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OK, I've been watching tutorials on-line all morning and playing with the new DPP - this is really wonderful. I haven't used it for years because the UI was so non-intuitive and clumsy - I don't know if that's only just a recent improvement or not... But the results are MUCH better than what I've been getting from Adobe Raw - tone gradations are much more natural looking, more realistic and three dimensional. ACR has alway had a sort of posterizing effect, but I've put up with it because the controls are second to none - of raw converters I've used, anyway - and I just couldn't figure out how to get similar results from DPP.

One request if Canon is reading this: give us a filter window like Adobe Bridge has that lets you filter images by aperture and by ISO. This is important for architectural work so the f8, slow exposures can be separated from the higher speed people-blur exposures...

Very happy camper.

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On Sony debuts 21MP stacked CMOS sensor for smartphones article (94 comments in total)

I worship everything Sony and loath EVERYTHING else! Or wait. I meant Canon! Or. Just a minute......

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1669 comments in total)
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justmeMN: "To the peanut gallery, the so-called experts..."

This ad is clearly targeting DPR users. :-)

"Photo enthusiasts" can't be pleased. They're outraged at EVERY imperfection. They want 4x5 quality from their phones.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (379 comments in total)
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fastlass: I'm probably speaking for most of us when I say that Nikon seems to have poisoned 200 years of photography with this move.

Fastlass, honey - you need to sit down and breath through your nose...

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Michael Ma: Amazing concept. Although, just skimming through these, I think your time would be better invested in something like for online learning. I don't disagree with the importance of a degree and having to go through a system getting one but Professors, although they do certainly possess valuable information that you want and need, don't necessarily make good teachers or presenters. If you've ever taught, a big part of the lesson plan is figuring out how to fill the 50 minutes or 80 minutes, which often results in a lot of endless droning of slides and creative ways to fill time.

Why not a carefully crafted 15 minute lecture that inspires and moves, and a few key takeaway concepts? Some students would complain that they are not getting their money's worth.

That carefully crafted 15 minute lecture may take 40 hours of research, planning, and prep. Instead you can just put 30 slides together and wing it based on your knowledge, and hopefully some of what you say will be absorbed.

I second B CRAW's comments. Higher education should be more than "down-loading course material". Ideally it's an environment a student can escape into, to immerse him/herself in for a while outside of the real world and question, experiment, reflect. The professor doesn't need to be a know-it-all, end-all resource. He/she needs to be an instigator, a provocateur, a coach. Someone who can push the student beyond their comfort zone and status quo.

And to Michael Ma, that's a poor teacher who has to "figure out" how to fill class time. That guy is punching his time card, not education students.

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foto guy: Who cares? These and other cameras can shoot a decent pic at quite high ISOs. Do you think you folks could focus on something important for a change? Perhaps photography, for instance.

Photography? I thought this site was about cameras!

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (689 comments in total)

Filter diameter?

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1049 comments in total)
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Kiril Karaatanasov: DPREVIEW guys do you think many D4s users shoot JPEG? Can you compare RAW files e.g. d4 vs d4s? Also is 5d mk3 and A7 in same league at all? How about 1Dx? Best will be test against A7s which seems to be closest in terms of sensor to D4s

"That's because creating a JPEG in the camera is an engineer's artwork. "

That's why all the best photographers are engineers. Artists suck! I'm not going to take another picture until I can buy a camera engineered to know what I want photos of. How do I know what a good photo is? Ask an engineer!

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OceanFroggie: Nice camera wrong mount. If the non canikon also rans produced stunning cameras like this with either the Canon or Nikon mount they would sell more bodies.

I use a Canon professionally because they are the only ones who make a 24mm t+s with no distortion and the only ones who make a 17mm t+s at all. For years now on both counts. And that's only the beginning of what they do well. But what about FEATURES?! My Canon can't makes calls!

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)
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gsum: "rare meteorological event" -

It's not rare and it's not meteorological. Couldn't be bothered reading the rest of the article after that.

Sorry, Joriarty; no level-headed rational responders allowed. I don't know how you got in past the guards.

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On Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' article (334 comments in total)

Oh ma GAWD!

And I hear there is a new Canon WTF in the works... And a Nikon LMAO... And a Fuji... oh never mind.

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On Reminder: Vote now for your product of 2013 article (64 comments in total)

Upcoming poll: Hammer - vs- Screwdriver? Which is the BEST?

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Preview preview (454 comments in total)

Designing photographer-friendly cameras ought to be more "tautological"? Really?

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

Oh, yeah - and I am one of those "stupid enough". I like to think I'm more than JUST stupid enough...

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

OK, I'm softening on my anger at Adobe. $10/month isn't so bad - especially now it includes some cloud storage - which is fairly useless still because you can't up-load folders, but I suspect they'll fix that eventually. Dropbox and others charge nearly as much for storage alone.

And I understand that they need to make a return on their investment. PS is the very best and I gotta have it for what I do for my livelihood. They deserve compensation.

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On Nikon Df combines classic design with modern technology article (313 comments in total)

I've owned an FM, an FM2 and an FM3a in years past - so I've probably got a target on my back for one of these silly things. But, no thanks. The original FM was a lean, rugged, straight-forward photo-taking instrument. This thing is nostalgia bait for snagging doctors' and bankers' dollars.

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I love it. This is a great idea and I hope Canon takes note. I can see this being the future for wide angle lenses that have had to deal with that mirror-flipping space. Maybe the next generation of wide TS lenses can be designed without any distance constraints on that inner-most element and be lighter, brighter, sharper, prettier... And while I'm making requests of Canon, how about put the tripod mount on the lens in such a way that the CAMERA shifts, not the lens? Like an Arca-Swiss R series body...

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What I'd really like to see is an objective, head to head comparison between a Capresso Infinity coffee grinder and a tuna sandwich. I've got my own suspicions which is best, but I'd like to see a scientific DxO evaluation before I decide.

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On 6 things iPhone photographers want from Apple post (66 comments in total)
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DenWil: "iPhone Photographers" as a group should get over themselves and actually buy functional adjustable cameras. Phone cameras are a convenience for spur of the moment needs. They were never and should not be expected to supplant a 2.8 L lens on a DSLR with a FF 24MP sensor. 2.0 on a piece of glass 3mm across is not my idea of mechanical excellence. The obsession over this is comedy.

DenWil, agreed. I don't know why people are so outraged that their PHONE isn't the perfect camera. Yes you may always have the phone with you, but that's because your ultimate priority is "communicating". If your ultimate priority is "photos", you'd carry a camera. I wish my phone had a scuba app because there are a lot of times I'd like to go diving and all I've got with me is a phone - why should I have to get an actual scuba tank?

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And those of us who signed up for the "promotional" 9.99/month?

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