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On Nikon CoolPix P7700 Preview preview (192 comments in total)
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gooseta: If they added an ovf people would come on this and say "It's a G12/G1x". No VF, "We waaaant a viewfinderrrr". So if waving a camera infront of you is silly, why do most new DSLRs have live view?

"why do most new DSLRs have live view?" Just for making films ;-)

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On Nikon CoolPix P7700 Preview preview (192 comments in total)
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Panasonicus: No viewfinder-no buy. There are times when you do not want to use a screen such as brilliant sunlight or when shooting in a darkened room and do not want to draw attention to yourself. The technology should be there to provide a high quality optical VF which is the essense of a larger "compact" for enthusiasts wanting to leave the massive weight and titanic bulk of a monster SLR at home. I have gone for the ultimate compromise by downsizing to a tiny Panasonic G3 which has a 100% accurate and huge EVF plus a fully articulated screen. I have owned a couple of Canon G's and agree with the majority that the optical VF is an abomination but al least it is a VF and works. I doubt this Nilkon will sell well--too many larger format cameras out there that do all of the same things in small packages only they do it better. In my view, Canon and Nikon are being left behind in the enthusiast division with Olympus coming on strong and Panasonic going from strength to strength.

I fully agree with you! The P-series compacts from Nikon are not dedicated for taking pictures as "aunty Lisa under apple tree", I think. IMHO the target customer uses the DSLR and the P-series camera as a emergency use stuff or the camera to be used where the SLR can't be.

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On Nikon CoolPix P7700 Preview preview (192 comments in total)
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T3: Some people act like this is the first digital compact camera to ever be introduced without a viewfinder! Huh? Where have these people been for the last few years of digital photography? I'm a DSLR shooter, but I take photos all the time with non-VF cameras too. Millions of people take great photos without a VF every day. It's really not that difficult to do. Obviously, there are different camera form factors for different users and different needs. Obviously, this is a compact camera, so the designers obviously wanted to keep it compact. Adding a VF would have made it less compact. So I guess they'll just have to sell this camera to those people out there who have no problem with using an LCD screen to shoot a photo-- which millions of people do every day. Clearly, not everyone *needs* a viewfinder to take a good photo, which has been proven over many years of digital photography.

Please try to shot when the weather is sunny and you see hardly nothing on the screen ;-) In this case you have to use your hands or some piece of paper (or something else) to shadow the screen. Sometimes it's not easy to do! The optical VF is 1000% more useful in that circumstances.

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Old Ed: I've been looking for the filter size, but no luck so far. Possibly a 77? Also, it will be interesting to learn if it focuses in the "Nikon" direction or not. BTW, I still have a Tokina f4-5.6 70-200 zoom that I bought back in the 70's. It still looks and works like new. I cannot say the same for my (then top-of-the-line) Nikkor f4.5 80-200; it is now unusable because of zoom creep. And the Nikkor cost about 3,000 USD, in today's dollars. So I'm a BIG Tokina fan. I just wish they had a more extensive line, and I'm sad to see them phasing out of primes.

1° Look at the picture: the lens turns in the"Nikon's mode", both: the zoom and focusing rings ;-)
2° As I remember, Tokina's lens reserves original rotation direction i.e. they make the other, in mean of roration, lens for C, other for N.

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On Yin in the The Cats Whiskers - [ Please read all the rules to avoid DQ ] challenge (2 comments in total)

The nature of cat depicted well ;-)

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The lens was Nikkor 18-55, of course.

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On Tropical Thunderstorm in the > The tale of a long exposure challenge (8 comments in total)

.. not only for winning but especially for the photo. Just great!

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On Pidgeons - Krackow in the Pigeons in town challenge (1 comment in total)

Where it is? It seems to be in Cracow (en), Krakau (de), Cracovie (fr) or in Kraków (pl). Krackow is the town in east Germany - is it there? :P Have they, in Krackow, Mickiewicz monument, depicted behind the pigeon?

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On Synchronized... in the Pigeons in town challenge (4 comments in total)

Congratulations! Deservedly on top!

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