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No manual out yet, but hoping to find out that the GM1 allows for a minimum shutter speed setting in Auto ISO. Nice to have with these small, EVF-less cameras.

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doctorbza: my goodness. it looks like camera makers figured if DSLR's sales are going to decline, they might as well keep the prices the same. so much for the whole "smaller lenses cost less to produce" benefit of m43...

"smaller lenses cost less to produce" has never been a stated benefit of m4/3 (I wish it was reality!)

m4/3 is about smaller, lighter lens that can still be of very high optical quality.

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bydloman: Is there a button or a way to shut down the screen without using the sensor on the viewfinder?

Does it saves battery too?

Yes, you can also manually switch to w/e you want and it will stay that way.

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snake_b: I'm still fascinated with the slow zooms on these mirrorless cams and how people are frothing over them. This 12-50 is supposed to be the replacement for the 4/3 12-60? Really?

LoL, I don't see anyone frothing over the kit lens... people just excited about the OM-D and don't mind having a weather-sealed zoom option.

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On Nikon V1 and J1 Hands-on Preview (151 comments in total)
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Peter G: I think this would be a great sensor for a standard pocket camera.

I really don't care about interchangeable lenses on a small camera, they serve mostly to make it bigger.

All of a sudden the Fuji X10 is starting to make a lot of sense to me.

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