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1945: Poland in Color

a year earlier

This is a movie trailer of “Warsaw Uprising”.
The world’s first feature film made entirely from documentary materials.

Premiere: 9 May 2014

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Mr Spiff: I'm using a Pentax K7 and it was my first camera I've ever had. I wanted to have a great cam without paying as much as for the Canon 7D. I have been bying some additional gear and then I was pretty dissapointed as all other gear was lower quality as C/N and it was more expensive too (lower markerd share means higher prices). Now I really want to by a well improvement of the cam so a K-3 might be the choice. However if I compare the Nikon D7100 body for less then EUR 1.000,- to the K3 for EUR 1.300,- I don't understand the point of bying a similar cam for a higher price knowing that the other stuff is m0re expenive too... and pentax is always coming later with their improvements as all others... that is for me the real reason why pentax will never beat C/N... I think I will sell my stuff and will save more by bying Nikon and after all I'll have at least the same or even higher quality gear... sorry Pentax, that way you lose your market in Europe...

"... and pentax is always coming later with their improvements as all others..."
The Pentax was the first camera to incorporate a pentaprism viewfinder and a reflex mirror system.
Pentax MZ-d (2000) - abandoned prototype of fullframe.
Pentax k10d (2006) built-in shake reduction, full weather sealed body.
Pentax 645d (2010) medium format.
mechanical AA-filter, multi-segment WB, gps sensor shift astro tracking.

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