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  • http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/40459360 Ronny
  • In ACR, I tinted toward Magenta and in Photoshop, I used Selective color to add more red, yellow, and magenta to the reds and yellows.  Nice capture. Ronny
  • I cropped and removed the green cast.  I also brightened the eyes with some iris transplants. Ronny
  • Replied in So long Yogi.
    A nice article on the great Yogi as follows: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/24/sports/baseball/yogi-berra-dies-at-90-yankees-baseball-catcher.html?_r=0 Ronny
  • Check your brush mode...perhaps it is set to Darken, etc. Ronny
  • I agree that the hair strands do stand out too much.  I think it is because I darkened greens with Selective Color in order to darken the background some.  I only sharpened the eyes selectively so ...
  • Very nice!  Taking suggestions from above, I added some space on the left with Content Aware Scale, brightened and sharpened the eyes, and muted the sweater color. Ronny
  • This background doesn't quite fit the image. Place a copy of the subjects (Background layer) over the new background layer.  Use the magic wand to select the white background and create a mask. ...
  • Replied in Glamour action
  • Ronny
  • I'll start with the simplest method and then discuss some additional tweaks. Open a Selective Color adjustment layer, choose White in the drop-down menu, check Absolute, and adjust the sliders for ...
  • Ronny
  • http://ezbackgrounds.com/blog/photoshop-tutorial-light-rays.php Ronny
  • Replied in Sue...
    Sorry I didn't see your post before now.  I used Vector Magic. Ronny
  • For the catch light over the pupil, you can create a blank layer and just repaint the pupil with pupil color or black. For the catch over the iris, create a blank layer and use the clone or healing ...
  • Not at all.  Actually, I think that it is an advantage.  You will learn a lot of basic Photoshop skills that some of the newer tutorials might bypass because of some "short cut masking add-on", ...
  • Yes.  You really can't adjust for luminosity unless your convert to a black and white image.  Try it both ways and you will see the difference. Ronny
  • Here is a screen shot showing the Curves adjustment to equalize the luminosity.  Note that I temporarily used a Black and White adjustment layer to assist in adjusting the luminosity.  That gets ...
  • Replied in Back to basics.
    I went back to basics and dropped all the fancy stuff ie. Split Frequency, etc. I converted to black and white in order to assist in matching the luminosity of the chin with the rest of the image. ...
  • Replied in Vectorized.
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