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Nice but way too big and bulky, as usual the money at Canon and Nikon is being spent on DSLR tech.

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On article Field Test: Brad Puet and the Fujifilm X-T10 (119 comments in total)

excellent video glad I brought my X-T10. I have a add on grip and a thumb grip that slides on to the flash bracket so the handling is much better. My wish for the new year is to get my hands on some of those superb lenses.

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What a stunning shot. I know it has a lot to do with the photographer being there and seeing the opportunity and setting the camera up and all that entails but as far as the equipment goes the Canon 5D MkIII is turning into a bit of a legend.
Great shot and a great camera and lens.

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On article Vantage Point: The aviation photography of Jon Pece (189 comments in total)

These are stunning air to air shots of military aircraft, yes they are used and have been used to bomb and destroy lives but such is the nature of these machines ( if nature is the right word) to be used in anger when the need arises.
Remember, this is a camera and photography site not a political sounding board.
By the way, those incredible photographic tools we all use contain electronics that were first tried in military hardware.

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tmurph: Just had a thought, something to do when watching news items on TV.
Look out for press photographers using this camera instead of a DSLR...

What I meant was, are diehard Canon and Nikon press photographers going to finally succumb to mirrorless technology with this camera and are they already using these camera's?
Your answer is perplexingly anoying.

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Just had a thought, something to do when watching news items on TV.
Look out for press photographers using this camera instead of a DSLR...

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On article Week in Review: Sony FTW (302 comments in total)

This is a jewel of a camera, I changed to mirrorless last year and have had no regrets. I hope that Panasonic and Olympus are watching and hopefully develop a new sensor and get rid of the oh so long in the tooth 16 mil they offer at the moment.
Sony are to be congratulated on pushing the mirrorless camera up to another level.
Alpha dog indeed.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 real-world samples (102 comments in total)

Got to say, there are some really stupid remarks on here.
When it comes to colour and how the camera deals with it, if you're not happy then change the settings slightly.
The debate about how the camera performed in lovely sunny conditions is totally irrelevant, why discus how the shot was taken? why not just enjoy the results and be done with it. If the camera performed really badly then surely the results would stand out like a sore thumb and no doubt the reviewer would also mention it.
At the end the camera was used to show what it can do and looking at the results it does what it says on the tin.
Discussing how and why the camera didn't do this or that is just complete waste of time.
Why do people on here always have to look at things at the minuscule level, oh no the photo of the guy being interviewed is not absolutely perfect, Panasonic...bin the camera it's no good....GENTS! STOP THE BORING COMMENTS, YOUR'RE PUTTING GLASS EYES TO SLEEP...

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 (496 comments in total)

I'll be getting one of these in the next few months, my G6 is nice enough and I've got to the point where using it has become second nature regards its function layout but I think its time for a change, One of the few gripes about the G6 is the DISP button on the back which is a pain in the rear. I inadvertently keep touching it and there's no way of making it redundant so hopefully either the on the G7 can be turned off or looking at the thumb rest it may not get in the way. Also, looking at the bottom plate there seems to be no provision for a battery grip which is a shame, who knows in the not too distant future Panasonic may have pity on me and release one, not holding my breath here. So far it looks a promising camera.

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I love the way Canon call the 5Ds "specialist camera" as apposed to plebs like me who would, more than likely, use a none specialist camera.
Oh well there's me thinking that a camera, no matter what it can do regards its internal computer and sensor, is basically a box with a lens on that lets light onto a sensor or film. Hold it!..I just got it...its "specialist light" that's what this camera will only pick up yes?
Tec at canon...Hey boss whats with the hefty price tag?....Boss...don't worry we're calling it a specialist camera, it will sell like hot cakes, honest...and the hype goes on.

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On article Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 (370 comments in total)

Hopefully this camera will make the big boys at Nikon and Canon sit up and notice.
If you're in the market to change your camera then another choice is a good thing in my humble opinion.
Those lenses look well made and from I've seen on the featured film their overall quality is very good.
I'll make it my aim to look at this camera next time I go into town and look in the local camera shop, nothing like a good hands on tryout before committing ones wallet to a new camera.
Just one little concerns the last few so called comments, what is it with you guy's?? why can't you just enjoy the film and make a comment about the camera instead of making those snide remarks about the overall film itself.
I think Barney Briton and Jordan Stead have done a decent job in trying to explain the aspects of this new camera. All this moaning is getting a bit boring and has nothing to do about the camera but would put a glass eye to sleep. I await the stupid reply's with glee.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (388 comments in total)


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mumintroll: Many people arguing that it has 4K video and? How many from you have 4K TV or monitor? Me not and I will not have it anytime soon. Sure 4K is the future but today?

The 4K TVs are amaing but there's a big problem here in the Uk.
None of the big TV stations are broadcasting 4K and look like they're not going to in the foreseeable future.
Go into any major electrical store in the Uk and you see these TVs with amazing cityscapes and nature footage but nothing from the broadcasters.
So, a big yes for the tec but no from the domestic programs.

