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On Delaney in the Photograph of a Female Photographer challenge (75 comments in total)

I can't believe mine came 129th - and they were real photographers!

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That's really great Nikon - but why didn't you bring out the EVF on the P7700! I'm an avid Nikon user (7 DSLRs) but just bought a Canon G15 because it had a darned viewfinder and the P7700 didn't! Jeeeez

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cgarrard: Inconvenient, who cares. That's the point really. Film was, but now we can develop ourselves. Raw files (dng format especially) would be best then you don't have to worry about white balance. No preview of your images, just reliance on good photography fundamentals without the hassle of film after.

I think if someone makes a full frame one that shoots up to 200 images or more on one charge, it's an instant success. Period.

I'd go get one then go buy some more film cameras tomorrow. It's a great idea, soon as someone does one successfully its going to sell in boat loads and you'll probably see film camera prices go up too. Imagine using a Contax G2 with this. Oooooops!

First cam I'd get is a Contax N or Maxxum 9 Ti, then go have a fricken blast.


I'm on the same page - just raw images, no preview, manually set ISO. I don't even care if you have to have a cable plugged into the flash sync like the MF digital backs for 6x6cm film cameras.

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thomo: I would buy one or more in a flash! I've still got my Nikomat, F, F2, FM2, FE2, FA, F3, F4 & F5 and 18 manual AIs lenses. I just need a digital or insert to go with them.

I'd pay $500 for it if it was full frame!

As I mentioned, I would be happy to pay $500 for a proven product (DX or FX) but I don't think $300 for is a good prospect for a 2/3" sensor that is still 'vapour ware'.

I just can't understand why the major DSLR manufacturers have not developed some sort of digital back or insert for the old film cameras - they have for medium format film! Just imagine the buzz of being able to get digital images out of an old Nikon F, F2As or F3.

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I would buy one or more in a flash! I've still got my Nikomat, F, F2, FM2, FE2, FA, F3, F4 & F5 and 18 manual AIs lenses. I just need a digital or insert to go with them.

I'd pay $500 for it if it was full frame!

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Firstly, it is possible! If you have a look at the Nikon Rumors article on the patent you will see Kodak's early effort - the DCS100 which was a back fitted to an F3 body. When you think about a modern DSLR and you remove the viewfinder and mirror box there is not a lot of volume left - it could certainly fit into the space of the old 'data' backs - that's what Kodak produced!
It has been done countless times before on medium format film cameras which has a far smaller number of prospective sales than 35mm film. If they are reasonably priced I'll have seven of them - one each for my Nikonmat, F, F2, F3, F4, F5 and one for my FE, FE2, FM2 & FA.
Thank heavens there are enough of us old farts that still have these film cameras, are passionate about the hobby and have the disposable income to buy such an accessory.
You only have to look at what people are paying for 'retro' style digital cameras like the Fuji X100 and X-pro1 to see there is a market for such a product.

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oking23: My belief is that those who have purchased and used this lens, as I have, are happy with the results. (See the comments from the verified purchasers at B&H). Clearly it will not meet the needs of everyone, but no lens does. However, it appears that too may individuals are critical of the lens without ever using it. As I earlier indicated, it is now a favorite of mine. It performs quite well on my Fuji S5 and Nikon D300. The review should not discourage anyone from trying the lens if there is an interest. It can always be rented for a weekend before a decision to purchase is made.

I've just returned from a 3 week tour of eastern Europe with the 18-300 lens on a D7000. I have an 18-200 that I have used extensively since I bought my first DSLR (a D80). After 3000 shots I am very pleased with the results but I did notice something unusual which I don't think has been picked up in the period of this short review.
There is a lag on the VR function (haven't measured it precisely) that is noticable particularly when changing from landscape to porttrait orientation. Sometimes I had to half push the shutter release a second time before it would stabilise but when it did it was magic. I have one shot, taken in low light at 300mm and 1/15 sec exposure - that is almost 5 stops better than without VR. The only problem with the lag is that it effects quick 'grab' shots which I do a lot of when touring. I'll be discussing this with Nikon to see if something can be done about the lag.
I'll try and post some samples tonight on the lens forum.

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vFunct: No built in rotation? Or do the Mamiya bodies handle well vertically?

Have a look at their web site. The new backs are compatible with the hasselblad V series bosies and the backs have a rotating sensor so that you can choose vertical or horizontal format aprox. 5x4cm with the 60MP and 80Mp backs. I see they era also compatible with the H1 & H2 cameras as well - pity they don't fit the H3 series!

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