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  • Very nice work - congratulations

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    Jan Just sent you a PM Thanks Dave
  • The Fourthirdsphoto.com links from the previous posts that I saw seem to be broken (moved to archives??) but I think this is the pdf they pointed to (apparently the E-30 & E-5 are treated the same). ...
  • This has to be close - I believe the current owner (Robert Jenks) is 4th generation from the founder (William Jenks), his great grandfather. Jenks Studio of Photography
  • That's kind of where I was going with this - software corrected lenses might be problematic (unless you have a back built to know the tilt/shift and the programming to correct for it). Maybe I'm...

  • Wonder what happens to the in-camera software correction of the newer lenses in a tilt/shift environment.

  • Commented on article Sony Alpha 7R II Review

    Sorry if I'm repeating someone's earlier response but I haven't had a chance to read them all.

    Michael Tapes did an interesting comparison of the Sony 7RII dynamic range vs the Nikon D810, the...

  • Good one - had me going for a while. Would have been better on April 1st though.

  • Anybody know what the TIFF file size would be??

  • Imatest themselves, on their website, recognize that they do not test lenses but rather camera systems. From their website here comes the statement "You cannot measure a lens in isolation. It is a ...
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    I had heard that Sony is working to maintain compatibility with more lens platforms - that's great.  Now if only they could deal with their lossy RAW compression.
  • Hard to believe they missed this during testing
  • I just saw Kevin Raber's preliminary review of it and he had the same observations about the connection.  I don't recall if he had similar overheating issue though.
  • I've been thinking about the same thing for a while but never made the leap. In my case I think I'll scan the negatives though and print digitally. That may change but this article in Petapixel was ...
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    Thanks for the information.  I'll have a look at the sites you mention. Dave
  • Thanks - interesting analogy with the music industry.  Maybe (similar to your music analogy) users have accepted software correction like they've accepted MP3's with the opinion that most people ...
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    Thanks for the response and that was one of my questions.  I haven't been able to find any testing to demonstrate the optical quality of the new lenses (Olympus Pro in my case) by themselves.  If ...
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    Thanks dougjgreen1 - that's where I was headed with this. As correction moves to the camera, future users will have no guarantee they can use their old lenses. A lot of people in today's consumer ...
  • Created discussion thread The end of legacy lenses???
    Just wondering if the current evolution of camera systems with in-camera software image manipulation is going to result in throw-away lenses?  Are the new lenses less optically correct? I just read ...
  • @techjedi - You're probably right - it's all about frame rates and processing power. My understanding is that the medium format Pentax 645Z can shoot full resolution (50Mp) at 3fps until the...

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