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I thought it was funny. The subtext that a FF shooter is a knuckle dragging neanderthal made me laugh. That said, if I was a pro and made lots of money I'd have a FF kit in a heartbeat as a backup to my M4/3's gear.

I may not be a pro like the FF users on this site, but my M4/3's gear has paid for itself many times over and has produced 2 meter prints hanging in hotels and 3 meter window boxes in fancy stores because people see my work and request me.

I walk around with my weather sealed, 12fps RAW burst speed with a buffer large enough to shoot 1200 shots in 20 minutes GH4 and 35-100 f2.8 in my hand with no strap because it's so light it doesn't need one.

While some may think it's an inferior toy, as a hobbyist it does what I need it to do.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 article (457 comments in total)
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vroger1: Hi all. I am a total Lumix guy-but sorry, although it means nothing- my very first reaction is "G-d that's an ugly little sucker" I am sure it will prove to be a superb camera- but boy is it ugly. But that's just my opinion.Now I'll start reading the specs. VRR

I'm not fond of the hard lines either. It is just a personal taste thing. I also prefer Camaros to mustangs for the same reason. Similar shape, but hard lines on the fords. And the degree of how much this matters to people will vary, and that's OK. That said, the specs look very good and I might consider it as a backup to my GH4. I really do like the smaller size.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 article (457 comments in total)

Love the size.

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mpgxsvcd: Well this is a disappointing announcement. No log functions or AF improvements. No Auto ISO in manual movie mode. Those are all things that can be easily done in software and all GH4 customers want it.

Instead they give us something that the vast majority of GH4 customers can't use.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to wait even longer for a useful GH4 update.

So whatever you're wanting was in the spec sheet when you bought the camera? Maybe you should start a class action.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (800 comments in total)
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TN Args: Definitely gold.

Great allrounder

Plus unique features

Plus best IS in the world, on every lens

Plus selectable best colour resolution in the world

Plus selectable better detail resolution than D810

Plus new advance in hand-holdable video stability for any stills-oriented camera

Plus compact and light body, any smaller would raise issues

Plus a price of $1000-ish

Equals Silver?

And you want to be respected for your reviews?

If you read how they rate the cameras you will see the score is based on results and the award is based on how much the person who did the review liked the camera. It is totally objective based on their perceptions. These people handle far more cameras than I do and each have their own opinion and priorities based on how and what they shoot. maybe the Oly menu's got them frustrated, maybe they wanted the 40mp mode to work better, maybe they felt it wasn't much different then the old EM5. Whatever it was, it was their call and you have to live with the fact that not everyone thinks just like you.

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2996 comments in total)

Seems like most of the disgruntled comments are that people are disappointed that Canon didn't improve on their sensor, they just made it with more pixels. I'll be interested to learn more and see how it stacks up to the competition.

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arhmatic: Canon and all camera makers, please add GPS.

I know why you are not doing it, please stop being nasty and obnoxious and add GPS. Thanks!

What does GPS do? I hear people say they can't live without it and I don't even know what it's for. All I can think of is for tagging where the shot was taken and I'm not sure why I should care about that. Am I missing something?

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RadPhoto: I am not sure if it's accurate to say "beginner participants" because they never won a DPreview challenge! Not everyone submits here!

LOL, yeah, that's me. You forgot to add the "bitter and" before angry.

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RadPhoto: I am not sure if it's accurate to say "beginner participants" because they never won a DPreview challenge! Not everyone submits here!

It could be Ansil, but if he has not participated in a challenge here than he is a beginner in the context of DPR challenges. Now you could have someone that has been entering for years, but has never won and in that regard you would be correct. Regardless of the wording, it is his challenge and his rules. Play if you can and won't to and don't if you can't or don't want to.

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On -My Best Fish Shots- (Full Colours Only + Border) challenge (11 comments in total)

Do aquarium shots work? I hope not... That's like shooting fish in a barrel.

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On Show us your best shot of 2014 article (101 comments in total)

This was one of my favorites. My-best-shot-2014


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On Pumpkins - Clumber Park Nottingham in the My best pumpkin photos challenge (2 comments in total)

I like it the best. Not sure if I would if not B&W without seeing. The B&W really brings out the great use of light.

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fmian: Hopefully they will fix the shutter shock issues.
Otherwise what good are 40mp photos if they are blurry?

They fixed it by adding shutter lag.

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On Enthusiast mirrorless camera roundup (2014) article (310 comments in total)
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wine540: ...but I don't shoot video, I revel in customization, IBIS is essential offering both Oly and Pany lenses (I have both!) and the smaller the better! WINNER: OM-D EM-1!!!! Hello???

I don't shoot video either, but would never trade my GH4 for the EM1.

