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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 in-depth review preview (18 comments in total)
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bootsofspanishleather: I am a rather new member and I must say that the few dopey questions I have asked have usually been answered with great information and a lack of sarcasm and judgement. They were not dopey on purpose. If anyone would like to visit the images in my portfolio you will at least know that I am not just obsessed with cameras but sing them to shoot, share, publish et. So without further ado, just purchased a new Fuji X Pro1 and bam I read the rumor page and it says Fuji X Pro2 verified rumor will be introduced this year. Besides offering the advice, "just shut up and shoot', What would you do? Is this even the right spot to leave my qesriom

Don't worry too much about it.I also just bought the X Pro 1,well aware of the rumors. It's all about IQ right?I can assure you,you wont be disappointed! Far away from it.And I really wonder whether the IQ(mind you, IQ!)will be very different from this one.
All else, yes for sure.

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Okay...... Minolta, come back!

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On Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 article (593 comments in total)

not coming to the US...... no review then either..... ????

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On Canon EOS M Preview preview (563 comments in total)
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SHANU: how is canon eos m ? good or not good ?

Goodday Shanu,
if you can live with the "slowish" Af (which is not that slow really)it is a great camera!Takes wonderfull pictures.

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On Canon EOS M Preview preview (563 comments in total)

I know it wont happen, yet I'll try once again: An in depth review?

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On Fujifilm X-M1 Review preview (222 comments in total)
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Mirrorless Crusader: DPR why are you giving almost every half-decent camera a gold star now? Literally a large a majority of $600+ cameras now are getting gold stars, it completely dilutes the rating system and makes it look like you are just using it as a marketing ploy to sell cameras at Gear Shop. Can't you come up with a system where only a few cameras at most each year get the top award? Then we would actually know which you really think are best, because right now it looks like you're just trying to satisfy everybody and as a result satisfying nobody.

@mapgraphs: just my thoughts, I will try again, DPR,where's the eos m review? Please, any kind of answer! Thank you.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 Review preview (222 comments in total)
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DanK7: I would have thought that "no eye level viewfinder" would have been listed in the "cons." This must be an oversight on the part of the reviewer, since "no electronic level" is listed.

And I wonder, all these people with their: NO VF and " no this and no that (usually small things) a deal breaker for me", I wonder, do these people actually own ANY camera and most importantly DO they TAKE pictures?

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On Canon EOS M Preview preview (563 comments in total)
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NickL01: I bought an EOS-M at the discounted price about 3 weeks ago.

It's a superb little camera. I read all the comments about autofocus speed, but it's not an issue for me. It might be a tad slower on the spec sheets than other cameras, I know not, but in real world use it's fine. No signs of it having to hunt significantly more often than any other autofocus I've owned (rather too many...). It happily locked on to the Red Arrows screaming over my house at a few hundred feet, which is a reasonable challenge. (I'd updated the firmware by then, but it was OK before)

Not having a viewfinder has always been a deal breaker for me, because of screen visibility. Not an issue. It's entirely usable with unshaded sunlight falling directly on the screen.

I'm amazed at how easy it is to grip and hold steady - with big hands I usually struggle with small cameras.

I envisage my DSLRs staying home more often. I think I may finally have found my ideal walk round camera... Absolutely delighted!

Agree with you totally! It has an amazing IQ, with the slow AF one can learn to live.Just set it on your favorite position and start taking pictures. I just wonder, will there EVER be a review?

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On Review in progress: Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II S article (42 comments in total)
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Chusito1: Pentax have been making extremely good cameras almost from the start and they, IMHO do not have nothing to envy to Nikon, Canon or else. If you know how to take pictures and know the abilities and limitations of your equipment you can take first order/quality pictures and do not have to complaint about non-issues. This forum like all others appears populated by non-photographers. I know a guy from Indonesia named Rarindra Prakarsa that has been using 3 MP and 6 MP Canon DSLR cameras since their inception and he does a magnificent use of their capabilities and he is not thinking in OLPF, lens selection (He has used old lenses with lens adapters from Pentax and others), noise, AF selection, high ISO performance, FF nor anything else. HE just take PICTURES. I wonder how many people here are real photographers, there is so much bull written here.

Pentax k100D with 135mm f/2.8 Super MC Takumar
Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 with Pentax mount adapter
Yashinon 75-230mm F/4.5 with K mount adapter

couldn't agree more! Well said mate!

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sean000: Interesting story to juxtapose with Kate Bevan's anti-Instagram rant. It's a wonderful photograph. But does the art filter make the photograph better or worse? I like the photo and I like the look and mood the filter creates. I would probably like the photo without the filter effect as well. Any time you use effects like these you run the risk of alienating some viewers who find it gimmicky, but you may also wow some viewers who think it is really cool. Either way the photograph needs to be a good one, and this one definitely is in my opinion.

But as Luke Kaven commented, I would think that most journalistic photo editors would reject this shot because of the filter. New York Times Magazine is of course a features publication, so it can get away with obviously manipulated images. For straight news reporting, the audience might wonder if the contents have been altered as well as the colors. Was that kit really there, or did the photographer add it?

one could still use Photoshop ....

