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  • Replied in Exactly!
    You wouldn't expect much difference among APS-C options with and without a mirror, because all you're saving is the mirror box, with maybe some lens design advantage from the shorter flange distance.
  • I wasn't contesting the claim; I was noting that whether up or down is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder.

  • ... depending on the circumstances of course. Not every shooter is looking for OOF background.

  • If UK prices are anything like the US, this should be fairly cheap. I recently picked up a Canon FD 50mm macro & fotodiox adapter with aperture stop-down control. I miss having an automatic ...
  • I had the same problem with a Fotodiox adapter with aperture control. It turned out to be my error. I had to be sure that the diaphragm control on the adapter was open and be sure to get the FD ...
  • Replied in Lightroom 4.x
    Lightroom 4. I tried 5 and didn't find anything new worth spending a hundred bucks on. It's great for its integration of browsing, tagging and raw processing. Its thumbnail browsing is pathetically ...
  • Have fun eating oversalted potato soup with garlic, cloves, asafoetida, terragon, cocoa, mint and tamari.

    I'll have a fresh strawberry.

  • Bah. There's nothing wrong with shooting for the great "straight print" to the extent that such a thing can even exist in a world of in-camera processing and a zillion settings.

    Can we still...

  • Sure, post processing is the norm - I certainly fiddle with practically every keeper in Lightroom - but I find some of these pretty heavy-handed, even though I like many of them quite a lot.

  • Not only that, but the lighting seems wrong. The moon and earth are illuminate by the same source, yet the shadow angle seems to differ between the mountain peak and the crescent moon.

  • An add-on lens can't change the sensor size physics, but they could have used a lot of Photoshop masking.

  • These are nice, but interesting that almost all are heavily processed. Is that an artifact of the limitations of the tool, or just the selection process and an Instagram generation?

  • I would guess that 4:3 is overwhelmingly dominant, because it's the default on almost all cameras and the rest are throwing away pixels that could be cropped later. It's also my personal favorite, ...
  • Replied in toothpaste?
    Buffing the coating off the screen is an interesting idea. Toothpaste is great for polishing fogged plastic headlights, or you could ante up for some real polish. Pretty risky, but if mine looked ...
  • Replied in I don't
    It depends a bit on how wide we're talking about, but I'd almost always prefer an f4. It's a little smaller and lighter, and a lot easier to control aberrations at a reasonable price.
  • I have a GH2 and GF5. On the GH2, shutter shock was very noticeable using a 1400mm telescope, but I also suspect it occasionally at the long end with the 100-300. I don't suspect any problems with ...
  • Replied in Oly 300mm f4?
    If lenses like the 75mm are any indication, it will be up to the task. It's interesting that they didn't stick with the size/weight advantage and build an f5.6 instead. Perhaps that they felt that ...
  • That's great if you have all the hardware concerned and can test it yourself, or if you don't mind wading through tons of rumor and innuendo to separate the wheat from the chaff in uncontrolled ...
  • The 14-140 was the original reason I switched to m4/3 (only reasonable 10x zoom on any platform at the time). I think it's great for what it is. It's not a fast lens though, so it depends what ...
  • I think if your point of comparison is the Canon 100-400L, this isn't really the case. My (now a bit dated) experience with the 100-400L and Sigma 70-200EX + 2X on Canon was that their performance ...
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