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  • It all depends on what I am shooting.  With spot metering, only the spot you are metering on will be checked for exposure, so it would make sense you are over exposing or underexposing other ...
  • Samsung may have been first to implement WiFi, but it Samsung WiFi feels rushed and it's very disappointing system that I don't use.  It's a waste of space.  Olympus nailed its WiFi ...
  • That was a great idea.  Thanks. I'm leaning towards the 85mm Rokinon now.  It just seems to have a bit more of that wow factor.
  • Thanks.  It seems the the 45mm is a great overall lens that doesn't quite excel at any one thing but is competent in many areas whereas the 85mm Rokinon excels at one thing but isn't very useful ...
  • I'm sorry.  Thank you.  I thought it was more about DOF and focal length so I skipped over it (I've grown tired of DOF arguments since I've heard them over and over again, and yes, I think you are ...
  • Now that you've successfully put an end to this argument, is there any chance you could respond to my inquiry about using the 85mm Rokinon without focus peaking?
  • Isn't the NX-1 and 50-150 combo weather sealed? :-D
  • The NX20 doesn't have focus peaking.  How difficult is it to use with zoom type focus aid?
  • Thanks. I prefer to be further back, no tripod (though a monopod is a possibility), and tighter framing.  Basically, I like to capture people in the moment (without them necessarily realizing it) ...
  • I'm thinking about picking up a new lens and the Samsung 45mm and Rokinon 85mm are the leading candidates.  I currently have an NX20 with the 18-55 III.  While it's OK, I don't think it has that ...
  • Ben, Do you think the 16-50 PZ is a worthwhile upgrade to the 18-55 III?
  • How large is your focus area?
  • These look normal to me.  Your object appears to be too close the camera and your camera is aimed at a downward angle (which is aiming the flash out too far in front when bouncing the flash off ...
  • And yes, Samsung, we need more quality lens particularly in the mid and high end ranges (but the mid range is the area that is lacking the most). I really want an affordable, quality tele priced ...
  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    After reading this review and the Sony A7s, I am left wondering how the camera that doesn't seem to really get anything right and has an extensive list of cons that is as large as its pros can get...

  • Some say this lens is much better than the 18-55, but some posts make me believe otherwise.  Either Samsung quality control is lacking or the 16-50pz is over hyped.
  • PZ stands for power zoom.  The 16-50pz is not an S lens.
  • Perhaps you're looking for the NX50?  If I were you, I'd probably wait for that since you already have a usable camera.  What lenses in the Olympus line did you want that isn't offered by Samsung?
  • I picked up an NX20 about a month ago (for the price, I couldn't say no).  The EVF on the NX20 is decent.  There was a bit of choppiness in low light when I first started using it, but I either ...
  • "The lenses are capable of covering full frame sensors, and will be available in Canon EF, Nikon (AE), Sony E and ***MFT*** mounts initially, with the company promising Sony A, Pentax K, Fujifilm...

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