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ZeneticX: before anyone jumps on the hate train and starts saying this is a minor update compared to the 7RII..... thing is why should sony bother?

no camera currently in the market came close to the low light performance of the 7S. Changing the body and adding IBIS will do for now.

LOL - 4K for 45 minutes is not possible because you ran out of batteries much earlier

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Makes totally sense.
And if the location is blocked, the camera offers you to download an already taken picture instead.
And of course you can download a software to fit in the heads of your friends you wanted to photograph...

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On Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras article (455 comments in total)
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FodgeandDurn: I'm not sure this is news to many people following Sony. I've long wanted to get a new APS-C E body but it's looking increasingly like a dead system. Sony have a habit of neglecting mounts, and this new jump in focus doesn't really do much to persuade me the new focus of the month/year is going to last. Nikon and Canon commit to a system for at least a decade, Sony could do with giving their other ranges some love, God knows they're making the money.

If I got it on credit I might be able to afford an A7ii, but I'd have to sell my organs to get more than one or two non Zeiss lenses.

Soon I'll have to sell my E mount kit and look elsewhere, their full frame 'upgrade path' just doesn't work for me, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not slightly bitter about the experience and dead-end investment.

Canon FD-mount existed from 1971 to 1990 - only 19 years
Canon R-mount (R+FL+FD) from 1959 to 1990: 31 years
Sony A-mount exists since 1985 and even if dies 2016: 31 years

Dont't blame Sony for getting rid of old technology in the long run - Canon did it, too. Only Nikon still uses its F-mount since 1959. But now, F-mount has some disadvantages to Canons newer EF-mount like screw-drive compatibility and mechanic aperture control. Today it seems as it was a good decision of Canon to replace FD-mount with EF-mount.

Sony does the same right now and gives the possibility to adapt its old A-mount lenses. FD->EF adaption caused much more problems. There is no reason to blame Sony for neglecting mounts.

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On Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras article (455 comments in total)
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lumigraphics: I had an A850 and loved it. But the shift to EVF killed it for me. Not even considering going back unless they bring back an OVF.

IMO for most purposes EVF will be superior to OVF. Current disadvantages like display-lag will get smaller and smaller until it is negligible, the picture quality will raise, too.
Only one drawback of EVF will remain for ever: Eating constantly battery! Not a big thing for casual shooters all. But for wildlife photographers, sitting in a hideout for hours, watching a place through VF, beeing ready for the right moment it is essential that there is as less battery eating as possible.

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