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User manuals are a headache today ... Micro Four Thirds Talk 3 weeks ago
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Why you buy a micro four thirds ? most of my friends use Canon / Nikon / Sony Micro Four Thirds Talk 4 weeks ago
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What do you think Ricoh Talk Mar 7, 2013
A "quiet" forum becomes "quieter" Ricoh Talk Oct 14, 2012
What will you do when the un-thinkable happens and GXR system goes to book of history Ricoh Talk Sep 5, 2012
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GRD V will be 4/3" or APS-C compact Ricoh Talk Aug 24, 2012
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Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction Ricoh Talk Aug 1, 2012
Request Advice on Choosing a Large Sensor Camera Ricoh Talk Jul 25, 2012
We should be happy Ricoh Talk Jul 20, 2012
The GXR Anachronism? A Contrarian Review Ricoh Talk Jul 17, 2012
Would you buy a A-16 B&W only M-module from Ricoh? Ricoh Talk May 14, 2012
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X1 sharper than X2 at 2.8 ? Leica Talk May 13, 2012
X2: Not Even a Faster Lens? Leica Talk May 13, 2012
Used GRDIII to photograph refugees fleeing DR Congo Ricoh Talk May 5, 2012
GRD with 21mm adaptor Ricoh Talk Mar 13, 2012
Ricoh GR 50mm 2,5 vs Summircon 35 2,0 Ricoh Talk Mar 12, 2012
GXR - NEX7 with CV 35mm f2.5 Test Ricoh Talk Feb 21, 2012
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Exactly, exactly what they needed to come out with - the new zoom module Ricoh Talk Feb 5, 2012
Ricoh missed the obvious with their recent releases Ricoh Talk Feb 3, 2012
New GXR BODY? Ricoh Talk Feb 3, 2012
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(OT) I got a new camera too. . . Ricoh Talk Jan 26, 2012
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new GXR body with articulating LCD... Ricoh Talk Jan 21, 2012
GXR M module vs 5N hands on review Ricoh Talk Jan 20, 2012
RICOH, please take a note ... Ricoh Talk Jan 11, 2012
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SEL 55-210 Shots Sony Alpha/NEX E-mount Talk Dec 29, 2011
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GXR + Leica 75mm 'Lux (Carl's cam, take 2) Ricoh Talk Dec 24, 2011
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BBC slideshow shot entirely on the Ricoh GRDIII Ricoh Talk Dec 19, 2011