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It seems expensive for 2016. It could have IBIS at that price and not seem cheap.

I wonder if there will be an A6100/A6200/both at a lower price?

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-Pro2 beta sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)

Mr Spencer, if you're out there...

That last shot of the skateboarder in the samples is focused on the board/foot in the foreground with the face a little OOF.

Was that deliberate, or a failure, or did you just not care?

If you had wanted to get the face in a shot like that, would it be something you could do reliably given this camera's controls and performance?

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Is that a joystick for direct selection of AF points I see below the AEL button? Or am I thinking wishfully?

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There's some moire in the rooftop sample if you look for it. Apparently 100MP just isn't enough for that lens... ;)

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Joe Van Wyk: I think it is interesting how such dynamic range allows for certain contrasty shots to "expose for the highlights" such as the sky. Then, bringing shadows up in post, resulting in a balanced exposure. The power of RAW combined with that sensor is quite a modern marvel.

I agree that it is a marvellous ability to have.

But I think the DPR guys often (not always) lay it on a bit too thick, taking some drama from from the picture. Things end up looking a bit flat. Maybe they would make sense if you were processing pictures to be seen print magazines, or on phones in bright light. But on my monitor in controlled light they look a bit squished.

Still, as you say it is a wonderful option to have; and I would sometimes want to use it to the full.

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Instead of an adapter to take it from "too wide but I guess that helps keep the size down" to "even wider", could we maybe have a x1.5 converter to make it a standard lens?

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On Connect post Google announces Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones (87 comments in total)

What is the (35mm equivalent) focal length of the main cameras?

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I've been waiting patiently for this camera announcement. And do you know what day it is? It's my birthday.

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On article Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens (326 comments in total)

I'd like a true standard 43mm equivalent lens with natural perspective, i.e. about 28mm on Fuji's current sensors.

I find I like this better than 35 mm (pushes the background away) or 50mm (brings it in).

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On article Samsung introduces PM1633a, world's first 2.5" 16TB SSD (121 comments in total)
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Mister Joseph: Very nice, how much?

On the order of four thousand pounds, I believe. Less than some Leica lenses :)

It's for things with huge update rates. It's not actually very appropriate for normal photo storage since photos-by-the-terrabyte mostly just sit there. Of course, if you were running a database of all security camera facial captures in Central London and creating/scanning it in realtime for matches...

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fmian: When shooting through a window, you could just use a flexible hood/bellows pressed up against the glass so light from around the room doesn't enter the shot. This product already exists.
When shooting through a wire fence, you could just place the lens right up to the fence so that you're shooting through it, or you should use shallower dof which would make the fence in the foreground almost invisible.
Complex software/computational solutions when simple practical solutions already exist.

I like to photograph things in glass display cases at times, e.g. museum exhibits. They don't take kindly to you placing things against the glass.

I find polarising filters are some use for cutting reflections off the glass, but they cost light when I'm already in a low-light environment.

So I would be interested to see what a software solution could do instead (or as well).

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On article Fujifilm XF 90mm F2 LM WR real-world samples (182 comments in total)

That is really a very nice looking lens

/slightly envious Sony owner

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On Connect post Feature film shot on iPhone 5 coming to cinemas (64 comments in total)

Whilst it is impressive that a dog can play piano, it does not play the piano very well.

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That is really not that bad a price for a quality 28/1.4

Well, whaddya know

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On article Shutterdial offers Flickr searches based on EXIF (21 comments in total)

I've always liked true standard (43mm equiv) perspective. So I seached for that. First picture it gave me wast 45mm... ...the Oly 45/1.8 on four thirds.

So much for that.

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neo_nights: Was I the only one who read "A-mount" instead of "A-series" and, therefore, thought that would be a Sony camera?


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On article Portrait Salon 'rejects' exhibition opens in London (62 comments in total)
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Provia_fan: I might be wrong but I don't see a lot of street photography entries passing the bar in the Taylor Wessing contest, which is the category that #2 fits.

It's a great photo, I love Dougie's work,but I have always thought that they are looking for a specific kind of look that they usually go for, which I think many competitions do. I think they should broaden their themes a bit, create subthemes within a theme. Or be more specific.

But that's just my view.

"a specific kind of look that they usually go for"

Yeah. It seemed to me it's mainly environmental portraits, in environments that say something about the subject, shot in a clearly posed way. Not a street/candid show.

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On article Portrait Salon 'rejects' exhibition opens in London (62 comments in total)

I went to the last finalists exhibition, last Christmas. These pictures look like "the ones that didn't quite make it", so if you like these definitely check out the show if you can. I expect the World Press Awards show, which is good, will be across the river at the Royal Festival Hall at about the same time.

The Taylor Wessing was largely environmental portraiture, and pretty good. For gearheads, they put up a PDF with details for all the pictures. So you can see how almost none of the finalists were shot at 85 to 135mm equivalent, and you should probably be paying more attention to flash/diffusers/reflectors than lenses...

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completelyrandomstuff: That's a lot of money, but Canon and Nikon ask for the same amount. The difference is that Canon/Nikon have image stabilization and Pentax has weather sealing.

But pentax have stabilization in the body, no?

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Fredy Ross: I don't trust cloud storage prefer to store on external hard drives.

The nice thing about the cloud is the background immediacy. I save my Lightroom catalogue, and in under a minute I have an offsite backup.

The problem, at least for me, is that my ADSL is about 80KBPS upstream. No way I'm putting RAW files on that.

I've also had problems with specific software. Last time I tried them, Google and MS both used full upload bandwidth and choked my internet with no way to stop them. Dropbox can at least be given hard bandwidth limits, though its adaptive mode doesn't really work.

They also all had some BS that stopped them putting files on my 32GB micro SD card plugged into my phone. They only use the 2GB internal.

They're pretty brain dead software, or they were a year ago. I blame Apple. ;)

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