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Wolf Spider 2wk1a_MG_0243Wolf Spider 1wk1a_MG_0237Frost 3 wk1 IMG_7862Frost 1 wk1 IMG_7882Taryn at Kilgore Falls 2 wk1 IMG_6518Kilgore Falls 6 wk1 bw IMG_6474Kilgore Falls 1 wk1 8x6 IMG_6476Blue Dasher 2 wk IMG_5849Blue Dasher 1 wk IMG_5834Marigold Drop 1 wk1 IMG_4992Ant Foraging 1 wk1 IMG_4975Assassin Bug (Zelus luridus) wk1 IMG_5033Curculio - Nut and Acorn Weevil 2 wk1 IMG_5040Curculio - Nut and Acorn Weevil 1 wk1 IMG_5043Marbled Orbweaver 1 Orig wk1 P9027891Cabbage White In Flight 1 Orig wk1 P8307879HC 8 6-22-14 wk1 IMG_2068HC 7 6-22-14 wk1 IMG_2103CandO Canal Dickerson wk1 IMG_0347Elmer School Rd Garage wk1 IMG_0320Martinsburg Rd Farm wk1 IMG_0345Peach Tree Rd Silo 1 wk1 IMG_0361Whites Ferry Rd House wk1 IMG_0326Bleeding Hearts 1 wk1 IMG_0636Bleeding Hearts 2 wk1 IMG_0646Fern 4 wk1 IMG_0630Dogwood Flowers 2 wk1 IMG_0713Fern 6 IMG_wk1 0703Between Showers 1 wk1 IMG_0965Between Showers 2 wk1 IMG_0883Between Showers 3 wk1 IMG_0849Drop-in Flower 1 wk1 IMG_0838Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1 wk1 IMG_1039Assassinbug Hatch 1 wk1 IMG_1220Assassinbug Hatch 2 wk1 IMG_1211Butterfly on Blade 1 wk1 IMG_1367Scorpion Fly 1 wk1 IMG_1382Wild Onion wk1 IMG_1358Blue Dasher M 1 wk1a IMG_1546Dragonfly 1 wk1 IMG_1635Butterflies 1 wk1 IMG_1599Canal 1 wk1 IMG_1632Gold Back Snipe Fly 1 wk1 IMG_1693Gold Back Snipe Fly 2 wk1 IMG_1680White-marked tussock moth caterpillar 1 wk1 IMG_1702Bee Balm 2 wk1 IMG_1868Bee Balm 3 wk1 IMG_1889HC1a 6-22-14 wk1 IMG_2027Morning Water Tower wk1 IMG_2133