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On article Video Field Test: Theron Humphrey and the Sony A7R II (192 comments in total)

Congrats DPR and your photographer dog pair true believers in the creative process as am I. He has it right, we are the camera and the camera is our assistant. Wonderful. And the dog is essential, the pair bond teaches us to be in the moment something that is so pure and so pristinely important.

And yes, I think this camera is a true ground breaker. I has flaws as do all cameras, but a major break thru. Very innovative and in the next year as they improve and refine it, look out Sony is truly moving forward. Their new FS5 coming out is simply amazing looking for example.

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On Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2082 comments in total)

Why is there no mention of reported problems with overheating with the internal recording of 4K Video after a short time, making the camera useless for weddings and other events, i.e., unreliable? Has this problem been overstated? Was it never a real problem? Has it been corrected?

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As a wedding videographer and documentary film creator I am incredibly excited about this camera. The combination of ultra low light capability, internal stabilization, excellent auto focus, internal 4K, 14 stops of dynamic range, and the ability to down sample to HD in post makes this camera incredibly flexible and versatile. This is an extremely useful camera to add to our array of equipment. Thank you Sony

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On article Rode unveils RodeLink wireless audio system (21 comments in total)

The 44.1 recording is absolutely perfect! Most people here are not audio engineers. Human hearing cannot detect differences above 44.1. There is NO reason for videographers to utilize 48 kHz. In fact is takes up useless storage. Rode has crafted what looks to be a state of the art device. Once again they are smart innovators and very skilled engineers. Chapeau.

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On article NAB 2015 Highlights (15 comments in total)

The mic and the pre amp look terrific for the Sennheiser Apogee tandem. However, the IOS Apogee app leaves much to be desired. By comparison, RODE REC app is markedly more sophisticated and powerful and has better sharing options as well.

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On article Manfrotto unveils Digital Director for iPad Air (46 comments in total)

DSLR Controller costs less than $10 and does more than this for all android devices. Yes, it only works as a monitor for iPads right now. That said, get a Nexus on eBay for $50 and you are good to go. Or use your large Phablet Android phone as your monitor. It has a large number of controls for your camera and in addition works beautifully with video mode as well.

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On article Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (201 comments in total)

It is important that Adams uses a Canon Mark II for all his work, not even the 5D Mark III. This is rather amazing, given that the Mark II and Mark III are have very small buffers and do not hold many images in burst mode and do not track moving images nearly as well as the 7D Mark II and perhaps other makes of cameras. This should be mentioned. Adams tries very hard NOT to be a Canon fanboy and to have integrity and objectivity so kudos to him. And the dp presentation lays out the shoot in a way that is not overly conclusion filled. So I came away feeling it was a well done piece, that allows us to judge for ourselves the merits of this camera in a real life setting. Yes, it would be nice to know if Canon paid for this, likely they did. Doing a piece on the video there would not have been helpful as he was not a videographer as he said.

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On article Canon announces EOS C100 Mark II (279 comments in total)

For many 4k is NOT needed, i.e., wedding videography at this juncture. This camera with is ability to autofocus and its low light sensitivity, VND filters and increased image quality make it a great production camera along with the 70D and even some use of the new 7D Mark II. I plan to get one for example.

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i am completely dismayed that DP is owned by Amazon. I thought you folks were objective.

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On article DxO Optics Pro 9.5 now integrates with Adobe Lightroom (63 comments in total)

it cannot read images already converted to DNG useless

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On article Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers (164 comments in total)

not being limited to a single plane of focus brings us closer to how our eyes see the world. This is a very good thing. Lean forward Lytro.

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On article Never forget a Photoshop or Lightroom shortcut again (70 comments in total)

KB Covers makes an excellent keyboard cover for Lightroom, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Premier, etc. they are wonderful.

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On article National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite (170 comments in total)

less than one tenth of one per cent of the world is true wilderness let us remember that. Having taken many amazing cross high country trips in Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon and the understanding of nature and wilderness I applaud this decision.

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On article Lytro announces Illum light field camera (348 comments in total)

If it allows you to to have a high quality raw image that can be of a different focus plane later for weddings, sports, art, fashion, etc. bravo. Otherwise, it is a work in progress. Lean forward Lytro. Keep it moving.

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iAPX: Sony A7s yesterday and now is the BlackMagic answer for digital film cinema.

For serious cinema, it's clearly a great piece, upgradeable in so many ways, and yet so complete out-of-the-box! The tag price is incredibly low considering all the features!

totally massively amazing. they have done it again.

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