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tmurph: Pricing is the key here. Why would Panasonic leave the price of the cameras so close.
There should be a clear distinction between the GX7 and the LX100.
The GX7 with a 14-42 is at the moment in the uk is about the same as the LX100 asking price, that to me is too close. Obviously the price of the LX100 should come down but why leave the two cameras so close in price within the Panasonic range?

I take both points made here but I still think there should be a marked difference in price.
Is there a strategy going on here with manufactures that goes something like, " the compact camera is dead, long live the the expensive compact camera" When asked why all the toys on these digital cameras? the answer is that the manufactures can do it. The price you pay is for the sensor not the toys. So here you have a camera that has the same sensor as its stable mate but is not as versatile. Yes LX100 is a very good travel camera but so is the GX7. This camera will undoubtedly come down in price but I cant help thinking that Panasonic has, and this is just my own personal view, shot themselves in the foot.
Think about it, right now you want a better camera than the LX100, get the GX7 its cheaper.

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Pricing is the key here. Why would Panasonic leave the price of the cameras so close.
There should be a clear distinction between the GX7 and the LX100.
The GX7 with a 14-42 is at the moment in the uk is about the same as the LX100 asking price, that to me is too close. Obviously the price of the LX100 should come down but why leave the two cameras so close in price within the Panasonic range?

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Oh how we have become so blase about new cameras that come out these days.
Nothing seems to please the equipment freaks on here.
" nice camera, nothing special" or "a very safe camera" and the old chestnut, pixel counters. 18 to 20 million pixels in 5 years hmmm.
Seriously! there's people on here who can tell the difference between 18 and 20 million pixels? WOW... that's impressive. Oh, I can't by the way so that makes me a bit of a failed photographer.
Oh well, never mind I'll just have to learn to play golf, you don't get any equipment freaks in you?

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On article Fast and full-frame: Nikon announces 24MP Nikon D750 (406 comments in total)

Why are Nikon turning into Minolta of old when it comes to how many cameras they have in their line up.
Why didn't they just bring out a new camera with all the toys on board?
Their line would then be D4 for the Pro, The D810 with everything on board Amateur/ Semi Pro and the D5300 DX format for the Hobbyist, simple, straight forward.
Wait Canon users, they've looked at Nikon and said our Mk5 IV will have all the above on board and our line up will be small and succinct.
As for a Nikon D400, why? no reason for it, what will it bring to the table that's not already there and as for the 600,610,800 all old hat.

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On article Zeiss introduces 'no distortion' Otus 1.4/85mm (339 comments in total)

I don't usually comment on whether a lens or camera is expensive or not.
What I will do now is comment on this one though.
I have spoken to a few pros during my visits to various camera shows and checked out some high end pro stuff, I was lucky to handle a digi Hasselblad and was impressed at what it can do. Will I ever own one? I don't think so purely on the fact that I can't afford it. Negative thinking? yes indeed but also, I'm realist and this stuff is way out of my league.
As regards munro harrap about a class system within our hobby I don't agree, for the most part you'll never get a pro talking down to a hobbyist, if anything they're only too happy to pass on some good advice.The ones who hang this stuff around their necks to show off with well, they're easily ignored.

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On article Cold War camera: 1950s Berlin in color (part 1) (120 comments in total)
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Valant: Anyone any idea what make the double decker bus (DD) in picture Nr. 8 is?
Probably Daimler, they launched the first motorised DD in 1898, but it looks like a 1940's British bus. I tend to associate DD's with London and Britain in that era.

Okay, I used to live in West Germany when my dad was in the army, I was born the year these pictures were taken. I spend in total 15 years in the country.
I never went to Berlin but around that time and into the sixties most of the buses in the major cities were made by a firm called, and excuse my spelling, Maderus Deuze or something along those lines. It was a manufacturer of large trucks and buses. Its emblem reminds me of a 1950s rocket or a three pointed star, or even the Mercedes logo but without the ring. Sorry to be a bit vague but its the best way I can describe the detail. Hope it helps.

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On article Fujifilm X30 First Impressions Review (474 comments in total)
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Peter Bendheim: The haters are out in full force today I see. Good morning to y'all!

The point that I don't get are those that complain about sensor size. There are plenty other options out there in the Fuji range for larger sensors starting from the X100s. So go get one.

It's like being mad at a car company because their compact car doesn't come with a V8 like their other models. Choose another model or another brand. Cameras are not swiss army knives--they can't possible have every feature in every model. There are plenty of people who will more than like the X30, as there are plenty people who do like Canon's G16. Such a fuss about nothing.

Totally agree with you Mr Bendheim, for me also I think this will be a very good camera for street photography, overall I like what I'm seeing and reading.
I personally love the styling.

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