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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: No trolling, but judging image quality purely by this studio scene comparison, I'd have to say the Canon is the winner. The Nikon belongs in a lower rank and it shows quite badly here; the Olympus is good but doesn't come as close to the Canon as the X-T1. The latter (just like the Olympus) seems to have quite a bit of moiré, which may not be due to the absence of AA filter because it doesn't show with the Sony Alpha 7R. Besides, the Fuji seems a bit highlight-happy, even more so than the Olympus.
Of course I'd need to confirm these findings in the field, but as it stands the pecking order would be: 1 - Canon; 2 - Fujifilm; 3 - Olympus; and 4 - Nikon. The first three cameras are extremely capable, but let's not forget that, being a DSLR, the Canon has an optical viewfinder and (arguably) better AF performance.

I have the same observation, at lower ISO, it is a hairline difference, but higher ISO, Canon stood its ground.

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madeinlisboa: Why always an iPhone? I never see an Android device on these kind of news. Are they inferior or do we all have to accept that this is only Apple advertising? Knowing that Android devices cover more than 75% of the market, I can only assume these are desperate moves to spread the iPhones and iPads as much as possible.

It is easy to missed the point here. It's a marketing game. Using the most effective tool in selling the product. It could be any product. It only happen that apple has the brilliance in doing so. Making it happen at the right place and time with the right tool is a master's call.

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On Sony Alpha NEX-5R preview (145 comments in total)
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Ulfric M Douglas: Great to see the wheel added, that's a big step up without changing the dimensions.
The review didn't mention the EVF (or show it fitted).
Does this take the EVF or not?

Misleading Specs;
Built in Flash: No
Flash Range: 12m
Typo or my eyes, not sure

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Andkar 666: fujifilm X-Pro1, pleas, pleas, right now i am trapped in a dark cave. pleas some light.

Do you already have the X-Pro1 already? Any good?
This camera got eyes also.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview (749 comments in total)
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kevin camera: got my x pro 1 today and i really enjoy using it. this is not your traditional point and shoot and not your good ol' dslr... it's something completely different.

this camera is not for you if you're looking for a point a shoot mirrorless. in fact, the x pro 1 should not be confused with the other "mirrorless" cameras (gx1, g1x or e-m5)

Looking forward to see you pics, hope you can post some soon.

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DanCart: I really dont get it, why is it that Apple refuse to add an SD card slot to their device ? Its a joke in this day and age that you have to start fiddling with plug in accesories to transfer photos, come on Apple show some common sense !

Greed is driving this idea not to add an SD slot for the convenience of its users.

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Jeff Morris: I would love a X-Pro1, I would consider giving up my DSLR and the new D800 IF the performance was top notch. But you know what? Fuji promises the world in their compact bridge cameras, the X100 etc. No more Fuji exaggerations! This time I am waiting for the reviews to come out. To get me to switch, I want superb lenses, top notch auto focus, superb sensor performance and a refined GUI. (I really want a tilt LCD screen but that must come in a future camera.)

I have read all of the hype, I have followed this camera for months, now lets see some real hands on reviews and as Jerry McGuire says "Show me the files!"

I'm in the same boat, Wow! the price is just like having another D700- This camera must be as good or even better than D700. Well see how this cam delivers its promise.

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Neil Morgan: Wow.
If they get the price right, then leica will have a real fight on their hands or it will create a lot of users they may go to leica as an upgrade. Either way this is what a lot of mirrorless users have been looking for, a leica style - japanese price.

Looking great this cam. A minimalist dream. Wait for the full frame version of this cam. This will give Leica a good run for their money.

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On IMGP0026 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Amazing! Lovely Cam, Photos are very much alive. Just as what the human eye would expect to see. thanks for sharing

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On photo in sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Amazing! Lovely Cam, Photos are very much alive. Just as what the human eye would expect to see. thanks for sharing

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