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On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (505 comments in total)
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naltar: it's ironic to see the review of a a camera that, 10 months ago, created quite a stir, but now is kind of a white unicorm as it's already disappeared from majority (not many in the first place) stores across Europe and Samsung are vague, at best, about their plans on digicam market.

Just curious, where does one obtain such store statistics for europe?

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On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (505 comments in total)
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jonikon: No EVF is off-putting, but no built-in flash is a deal killer for me. I had a Nikon V1 which also does not have a built-in flash and it was a real pain putting the flash on and then having to take it off when stowing the camera. Sometimes I forgot or misplaced the flash. I use the convenient built-in flash of my Nikon Coolpix A often to good effect, both indoors and outdoors, (for fill flash). Why some camera designers think a flash is a rarely used accessory that one should carry separately is beyond me.

I have a whole shelf full of chargers, I don't need another one. Usb charging is awesome because my phone chargers are everywhere. And using an external power bank to top up away from a power outlet is worth gold.

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On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (505 comments in total)

The nx500 is a great camera, have it with me all the time now, fits snug in my work satchel when I'm commuting to and fro'. I've taken more pictures with it in the last 3 weeks than I have with my dslr's the last year. Soo much joy I have with this little cam.

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joe6pack: How about writing the article after you have actually used one?

It really sounds like the author is trying to give a big wink wink nudge nudge to adobe to please make some apps for the Big ipad

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On article DxO ONE now available in 10 European countries (68 comments in total)

This thing is like trying to sell ice to the eskimos

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And the Remote app for Windows phone users, Is that coming?

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Then the People of Europe should sue the copyright owners of such buildings for obscuring the rest of the free city landscape.

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If you don't agree With the contract then leave Your camera at home

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (267 comments in total)

Looks like a big and clumsy two handed way of taking pictures. The connection point looks too flimsy, and not ideal for capturing the moment ie, having to connect the two units. Probably takes decent pictures though.

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We really are spoiled for choice these days, and sony sure is the sugar daddy

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On Connect post Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows (176 comments in total)

Usb charging is a great move, will extra mobile with external battery packs.

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mpgxsvcd: I would be willing to bet that no one is ever able to take a truly good picture with this camera at the 35mm equivalent of 2000mm.

My 8 inch F4.0 telescope gives me the 35mm equivalent of 1600mm. That perfectly fills a 16:9 aspect ratio with the moon. However, it has to be on a tracking mount in order to follow the moon’s motion at this focal length. Therefore, it is unrealistic to think that you are going to get great images or even videos of objects in space while hand holding this camera or if it is on a non-tracking tripod mount.

The lack of RAW is a good indication that these images are useless without massive in camera distortion correction. Even with the correction they are probably still close to useless. That is a tiny sensor with a ridiculous zoom range.

This camera would have been so much better if they just gave it a 25x zoom and a faster aperture instead.

try taking your tracking mount and telescope on a safari and let us know how you get on.

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Marty4650: What you are witnessing is a fundamental change in the market.

Obviously, not enough people were paying for Microsoft cloud storage, and their sales for Office 365 weren't going well, so they decided to give you one product for free if you would buy the other.

This is very much like the cell phone companies giving you "unlimited minutes" to entice you to buy more data bandwidth from them.

Microsoft's real problem is people like me who are still using Office 2003 and happy with it. After 25 years of MS Office, there aren't that many improvements needed. My 11 year old copy works just fine.

Incidentally, the same exact thing will happen to Adobe. At some point people will get sick and tired of monthly subscription fees and find a copy of CS5 or CS6 instead.

Only office 365 uses the 'rental' scheme, the other versions you own, and you get about 11 gig free ( maybe more or less?) with your Ms account. I have office 2013, no on going fees, one time cost, no bulldust.

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(unknown member): I like Microsoft products and this one is very exciting!

like Microsoft products

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A public apology for the 7d mkII?

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On article Behind the Shot: Spot the Shark (67 comments in total)
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Stigg: wasted time and effort on a boring image. its still boring after all the play-by-play analysis and photoshopping. good or great images don't need much or any after-treatment. that's why i'm still using film.

Stigg, can you tell us the story behind Your biscuit tin shot?

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On Preview:panasonic-lumix-dmc-lx100 (1864 comments in total)

I Wonder if the h.265 video codec can be implemented in a firmware Upgrade, and if Panasonic would be willing to do this for it's 4k able cameras.

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On Connect post Apple announces iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with new imaging features (294 comments in total)
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vladimir vanek: nothing special. just trying to keep up with the competition plus a few bulls**ts in their own mouth again, like NFC wasn't necessary before, but now it's a wow new feature. :) nokia has been implementing NFC for a mere 4 or 5 years now. :D another one: "we don't need bigger displays" :D and the phase detection feature makes me smile. but many people buy as per specs alone...
apple was my no. 1 tech company....some time ago. too sad.

@retro76, useable, but not innovative, at least not anymore.

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On Connect post Apple announces iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with new imaging features (294 comments in total)
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Ben O Connor: Nokia holds its place for camera; The Top.

But real screen revolution was the Samsung edge from ifa. Such a great idea.

IPhone created a monster,which has eaten its creator in the end. Bye bye Apple ;)

@zeisschen, keep on dreaming

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On article Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial (279 comments in total)
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Paul Guba: Oddly it doesn't say why use this camera. With a budget and so many known cameras available why would you choose to experiment on a high budget, high pressure job. Why do I feel like I am not being given the whole story?

I have to correct myself: s-log2 is a gamma curve which can be used and 4k is outputted via hdmi

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