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Olympus E-m5 E-m5ii, and E-PL1; 12-60, 40-150, 50-200, EC-20, PL 25mm
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He only needed two Contax cameras. They provided some safety in the middle of a battle because he did not have to stop and look through the lens. He also carried his Rollei and Speed Graphic cameras, along with a telephoto lens, all packed in oilskin bags. At Weymouth, the sight of the harbor stunned him: thousands of battleships, troopships, freighters, and invasion barges mingled together—5,000 in all—the largest armada ever assembled. Capa was handed an envelope of invasion francs, a package of condoms, and a French phrase book

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Menneisyys: I've very thoroughly tested it on my (factory; no rooting) Nexus 7 2013 and found out the following:

- the new panorama support is GREAT, particularly if you enable maximum resolution (the default is high-res). Up until now, Google's implementation was a joke - far-far inferior to either Apple's one on the iPhone 4S+ or Samsung's implementation in their Android handsets. Even Nokia's WP (but not Symbian) implementation has been significantly better.

- blurring worked just GREAT in my tests. While some people did complain about it being slow(ish), I haven't noticed speed problems on my N7, which, while "only" having a 5 Mpixel sensor, has a, compared to the SD800, significantly slower CPU.

What's wrong? Most importantly, all manual modes have been removed, which is a BIG-BIG minus. There's no

- scene selection
- manual WB and ISO setting
- timer

The first two is particularly painful as, with the new Camera app, you in no way can force the system to shoot at high shutter speeds.

Can the Google Camera software be used to process photos taken by another camera? I want to upload photos to Google Plus for processing by the Google Camera software for the blurring effect

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How do I search to avoid a duplicate post? The new arrangement omits the Canon EOS M but I don't know whether someone else already noted that omission?????

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I hope that Canon includes good video features in a Rebel priced offering so that us video pro wanna bes can try out or skills at an affordable price

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