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Loves Nikon gear except their software. Desperately sad at the Nikon Capture NX2 has been replaced with NX D which is a monument to bad software. This decisions has left people with libraries of pictures with edits that WILL become lost on a few years as technology moves on and makes running Capture NX 2 impossible.
.. and where is the pro level mirrorless?


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Nice lens, now if I could only couple one to a D400, sigh!

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On article Nikon releases Capture NX-D 1.0.3 and View NX 2.10.2 (43 comments in total)

I am dismayed at what Nikon have done to their loyal users from the past years. What now happens to my Capture NX2 edits? Ok I can still use NX2 but for how long?
I know NX2 wasn't the greatest of UI's and I know that Google has bought Nik Software but this latest excuse for software is quite simply unusable and an embarrassment to the software industry.
Mr Nikon, wake up. Forget software development and open up your file formats to the whole software industry. To the people how can actually write software that users want and need.

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On article CreativeLive to host free one-day event with Art Wolfe (33 comments in total)

The free bit is great if you are in the right time zone. Bummer for those that are not, and therefore have to pay a not inconsiderable amount to watch at a suitable time.

Bit odd that.

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On Preview:nikon-1-v3 (432 comments in total)

I've been following the mirrorless scene for a while now. The Panny FZ1000 looks good, ditto with the Sony RX10. But I'm a Nikon user. Lately though, Mr Nikon is frustrating me.

As for the V3. Almost a really stunning camera but alas still no cigar for me.
An add on EVF?
Fitting the EVF renders the hot shoe useless.
A price that makes my eyes water, especially here in Oz.
Micro SD?
Where is the useful fast glass that is somewhere near affordable?

Throw in other Nikon weirdness:
No D400.
Dropping Capture NX2 for NX D, an insulting, backward step.
No Wifi or GPS in the D810.
No D700 upgrade.

Honestly, just what are Nikon smoking?

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 at 01:26 UTC as 99th comment
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bagoof1: Unfortunately I received a new shutter assembly last May and it did not resolve the problem. I just sent my camera back to Nikon with hundreds of spots in the exact same location as with the original shutter.

Same here. Ended swapping for a D610 after several visits. Great camera otherwise though.

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I have Photoshop and also Paintshop Pro however I always return to use Capture NX for my processing unless complex edits are needed.
But Mr Nikon ... I've submitted bugs reports and never had a satisfactory response to anyone of them. Not once.
As an example and one of the simplest bugs to fix is to restore the standard Windows behaviour of the tab key in dialog boxes. Years ago Capture NX had tab key movement between edit boxes but for some unknown reason it was removed in later releases. Why oh why?
Capture NX is way too clunky and unreliable still and the interface desperately needs modernizing. So easy to do.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

Bargain. I'm in.

Adobe have, in the past, effectively forced us to rent photoshop anyway (or many I suspect to pirate) with new releases only supporting your new camera.

With all the goodies it's a no brainer for me. As for access and passwords. I do not use the same un/pw combination across sites. The pain of tracking the credentials is made easier with Keepass across multiple of devices.

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I just wish Nikon would fix how 'tabs' work in their dialog boxes in Capture NX. Reported previously over last three years or so. No feedback. Not yet done. So simple to fix. Pity.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)

This reads just what I've been looking for from Nikon with the years late D400!!!
Come on Mr Nikon please get you act together.

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 02:43 UTC as 351st comment

Pity it's no good for us in Oz and the other countries not in their list.

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$224 for the collar??? That'll be something only just shy of $400 here in Oz. Tell 'em they're dream'in!

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nevada5: I'd love to see you eliminate the "photo sharing" that clutters up several forums here. There are dozens of sites for that. But here, where equipment is discussed, is not the place for "look at what I shot today."

Is there a disagree button?

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Pity the chance wasn't taken to ask about the D400!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 26, 2012 at 05:59 UTC as 27th comment
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plasnu: I have to say these are the horrible samples, sorry.

This Japanese site has much better images taken by a professional photographer.

Thanks for the link. The barrell shot is a good one and I'd sure love to try some of that 36 year old whiskey ... :)

Direct link | Posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 11:20 UTC
On article Depth of Field in Macro Photography (159 comments in total)

A well written and presented article. Nice to confirm options I thought I had available to me.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (398 comments in total)
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Neodp: Spending excessive money does not make you a better photographer. Adobe products are not, "professional", and they do not help you profit. Tiered limits, and upgrade restrictions are so 90's. If you savvy enough to be good at photo editing (and/or not needing to edit) then you are savvy enough to know software is now free, and I'm not talking about "Freeware". Last time I checked, ufraw, Gimp, it's many plug-ins, their free online videos, and DigiKam, work on Windows, or better systems.

Picasa = Beginner, light needs, with management.

Digikam = Intermediate needs, same comprehensive features as Lightroom, but free and without Lr catalog hell.

ufraw + Gimp + it's Plugins = Advanced, power user, and not even difficult, just everything, and the kitchen sink. The plug-ins allow many one click treatments.

The GIMP may be an alternative and an excellent OS effort, however my understanding is that it does not handle 16 bit images end to end. Thus the story is over for me before it starts. Pity.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 23, 2011 at 20:59 UTC

Excellent idea to include the video of the "review" and the presenter has a great accent:). DP has really done well lately with providing much more than press releases on the front page. Well done, please keep it up.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 23, 2011 at 04:25 UTC as 89th comment
On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-7 Hands-on Video Preview (82 comments in total)

Aaah this was excellent. Please keep it up :P

Direct link | Posted on Oct 15, 2011 at 06:02 UTC as 32nd comment

Aaah ... an excellent read. Thanks.
For me and at first, I did not know what to think of the shot. However it has grown on me. One of those shots that could hang quite well and for some time.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 11, 2011 at 12:42 UTC as 30th comment
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