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On Enthusiast mirrorless camera roundup (2014) article (310 comments in total)
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Adrian Van: I would have put the XT1 as number 1 and EM1 as second or close to first.
XT1 may edge for APSC sensor overall image quality and low noise in low light, however the lens range available on Olympus EM1 is extensive and can produce great images and great colour images out of camera.
GH4, if looking at video would be the number one, but image quality I would put Fuji and Olympus ahead in their great out of camera jpegs, useful to the general consumer or enthusiast not always wanting to process Raw for personal photos. Sony should have been in this list, and although Nikon has great cameras in its DSLRs as does Canon, they really need to develop a mirrorless with a larger sensor as the 1 sensor cannot match the quality of any of the others. Sony has some impressive cameras out this year, one should have been on this list. My thoughts anyway. Yours may vary.

GH4 is a better stills camera then the EM1. It's faster, has better features and a better menu. Add in ergonomics and they made the right call. The only thing Oly has going for it that is better is the IBIS and that is only important for a very narrow type of photography. It sure isn't important to me, though it would be nice to have. I'd easily give up some of the video specs on the GH4 to trade for the 5 axis, but I'd never trade my GH4 for the EM1.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 article (304 comments in total)
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Evgb: I just can't understand Panasonic:
12-32 kit is fine,
but if you want some portrait focal lengs -
to snap the kids,
you have to buy Panasonic's 14-140 superzoom lens -
or to have 2 lenses with you, and swap them all the time.
Thus, only the lens is more expensive - and not compact anyway - then Canon 700D with 18-135 STM kit.

Very dissapointing. It seems that if you have a family - it's a a point-and-shoot or a DSLR.

The Oly 45 fits my GM1 very nicely and both that and the 12-32 kit lens fit easily in just about any pocket. I have no problem switching them out, that's why I got a ILC.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 article (304 comments in total)
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Thatcannonguy: 2/2

I did not even fire it up. Left everything in the box, closed it and sent it back right away. I had ordered it with the 15mm Leica 1.7 lens. That's a tiny lens. Light as well. But even that lens put the camera completely out of balance. And the barrel was too big (!) so that it was 'in the way', holding the camera.

The whole idea of interchangeable lenses is useless if the body is that small.

Today i ordered the GX7 instead for a very nice price. I think i'll be much happier with that as a second camera. At least i'll be able to USE it.

So, the bottom line is; size and weight are one thing, but the design can be taken over the top. Even for my medium sized office-hands.

My advice would be; try before you buy !! Make sure you are able to swap it for something else or get a refund.

Of course, very many people don't need my advice and will be happy with it.

But beware, that's all i am saying !

I have a GH4 and think the size is just about right, though I still like the feel of my GH2 better. That said I also have the GM1 which is even smaller then the GM5 and I enjoy that as well, even with some of the larger lenses. Now, I'm not sure I'd want it for my main body, but for my take everywhere camera it's just about right except for the lack of EVF.

I agree, that you need to try just about any body to see if it suits you.

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This is the first FF camera that has my attention. I look forward to see how it does and what Sony will come out with next.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (933 comments in total)
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Morten Rasmussen: Dpreview are Panasonic fanboys. You should consider this when you read their reviews.

What I mean is;

How come a camera that was launched so recently already gets a review and a very good one, when the Sony a5100, which, I may add, probably blows the LX100 out of the water, and is same size or smaller, doesn't get reviewed.

It's always the same when panasonic ships a new camera Dpreview is right there, but not so much with the other brands. One could get the impression that they benefit somehow.

Someone did an analysis of how long it takes DPR to do reviews from different manufacturers and Panny was not near the top of the list. The GH3 took almost a year and the GH4 took forever too. There are still panny bodies that came out before this one that have no review. I believe it is based on camera availability, the que at the time and the significance of the release.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review preview (835 comments in total)
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Dave Oddie: This is the kind of camera I can see people buying as a compliment to a dslr outfit and then hardly ever using the dslr outfit.

There is one caveat to that though and it is that problem highlighted in the review about the single control dial. Anyone used to dual dials with exposure compensation on one and aperture the other for example (as I have my camera set up) would be driven mad by this ergonomic compromise. And that kind of thing can actually spoil your enjoyment of the using the gear.

People naturally and unconsciously gravitate to well designed easy to use kit.

On a more general point this and the RX10 are obviously intended to be great travel cameras so why no GPS?

I use it all the time on my camera and it seems an obvious feature to have on a travel camera.

My Lumix GH2 has the single wheel that clicks. I shoot manual, so I click it to switch between A and S but it doesn't bother me at all. It's quick and simple and I don't turn both at the same time anyway so it doesn't slow me down at all.

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