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voigtlander 35mm f1,4 or 40mm f1,4 for SONY A7? Sony Alpha/NEX E-mount Talk 6 months ago
If Full Frame is so good, why is there no difference in photos? Sample attached. Open Talk 6 months ago
NX1 pre-production jpeg blind test comparison. Samsung Talk 6 months ago
Pro hot girl with a superzoom? Open Talk 7 months ago
Embossing tape to black out logos. Better than gaffer tape. Open Talk 10 months ago
Uglyfying your camera to prevent theft. Show us what you have done. Open Talk 10 months ago
RX100M3 is out in Japan Sony Cyber-shot Talk 10 months ago
My RX10 Tours Central America & US West Coast (imgs) Sony Cyber-shot Talk 11 months ago
RX100 MK3 aperture range - scale Sony Cyber-shot Talk 11 months ago
Wrong side of the camera at a wedding Open Talk 11 months ago
A camera for a wedding gift ? Open Talk 11 months ago
M3 Rumour Canon EOS M Talk Apr 21, 2014
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1s time out with my new GR Ricoh Talk Jan 25, 2014
3 months with my EOS M, here are some pictures taken with it Canon EOS M Talk Jan 25, 2014
Road to Nowhere Canon EOS M Talk Jan 20, 2014
Why EVF will never replace OVF for me Open Talk Jan 17, 2014
What's the most annoying things when you take your gears to travel News & Rumors Talk Jan 9, 2014
Would You Point Out the Bad Of Your Friends' Facebook Photo? Open Talk Jan 6, 2014
Camera Economics | The Life and Curious Afterlife of the Casio Tryx Open Talk Dec 20, 2013
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OK, what do you think of -this- photo? Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 70D Talk Dec 10, 2013
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M + 22mm at the exhibition Canon EOS M Talk Nov 27, 2013
Problem when viewing DPR galleries Open Talk Nov 26, 2013
Why not make the EOS M II a RAW video centric small camera ? Canon EOS M Talk Nov 25, 2013
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C&C: PP with Lightzone4. Is it overdone? Samples and Galleries Nov 24, 2013
Equivalent Aperture Open Talk Nov 4, 2013
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RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400 Sony Cyber-shot Talk Oct 28, 2013
Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right? Open Talk Oct 20, 2013
Larger formats have less perspective distortion: My Theory. Open Talk Oct 10, 2013