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Dr Gal: While the NYT photos have interesting subjects and are very well composed, the technical faults are such that I find myself unable to enjoy watching them.
These are shots taken with a lo-fi camera and filtered with a lo-fi app. The colors are unreal (in a bad sense), dynamic range is non existant, and one can find more details in a Kodak disc camera shots. Sorry for being harsh, but some shots are so bad I would be embressed to have my own name on them (and I don't make a living from this stuff).

I can see, you're a real enthusiast

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On Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 article (296 comments in total)
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Michael Uschold: With all those million dollar algorithms and super fast processors coming as a freebie, how about something mind-blowingly trivial: a interval timer for timelapse photography? No, instead we have to pay a lot of extra money for a not very small and light bit of kit. What a pain! The argument that few people use that feature is poor - there are many features on every camera and every computer and every piece of sophisticated software that few people use, but they are very important to the ones that do!

End rant. Other wise a happy Canon customer.

Interval timer. One of the reasons why I am still very happy with my D200!

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)

After having been "taking pictures" and schlepping around pro "stuff" for over 30 years (starting off soon with the most fantastic F2+motor and a bag full of lenses and other gear - at one time we had the bag on a scale - it went over 20 kilograms ! - ending with the 5DMKII+ 24-105...) I recently bought - in spite of and not wanting to wait any longer on DP for a proper review - a NX 200+ 20mm pancake!
And I am sooo happy!

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carpediem007: Still no Ricoh GXR support... :-(

And no DNG either... :-( :-( :-(

neither nowhere Samsung NX etc etc

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On Preview:samsungnx200 (187 comments in total)
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King YONG: Dear DPreview,

May I humbly ask for the time of a formal NX200 review? Thanks,

I wonder dear Dpreview, do you have issues with Samsung?
No review on NX 100, nor NX11, NX 200 ....?

Posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 04:45 UTC
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rjx: Please NO 4/3!!!

I'm begging.

I wanted an Olympus DSLR so bad but the 4/3 killed it for me.

I know this will never happen, but just imagine if it was full frame. The Olympus colors and glass in a small FF package. OMG.

Can we at least get 1.3x??? Please.

or just buy a Pentax K5

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On Preview:panasonicdmcgx1 (318 comments in total)
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Steven Micallef: I for one am so excited for this camera. I own a GF1 (and GF2 and GH2) and the one thing I've wanted all along was a high-res live viewfinder just like Olympus users had available. It doesn't have to be built-in NEX7 or X100-style in my opinion.

However, I'm surprised that this hasn't been brought up by others. The GX1 looks closer cosmetically to the GF2 than the GF1 (which is no bad thing because that too is a wonderful camera.)

Essentially, the GX1 is a GF2 with a mode dial. I like in the review where they say the flash unit is "very similar to the one found in the GF1." That it may be, but, it is IDENTICAL to the design found on the GF2, same for the placement of the flash release button being further left. And the HDMI outlet on the right. It even has the silly IA button in the same spot. I wish there were some side-by-side comparisons of the GX1 and GF2(perhaps in the full review). Or maybe they won't since so many want to pretend the GF2 never existed. Lol, weird.

@yabokkie: And you were born when? Yesterday?

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 08:45 UTC
On Preview:panasonicdmcgx1 (318 comments in total)
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sam0912: I love my GF-1, but would say it misses weather proofing more than anything. All of the features on the GX1 are very nice, particulary the new sensor and viewfinder. However, I don't think the difference between either would warrant shelling out on a new camera.

For those buying now, it's a no-brainer, - better sensor, faster AF, better VF, touch screen, etc. But for those like me, happy with the photos from the GF1, things could still be better. Notably:

Weather proof Mag Alloy body
Fast zoom lenses (Oly 12-60/50-200 weather proof perfect example)
Full frame!

Ultimately, it's always a compromise, m34 will never beat FF for quality, FF may never beat m34 for compact, take anywhere convenience. For us non-pro's, a weather proof, fast AF camera with lots of external controls and fast, weather sealed glass and good IQ, is the holy grail.

For now I'll spend the money on glass instead......

ever looked at a pentax k5 and WP glass

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 08:32 UTC
On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery article (425 comments in total)
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proxy: Those who waited for a camera like this will buy it in a heartbeat and never look back at current offerings from Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax and more. This camera was long overdue despite, I know, no 24mm 2.0 lens and OLED EVF... no matter how many more trolls appear here it will sell and sell big. One good camera and no more lens bags... need I say more? at a still reasonable price and very good IQ. Dont forget retractable lens coupled with a sensor just 3.5 mm narrower then APS-C - the last one you need to get from Canon to put it to use. I understand the disappointemt of other brands fans. Yes, they didn't think of it, Canon did. Always wanted my G outfitted with a bigger sensor, just that. My wish was granted. Some of the posters will have to wait for their favourite brands to wake up and even if they do it WILL cost you dearly in lenses and bills for chiropractor services.
So instead of complaining here about Canon go make them deliver what you always wanted (at $150?)

Couldn't say it better (but than again I am Dutch)Pre ordered mine yesterday, sold my DSLR.

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)
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the mono eye: Personal opinion:
should have remove the optical view finder
should have wider lens
should have brighter lens
should have better battery life
should have the option of using filter + lens hood together

All in all is great improvement, but these downsides made me stand still and wait for the mirrorless from Canon instead (if any)

I guess you'll never buy ANY camera, ever!

Posted on Jan 12, 2012 at 06:43 UTC
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