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InTheMist: IMO, the default threaded view is kind of dumb. Long after the OP's topic is beaten to death, the thread is full of comments that have been duscussed ad nausium, and you have many, many duplicates statements occur because of this.

Placing half of the text of a message in the title of the message is patently ridiculous usability quirk.

Threaded forums are so Y2K Internet, if not 1990's BBS.

Flat view is where it's at.

Any reason why flat view can't be also threaded?

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In spite of all the negative comments here, the price of the 14-42 X lens on amazon.co.uk today is £340.66. If the camera with X lens comes in at £579, that makes it a rather cheap combo. You may think the lens is over-priced, but it is the smallest kit zoom lens on the market when collapsed and makes the camera one of the smallest CSC's available - and it has a large sensor. If it has the same image quality as the GX1 for example, or near, that makes it very useful even to "serious" photogs, maybe as a second (3rd or 4th) camera.

This is the low-end model in the whole G range and as such it has a place.

The red dot on the lens, by the way, is on all micro four-thirds lenses and bodies and is used for lining them up for fitting (bayonet mount). The red X is just a marketing symbol and is a bit silly, I agree.

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On CIPA starts to report growing mirrorless sales article (200 comments in total)
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Jon Stern: It's silly that we are still calling these cameras "mirrorless". We don't call DSLR cameras "filmless"; film cameras weren't called "glass-plateless"; and glass plate cameras weren't called "portrait-painterless".

Equally, we don't normally name things by what they don't contain. Otherwise my computer would be called a chickenless, pyramidless, stuffed-toyless, Andromeda-Galaxyless, swimming-pooless, 5000-foot-statue-of-Charlie-Chaplinless, Pope Gregory-II-less, etc., etc., etc., ... laptop computer!

It was exactly the same when Henry Ford brought the Model T to the market. Cars were called "horseless carriages". Sound familiar? Of course, as carriages drawn by horses became things of the past, reserved for ceremonial occasions and the like, the name "automobile" came to the fore. Same with digital cameras, undoubtedly. Not that there weren't some advantages to horses....

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