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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)

What about rewriting this story with consideration to different genres of photography... not the generic "one bag fits all" mindset that this author has used. Seriously... how many people would get much use out of a tripod that is 6-inches tall... or a flash unit that can only be used on camera in TTL mode. And adding a smart phone or tablet to the bag!? Seriously! Start over please!

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A good photographer having a bad day.

Most photographers at some stage in their career have turned up to a job only to discover what is happening is not what they prepared for. It might be a poor brief, language barriers or just the weather throwing its hand. The real test of test of the photographer in these situations is to adapt and move on.

If I was an US team member I would be disappointed in these photos. Given that Klamar was shooting for a French agency, my guess is that could also be part of a personal send-up or private joke. Knowing that many parts of the US are struggling economically, maybe he thinks these athletes should be captured in a more honest situation.

Personally, I think you can share that message while still employing the fundamentals of good photography, namely good lighting, design and emotion.

At least there were other photographers at this event who were also making photos of the same athletes.... it would be good to see their photos sometime soon.

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Toy... that is all this is... a toy... and you know what happens with toys... everyone thinks they are cute and fun for a few months until a better toy comes along and then it gets left to gather dust in a cupboard.

What is sad is that Nikon had the opportunity to be the first company to create a compact, pro-sumer level mirror-less camera... something that would rival the Leica M9 and give professionals, not an alternative, but an additional format to work with on assignments... and they have absolutely blown it.

Very disappointed Nikon...

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