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On Ricoh surfs into action camera market with WG-M1 article (108 comments in total)

Depth rating is too low. Not enough screen. Nikon Aw 110 still better.Use this for freediving. Rated 18m, I take the Nikon to 30m or more 20x in a row on a diveday for two years. Easy to use and more than respectable IQ without strobes but then again us pacific freedivers are spoilt with the amount of good lighting. Ricoh and gopro are underengineered. No buy.

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JayDT: I don't get the OS comments, WP does everything iOS does on an iPhone 5 but with better integration to office etc.

As for the camera and apps I don't get why you would edit an image on such a tiny screen especially when the 1020 chucks out such nice sized files to play with. The nokia camera app is brilliant and has almost all the tweets one needs. Sharpness is not there I know but the files go into Photoshop do what's the problem there.

The nokia app is slow, both on load and shot to shot... Well if you want to get a good, quick image use the built in Microsoft camera app, as fast as an iPhone with the same quality. Tried it against a 5s and no difference. BUT when your being creative, which is the point of RAW, and plan the shot then it's amazing. Had a Sony Rx100 and sold it after the RAW update, no point. Files and quality are same as the Sony and the print quality is the same. Fine I loose a zoom and a little speed... But one unit rather than two wins! Simples.

Totally agree. Have a 1520. The faster chipset makes a difference. The 1020 is fluid, the 1520 is speedy. The bigger screen gives a better feedback. Raw files processing in Nikon View NX. Same app I use with my D600. There is enough headroom to do editing. There is no shortage of meanigful apps in the market place. The OS is welldeveloped.

The Nokia photo-app, keep it open in the background. Flick and its instantly there.

With RAW available - every other phone that is not supporting it is now a doorstop.

Nokia should work on making the phones last longer. Big nuissance. Also that thing should be waterproof to 15m. With wireless charging, cloud backup. There is just no need for waterholes in that phone.

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)

Played around with a 5300.

Conclusion: APS is dead.

So Nikon: I want a middleformat body with a detachable back and 100mb raw, prims finder, taking FX and better lenses and the simple functionality of a D600.

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Cane: So funny listening to people's viewfinder battle. Are any of you really trying to convince the other side of something? It's like yelling at clouds.

And still a prism is better than lcd and liveview. Addin that Sony lenses are about 30% worse on lpi than the Nikons you end up with garrish overcorrected sensor output, less lightsensitivity and and an image of your viewfield rather than the field of view with a prism. Output of Canon and Sony sucks.

Double dislike.

So no sell, Sony, this is a dumb product with featuritis rather than decent engineering solutions.

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what exactly is the advantage of an USB port on a lens? None? Planned obsolence? Hell yea. Not buying.

Anyway, APS is on the way out. To small. Soon phones will do aswell for quickpics and quickflixs.

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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Stoker Ace: Yes. An interesting idea that seems to have divided the bloggers. However Leica have made a good wedge making "retro" digital camera's for several eons! I suspect than many may not realise that the satisfaction of owning/using something like an M8/9 is not in it's megabit framespeed or 4D video or whatever but in the tactile satisfaction of owning something that is not cutting edge but has a robust feel and is styled the same as their last 10 camera's. As an aside I think my SB11 will suddenly become a desirable retro flash for the Df if it comes the commercial success I suspect it will become.

Yeah, but the Nikon is a seriously good cam while the Leica stuff sucks. That they want to eat into the Leica market with a retro thingy is understandable. I, however, prefer the tactile superiority of softtouch buttons and 4 way buttons next to a large lcd menu screen and fat battery grips.

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (257 comments in total)

Where is the flash? Lowend cameras have them all...

Color coding is a sure sign that the marketing department is desperate because R&D failed because marketing took a wrong turn 2 cycles ago...

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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Photowyzard: Beautiful camera. I like almost everything about it. I am one of those guys who was around when Film was in its hay-day. Love the look, especially the Black body…it calls to me. I agree with many that the price point is too high, but they are not marketing this camera to me, so I am not going to go slit my wrists over it.

I have been using a D800 for over a year now and have gotten very comfortable with the massive mp output…16mp seems a bit weak to me for the money. However, compatibility with 50 years of fantastic glass is a real bonus. I am a huge fan of the old lenses and one of my current favourites is the Nikon 400mm f3.5. No video…who cares. I use a camera for photography, not video.

Will I buy this… no. Would I like to own it…yes, but not at 16mp and not at the price. Beautiful design, well done, Nikon….because you CAN!

@howaboutraw: lpi aka max possible resolution a lens can manage. The new N-lenses are very good, generally 30% better than the other brands and just shy of the theoretical max. The Nikon 35mm sensors are quite a bit better than what a lens can do. Most other brands cut corners and do software interpolation instead of making decent lenses. You got no clue.

