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Dear Pinky,

My trusty sidesqueak, the plan is three fold:

1. Finally launch (based on our award winning and being re-engineered site), whereby people can explore the world via geographically organised photos.

2. Start a video blog that blends a mix of commentary and slapstick wit.

3. Use a camera to log the history of my family and company using high quality stills and video whilst engaging in street and creative architectural photography around the world, because landscapes and sunsets will always be there, but people and buidings won’t.

Current arsenal:

Samsung EX2F
(Superb street, scenic and low light social/family camera. Only flaws are lack of manual exposure on video and buggy firmware. Great all rounder, built like a tank.)

Dream camera:

Ergonomically and featurewise, the Panasonic GX7/Olympus EM-1 are the closest to the perfect camera, however, the fact the displays cannot face forward (unlike other Panasonics and the Samsung EX2F/Canon G12 etc) means it is not a convenient for video production, or the now popular selfie. Big mistake! Looks like Panasonic were trying to compete with the OM-D rather than focus on their core competency.)

So, ideal camera would be a Pentax body + GH4 type articulating display + Sony sensor + Carl Zeiss*/Olympus or Nikon glass (*Sony f717 IQ was superb in good light) + Samsung menus & it must all fit in my pocket thanks to next generation only Sony could do it miniaturisation but with Oly EM-1/Fuji X100 grippy tactile exposure adjustment controls. Phew!


I am not brand loyal at all (I choose what works!), although despite having never owned one, consider Olympus to offer the greatest IQ/DR/mid range glass, Nikon the best clean low light images (D3 is awesome!), Canon have lost control, Pentax are the best for handling and dynamic range (D/K series are outstanding, just wish that video was given focus by Pentax and they introduced articulating displays), Samsung deserve kudos for the NX & EX series, Panasonic’s best contribution other than GH series is their outstanding Ai mode that really does work (and adjusts the exposure for sky and ground superbly), Sony should focus on sensors and learn from Pentax about handling/operational feedback, Fuji are awesome for the lovely X series.



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It's always amazing when man outsmarts nature, that still uses curved 'mechanical' optics. Our first outsmarting was the telephone - therefore, unlike the birds and the bees, we can tweet to one another across the world.

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I've been shocked to learn or witness photos being 'shopped', including by professional photographers who will paste in a person who was not available for a shoot. So wrong on so many levels. OK, not a competition entry, but deceiving because often this person is a manager and so a group shot shows him/her bonding with their staff. Not to mention effects being used to make up for what is really a dull photo.

None of the photos in my Flickr account are shopped, except those marked as 'Experimental'

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Stefan Sobol: DJI is already updating the firmware in their drones to restrict where they can fly or limit the drone's altitude. If you install the latest "mandatory" firmware update your Phantom will not fly within 15.5 miles of Washington DC.

I'm sure there will be more updates that will further limit where the drone will be allowed to fly.

The Truman Show becomes reality. Once self driving cars join this communism powered dystopian fray, we will be limited in where we can go. Imagine, your car suddenly stops or turns around when you reach a specific area of a town or city. After 9/11 and the Iraq war, the UK's Private Eye published a weekly list ('War Balls') of companies that exploited the tragic events. IE, car insurance companies raising their premium (as mine did) because of 9/11. Eh?

So, bit by bit, our freedoms to travel will be limited. Already, in my mother's pretty village in Wiltshire UK, indestructible fencing surrounds pretty much ANY area where kids would once play.

We're slowly been kettled. It's not a nation state thing, it's a global thing. The Hunger Games, Truman Show, Logan's Run, some of the contemporary dystopian SciFi TV shows on today and more were/are all preparing us for this, and it's going to be very difficult to undo because it gives large corporations HUGE power. Terrifying!

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On Nikon announces Coolpix AW130 and S33 rugged compacts article (31 comments in total)

S33 looks funky, a bit like some of the previous Canon waterproof cameras that also offered some creative design. The style is similar to that envisioned in the 70s as to how things would look in 2000.

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What about video? 4K please!

Direct link | Posted on Feb 5, 2015 at 12:20 UTC as 17th comment | 7 replies

Finally Olly! A flippy outie screen! Yay! If it did 4K, I would consider this over a GH4.

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On Olympus Stylus Tough TG-860 updates rugged series article (20 comments in total)

Me + Shark


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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Review preview (447 comments in total)
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Glen K Wells: Jusy my two pennyworth but i think it is a mistake by Panasonic to not provide a built in flash.
Ok add-ons are more powerful etc but who are these cameras aimed at?

The LX100 - no flash and now the GM5?
Basic photo punters do not want to carry a separate flash around with them to a friends house or out in their other pocket. Just want to take a quick snap oh hang on everyone I need to find and then attach the flash - hey where did everyone go?
A built in flash is one of the functions that make cameras like the E-M10 and the NEX I mean A6000 lines popular.
A built in flash is dam useful. If there is no room on top anymore why not squeeze one on the front like the days of old - software or the camera can remove red-eye.

Personally I would not choose a camera without one, I know that counts for zip but it is a feature that I look for. Currently have D610, X-E2, NEX-6 and E-M10.

Gonna start a bring back the built in flash campaign haha.

I agree completely. I love using fill flash in some of my shots, I have pretty much perfected this over the years for handling situations where the subject cannot be moved out of a shadow or there is no time - with great results. Same with low light situations. I had a Sony NEX 3 (forget precise model) with a screw on flash and hated it. Missed many opps.

This is a case of Panasonic not being as good as miniaturising technology as the world leader, Sony. The RX-100 MK3 is an incredible feat of engineering, no matter ones' brand preference.

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I take it that the image of a man in the mist/fog being lit up by the ray of sunshine was an incredible coincidence of timing and why the photo is worth so much? IE, it isn't a Photoshop job?

