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Dear Pinky,

My trusty sidesqueak, the plan is three fold:

1. Finally launch (based on forthcoming, whereby people will be
able to explore the world via geographically organised photos.
2. Start a video blog that blends a mix of commentary and slapstick wit.
3. Use a camera to log the history of my family and company using high quality stills and video whilst engaging in street and creative architectural photography around the world, because landscapes and sunsets will always be there, but people and our buidings won’t.

Current arsenal:

Samsung EX2F
(Superb street and low light social/family camera. Only flaw is lack of manual exposure on video.)

Have owned:

Sony NEX 5R (Great grip & daylight IQ, but lack of fast glass, flash & viewfinder + fiddly on screen menus etc made it a nuisance despite feat of engineering)
Sony NEX F3 (Excellent IQ for the price, but flawed so returned)
Panasonic GH2 (best allrounder in part thanks to the 14-140 zoom)
Pentax K10D (best handling, IQ & dynamic range of any camera I have ever owned to date - Nov 2013. Only sold because I needed video.)
Kodak ??? (World's first camera with an OLED display. Loaned to me by Kodak.)
Sony f717 swivel body (Superb for daytime stills, useless autofocus! Early NEX?)
Logitech Pixtura digital camera (my first digital camera, 768 x 400 res! Loaned to me by Logitech.)
Minolta Dynax (Film)
Minolta X-700 (Film)
Konica 35mm (Rangefinder film)
Boots Instamatic (won school photographic competition with it two years in a row)

Dream camera:

Ergonomically and featurewise, the Panasonic GX7/Olympus EM-1 are the closest to the perfect camera, however, the fact the displays cannot face forward (unlike other Panasonics and the Samsung EX2F/Canon G12 etc) means it is not a convenient for video production. Big mistake! Looks like Panasonic were trying to compete with the OM-D rather than focus on their core competency, video! GH3 too big, may as well buy a 5D MkII or III!)

So, ideal camera would be a Pentax body + GH3 type articulating display + Sony sensor + Carl Zeiss*/Olympus or Nikon glass (*Sony f717 IQ was superb in good light) + Samsung menus & it must all fit in my pocket thanks to next generation only Sony could do it miniaturisation but with Oly EM-1/Fuji X100 grippy tactile exposure adjustment knobs. Phew!


I am not brand loyal at all (I choose what works!), although despite having never owned one, consider Olympus to offer the greatest IQ/DR/mid range glass, Nikon the best clean low light images (D3 is awesome!), Canon have lost control, Pentax are the best for handling and dynamic range (D/K series are outstanding, just wish that video was given focus by Pentax and they introduced articulating displays), Samsung deserve kudos for the NX & EX series, Panasonic’s best contribution is their outstanding Ai mode that really does work (and adjusts the exposure for sky and ground superbly), Sony should focus on sensors and learn from Pentax about handling/operational feedback, Fuji are awesome for the lovely fondlable X series.


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Samsung EX2F
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  • iPhone 2G

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