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I am reluctant to see such extreme lab tests. I do not think there are many chances to push 3 or 5 EV afterwards because the camera's auto exposure including auto ISO function is very smart now.
I want to see real scene photo comparison at low ISO with proper exposure.

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Apart from the cost and image quality discussion, if I use this product, I will have to convert the film output to digital as soon as possible because it is very difficult to store film in a good condition for long period.
Its digitalization will be also convenient to put sound and share with other peoples,
How about a projector for the film ? I donot know it still exists.

Even this is a proto type, I donot think this concept is a good idea.

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I bring a Nikon D750 for still and a Lumix G6 for video to shoot a Steam Locomotive. I hold D750 in hands and put G6 on a tripod.
If 8K video and 33mp still are available at same time and its AF tracking speed is very fast, I would buy one.
I guess Sony may be thinking same way as Panasonic and Canon or Nikon will stay still focused cameras.

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PaulinAussie: This is probably due to Canon's sensor performing badly. So many shooters are leaving Canon.

See the sensor rating below:


I agree and that's why I have changed from Canon (5D) to Nikon (D750) with all lenses, which was a very tough decision.
And I am satisfied with the results now.

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The M9 owner was lucky because it is a range finder, otherwise the mirror related parts might be damaged. Also, the owner put case on it without caring how it is inconvenient to see the picture and setting by rear display, or the case may have a rear screen see through function.

You will know the damages on electrical parts soon.

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In Tokyo Disneyland/Sea have banned to use Selfie Sticks.
Please refer the "5 Reasons Why Selfie Sticks Should be Banned at Disney Theme Parks" URL : http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20150116/29867/5-reasons-why-disney-should-ban-selfie-stick

Also, many sightseeing areas are thinking same restriction in Japan.
Last year, I have been in Kyoto for autumn color season and there were very crowded and many time about 10% of guest stopped and take photo by using a selfie sticks. Then, other people could not pass him/her while they took the shot because of passways were very narrow.

Then, the selfie sticks became selfish bar. Therefore, idea of this product is nice but place to use may be limited.

I used my light weight Lumix G6 which has a fully-articulated rear display that time.

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I guess it will be a good idea to use 120MP sensor video for the medical purpose in the near future.
By using this video through internet, a doctor can support a surgery of another doctor, advising how to from remote place.

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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)

I am very interested in the V2 from its function and size point of view.
The design is reasonable. If you do not like this design, you have many other choices.

I am a user of EOS-5D and am looking for compact and lens interchangeable one for trip. Among the any mirrorless cameras, I expect the most speedy AF and a full size shot can be retrived from video to V2.

My only concern is the V series have manuan focus control from dial and poor line-up of lens. I hope Nikon will develop new prime lens with manual focus in lens.

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