It is still a lovely photo, but I'm just interested because it doesn't say anything about the image of a man in the fog anywhere, other than reference to 'phantom'.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (369 comments in total)

That was both fascinating re salmon and a great review of the NX1. Intrigued to know what camera was dropped in this stream. Was it water resistant and did it work after the shake? My guess it was a 5D MKII or III being they are often used to shoot pro video.

Those guys could be brothers!

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On Panasonic DMC-CM1 to go on sale in UK article (154 comments in total)
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phazelag: I love my RX100m3 and iPhone 6 plus. If I didn't have so many friends with iPhones on iMessages, I would consider this. But all my extended family, kids, coworkers, and customers have iPhones and even though I got my number disconnected from the apple service my SMS/MMS experience on android with the HTC One and Galaxy S4 was not great. Limits on Photos, poor notifications, etc.

I missed some group texts or got them out of order, or replied to the wrong people. Messaging is still the weakness of android. For some android messaging is adequate, but for me a power user for work with iPhones is was messy.

Have you tried Hangouts? It works across ALL devices. Just not well promoted by Google.

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On Panasonic DMC-CM1 to go on sale in UK article (154 comments in total)

Does it record stereo audio with the video? If so, then I'm interested. It will fall in price once Panasonic see the light.

It's interesting how Panasonic industrial design is stuck in the 1980s (all products, except the G6), whilst Samsung tend to go for futuristic curves and/or simple shapes that communicate the innovation and blue skies thinking in their products. I don't know why Panasonic are so conservative.
Compare GH4 to NX1 or this CM1 to the Galaxy Zoom. And the cute little Samsung cameras with flip forward displays, almost like they are machined from one block of polycarbonate.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 25, 2014 at 08:33 UTC as 30th comment

GX7 has the all essential articulating display. I don't understand why Panasonic left it out of the LX100?!

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On Photokina 2014: Hands-on with RED's Epic Dragon article (50 comments in total)

My employer's industrial design chops are available. Such amazing tech needs a somewhat more 'fluid' body, no?

Direct link | Posted on Sep 18, 2014 at 12:29 UTC as 12th comment
On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)
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wootpile: Very impressive. reasonable price. As Dreview noted, it will be excellent for macro. But where is the flipscreen? Try doing closeups at ground level with your eye in a mini viewfinder. You'll take the single shot and be done with it on account of clumsiness.

Since the lx100 is quite deep anyway thanks to the viewfinder sticking out a bit.. I don't understand why they didn't add a flipscreen and simply slap 60 more bucks on the price.

I may end up buying this simply because of the large sensor tech. but as soon as a similar device with a articulating screen hits the market.. bye bye.

Agreed. Every camera I have owned (bar the otherwise excellent Pentax K10D) has featured an articulating display and made a huge difference to my photographic creativity and lack of back pain.

The LX-100 is THE perfect camera for an articulating display, so I just cannot understand why Panasonic left it out. I am going to get a GH4 instead, which my pocket will not thank me for, and neither will the wallet inside same pocket. All said, lack of cash in wallet after purchasing may mean room for larger camera! :)

Direct link | Posted on Sep 17, 2014 at 15:57 UTC

I don't wish to start a flame war, but WHY WHY WHY is there no articulating display on such an otherwise superb camera? I just returned from Berlin with my fantastic never lets me down Samsung EX2F (try and then judge) and a mix of it's superb f1.4 lens, handling and articulating display allowed me to shoot some great photos and 'travel blog' video. The ability to hold a camera down at waist level, or above a crowd in a public place, not to mention composing video footage when the camera is on a tripod makes an articulating display invaluable. And in the case of the LC100, we have 4K video abilities and what will no doubt be a superb lens (with that sensor!) yet less creative composition choice.

I don't buy the 'use WiFi tethering' argument, I have it on the EX2F and it's a pain in the naughty bits trying to juggle two devices + deal with latency, configuration etc. (NFC helps, but you still need a compliant phone/tablet etc.)

Bring it on!

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Interesting, we inherited an old Leica from my father (who got it from his father), and it looks like that Hansa. I wonder who influenced who, my history of old gear is not good. I know the Leica had this clever prism that connected to the viewfinder so you could take pictures around corners! Sneaky! I had a water pistol that could do that too, and shot my physics lecturer in the face at point blank range by mistake with it after he stepped out of the staff room in the path of my target! I had to write out lines or something, but it was funny at the time - he was a dufus. Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, Kwanon!

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On Olympus PEN E-PL7 compact mirrorless camera announced article (80 comments in total)

Clever! Flip DOWN LCD eliminates the problem of it hitting the VF or flash, an issue Sony are still battling with the NEX/Alpha X000 series, hence multiple design choices from Sony! But on this Oly, one must ask, tripod screen clash?

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On Very flashy: Ricoh unveils Pentax K-S1 DSLR article (197 comments in total)
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MrTaikitso: As ever Pentax lead the way with ergonomics. Other than the colour change LEDs on the mode dial and shutter, the control layout is very thoughtful. When I borrow my brothers D3, the illogical control layout drives me nuts. Nikon should hire a UX expert, something Pentax must have done years ago. I owned a K10D and it was a delight in the hand, as is the MX-1.


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On Very flashy: Ricoh unveils Pentax K-S1 DSLR article (197 comments in total)

As ever Pentax lead the way with ergonomics. Other than the colour change LEDs on the mode dial and shutter, the control layout is very thoughtful. When I borrow my brothers D3, the illogical control layout drives me nuts. Nikon should hire a UX expert, something Pentax must have done years ago. I owned a K10D and it was a delight in the hand, as is the MX-1.

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