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About me:

Dear Pinky,

My trusty sidesqueak, the plan is three fold:

1. Finally launch PhotoWalker.com (based on our award winning and being re-engineered Artwalker.com site), whereby people can explore the world via geographically organised photos.

2. Start a video blog that blends a mix of commentary and slapstick wit.

3. Use a camera to log the history of my family and company using high quality stills and video whilst engaging in street and creative architectural photography around the world, because landscapes and sunsets will always be there, but people and buidings won’t.

Current arsenal:

Samsung EX2F
(Superb street, scenic and low light social/family camera. Only flaws are lack of manual exposure on video and buggy firmware. Great all rounder, built like a tank.)

Dream camera:

Ergonomically and featurewise, the Panasonic GX7/Olympus EM-1 are the closest to the perfect camera, however, the fact the displays cannot face forward (unlike other Panasonics and the Samsung EX2F/Canon G12 etc) means it is not a convenient for video production, or the now popular selfie. Big mistake! Looks like Panasonic were trying to compete with the OM-D rather than focus on their core competency.)

So, ideal camera would be a Pentax body + GH4 type articulating display + Sony sensor + Carl Zeiss*/Olympus or Nikon glass (*Sony f717 IQ was superb in good light) + Samsung menus & it must all fit in my pocket thanks to next generation only Sony could do it miniaturisation but with Oly EM-1/Fuji X100 grippy tactile exposure adjustment controls. Phew!


I am not brand loyal at all (I choose what works!), although despite having never owned one, consider Olympus to offer the greatest IQ/DR/mid range glass, Nikon the best clean low light images (D3 is awesome!), Canon have lost control, Pentax are the best for handling and dynamic range (D/K series are outstanding, just wish that video was given focus by Pentax and they introduced articulating displays), Samsung deserve kudos for the NX & EX series, Panasonic’s best contribution other than GH series is their outstanding Ai mode that really does work (and adjusts the exposure for sky and ground superbly), Sony should focus on sensors and learn from Pentax about handling/operational feedback, Fuji are awesome for the lovely X series.


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