I am happy with my 24mb D600 but I clearly want more, lots more - 100mb or better, a 100mm cooled sensor and active laser atmospheric shake suppression.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (686 comments in total)
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wakaba: So it sucks and sticking tailfins (WiFi and strange sensor) on that Olds is not going to make it better.

Canon is dead, check the data on dxo, 30-100% worse than a D600.

Dxo data is good. Way better than the pr-blurbs that you consider for your buying decisions. Nothing wrong with solid math.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (686 comments in total)
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wakaba: So it sucks and sticking tailfins (WiFi and strange sensor) on that Olds is not going to make it better.

Canon is dead, check the data on dxo, 30-100% worse than a D600.

dxo is very good, scientific method or theism. Your choice.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (686 comments in total)

So it sucks and sticking tailfins (WiFi and strange sensor) on that Olds is not going to make it better.

Canon is dead, check the data on dxo, 30-100% worse than a D600.

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On Nikon D610 real-world and test scene samples article (59 comments in total)
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steelhead3: You didn't think this was important in the original review, please don't let Amazon dictate another favorable review.

Not having any oil issue with my 600. Sensor is pristine after 12k shutter. The 600 is a very,very good camera and I used it in very harsh climates. -20 to 45 Celsius, superhumid to superdry. No hickups.

@moimoi: hearsay, you are a drama queen. Leaving the best bodies and optics leaves you with a choice of only second best, gorry Canon colors, crappy Sony lenses. Nope I dont think you can add value to a discussion.

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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)
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Bob from Plymouth: Hmmmm ? Can't say I have had many more spots on my D600 than any other DSLR and I am very pleased with the results it produces.

However, there has been a problem for some and the question that springs to my mind is: Can the D610 shutter be retro-fitted to the D600? Maybe this is the shutter Nikon service centres have been fitting to D600's as their official fix. Does anyone know?

7000 clicks on my 600 and not a speck of dust anywhere. Must be doing something wrong.

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That sums it up:


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Overdrive: Disappointed in 1020, I had high hopes that Nokia would improve or at least properly port 808's camera into a WP platform. But instead they put a smaller sensor and applied their awful WP algorithms. Not to mention no microSD card slot.

1020 does not produce pleasant images. And that's the bottom line. Its images look very over processed, too sharpened, too grainy and noisy.

Compared to 808, it's like something like a turbo 4 cylinder vs a naturally aspirated V8. 1020 is trying too hard and using all the tricks to look comparable to 808, but it does not compare.

Symbian is a dead platform, but a fact is a fact, there is a phone out there that beats 1020 in IQ, and no matter how many excuses you make, it'll stay a fact. And knowing that, it's hard to shell out €700+ for a camera centric phone knowing it's not the absolute best there is. 1020 feels like a compromise.

As for WP, it's better than Symbian but it would still be a OS(iOS as main) for me, so makes no difference.

Usability of WP on Nokia plattform is handsdown best for everyday. All apps are available. Not too much junk clogging the marketplace. Add great pic quality since the 920 .
Sharing and social media support is way better than ios/and. Charging without plugin is an absolute killer feature. Changing to any iphone would be a massive downgrade.

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Horshack: I agree with comments here about how Canikon positioned their mirrorless offerings to not compete with and cannibalize their DSLR offerings. Canikon still operates as if they're an impenetrable duopoly. In terms of current market share and sales they're certainly a duopoly but in terms of vulnerability to disruptive technology, particularly as cell phone cameras continue to improve sensors, lenses, and processing speed, Canikon is as vulnerable today as the buggy whip manufacturers were at the dawn of the industrial age. It's the same slow-motion train wreck that's happening at Microsoft.

Small sensor Bridge, Mirrorless, Compacts are dead because phones take pictures with similar quality. That leaves their spectacularly good DLSRs and Nikon making a waterproof Windows phone and moving their DLSR line into medium format.
Nothing else. The path is clearcut for Nikon. Sometimes makes me wonder how backwards management gets it.

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On Roundup: Digital Cameras for Kids article (64 comments in total)

Kids are actually surrounded by cameradevices today: ipad, phone, laptopcam, gopro, older DSLR, rugged compacts.

At eleven they choose what is appropriate for their needs. At the moment its a Nikon Coolpix 110 for water and beach and a D40 with a huge old Nikon Tele and ipads with moviescript app. You get to see 5 min movies with story,continuity and acting that puts H. to shame...

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Cheap joke on Chinese- and Indian-Nouveauriches. Cargo-cult.

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920 is already a great phone. Wifi memory is great, cam good, wireless charging - its like - how could you ever lived without it? Warm water, washingmachiche, lightbulb...
The angled corners are a bit prone to scratching. I see the 925 solved that.

The rear cover probably provides a bit of cushioning. Meaningful.

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Cloud is another word for external storage. It is not meaningful to store valuable data with a marketing organization that changes course of action every half year on a whim.

Subscriptionservices like CC subtract from your workflow and bottomline. It buys a couple of ever increasing terabytes of storage.

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