"The mirrorless have big screens at the back with no space to put a viewfinder; and if somebody squeezes in an EVF but reducing the screen size people start yelling" ~cheetah43

What? Almost all "good" mirrorless HAVE EVF's built in now...check out the Olympus OM line, Panasonic GH3 & 4, G6, etc., Sony A7 and their others, then you have Fuji with the X100s, X-T1, X-E2...all with EVFs' and some with EVF/OVF hybrid. The Fuji's, the OM-D line and the GH3 & 4 are all Solidly build, not plasticly at all. I havne't seen an A7 in person, so I can't say.

Lack of quality sensors in mirrorless? What? :-) A7 (full frame), Fuji's X-trans (highly praised as the BEST APS-C you can get) and the OM-D is highly regarded as well. Where you mainly thinking of the little Nikon and Canon offerings?

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On Fujfilm interview: 'The only way is to keep innovating' article (228 comments in total)
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anteportas: For me as a journalist the interview misses to many points in detail. Examples?

1.) Mr. Iida says, users are asking for new flashes. Why does the interviewer not ask if there is something in the pipeline and what these flashes will look like?

2.) Mr. Iilda says that Fuji has to refresh the lens lineup. What does it mean? Which new lenses can we expect from fuji?

3.) When will there be an x-pro 2 an what will be the differences to the x-t1? Only the hybrid-viewfinder?

4.) Mr. Iida sys Fuji has to be innovative. So what are the areas of technical innovation we can expect from fuji in the near future?

Just a few examples abaout information this interview is not providing.

I thought it was a GREAT interview, getting into the WHY of what they do vs. what they are going to do with specific plans...which he would be dumb to reveal to a journalist OR competitor in public. Great job!

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On Fujfilm interview: 'The only way is to keep innovating' article (228 comments in total)
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nazeddie: I'm glad they made the decision to release upgrades to older models keeping them up to par with the latest. That does not prevent me from buying a newer model in the future. I will invest again in Fuji because I know that they will keep me up to date with the latest features and upgrades. I have already invested in 4 lenses and in a year or two I will probably upgrade just the body. I liked this interview as well, the honesty and candor only fortifies what I know to be a company that listens to the customers and acts on it. Thumbs up to Fuji!

EXACTLY! It's because they updated the X100 that I had the confidence in Fuji, long term, to buy another X series camera (X-E1) and invest in lenses. I love my X100 and the updates, something no one else has done like that with other cameras I've had in the past, was outstanding!

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On Fujfilm interview: 'The only way is to keep innovating' article (228 comments in total)
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joyclick: Fuji should give some thought to the handgrips on their X series cameras,they are difficult to hold.

They have them. The new X-T1 has an optional battery grip. I have the new grip from Fuji for my X-E1. I also use a thumbs-up which is great. Adding grips, stock, would make them larger (except X-T1) and that defeats some of the purpose of their current rangefinder-type design. Personally, I like the svelte bodies and the ability to ad the grip if I choose. On the X-E1, I use it bare with the 27mm and 35mm but add the grip when shooting mainly with the larger 55-200.

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)
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Jim in Hudson: I don't understand this recent fascination with top plate dials, unless it's mostly for looks. Back when dials were the way to control cameras, it was all there was. The major disadvantage was having to take your eye away from the VF to make a change (well, you had to change film to change ISO). There was no superimposed (or bottom strip) indicator of settings. Now, basic camera controls do the same and you can see exactly what you're changing with speed, aperture, and ISO without ever taking your eye off the subject. Of course you need a logical and easy layout to the button and wheel controls but it doesn't take much to learn.

Top plate dials for me are much faster! I don't have to remove my eye from the VF to use menus either! BIG advantage to me. On my X100 and X-E1, I can change the aperture by feel, I what 2 clicks is AND I can see it in the VF. Same with exp comp, etc. I can keep my eye on the subject int he VF vs. having to look at info on screen most of the time. IMO, it's the most efficient way to go.

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On Integrating the MacBook Air into a pro workflow article (353 comments in total)

I agree, nice post. My main computer is a 2012 MBA (8G, 1G vid ram, USB 3/TB, etc., 13"). I have had ZERO issues editing files using Aperture 3 via my USB 3 "aperture drive". The SSD drive is blazing, even though the 2013 is faster yet! All of the other benefits of the form factor are spot on as well.

My other machine is a "souped up" 2012 Mac Mini + TB monitor (also used for MBA). It's a 2.3GHz i7 quad core with 16GB and 1GB video ram. It's "more than sufficient" for imaging and the videos I do. I'll eventually add an SSD.

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Incredibly cool!!! WOW! I love it, unique, well done and fun to see. I'd love to see more behind the scenes :-)

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)

The camera looks interesting...can't wait to fully see it! However, I have to say, these video promos are excellent!!! These are some of the best teasers I've seen for ANY tech / photography product in years. Way to go Nikon!

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PStu: Why only add SmugMug? How about 500PX or other sharing services?

I agree. The SmugMug had to just be the one brought over from iPhoto. I don't personally know anyone who uses SmugMug, Snapfish, etc. and Aperture or Lightroom. You are right, it's usually services like 500px, Zenfolio, etc.

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munro harrap: I love Aperture, but cannot get hold of a Mac that functions properly to put my copy on! I had to return a total of three BTO top of the range iMacs (overheating/flickering, dark bar across screen, and refused as courier stood it outside in a puddle in the rain (Apple cant be bothered to have their own Applecare Vans yet are quite able to run a fleet of them). Oh yes, and the Mac Mini arrived back in the day when they still had a discrete card and a DVD writer, but the DVD writer did not work. Such is packing.... So MY copy of Aperture three is still available to redownload. Oh yes, I got a Retina MacBook Pro retail £1800 when the first 15" model appeared a year ago. That went back as powered USB3 drives shorted to the chassis which was live and sent pixels fractelling madly on both the MBP screen and the 27" monitor attached to it. The MBP screen was too dim to correct shadow detail on in any case, so I got a refund. My nerves now hold me in check, and no Aperture is not for lenses

I think you must carry Microsoft antibodies and your body just rejects the Macs. Oh, well. Enjoy what you prefer to use. I've never had that many issues. My brother in law is much the same as you but with iPhones. I have no idea who he has such bad luck with them...but for him, it's anything that uses electricity..they all break on him. Strange.

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