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This camera makes me want to buy a Sigma DP2M and DP1M for $2000.00 and have $799.00 change left. DP2M will blow away the overpriced RX1 in image detail and quality.

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On Accessory Review: Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR Holster Bag article (96 comments in total)

Like to see a holster style bag designed to accommodate those of us that shoot with a long lens with a battery grip on the camera. I don't like shooting with a long lens without a more subtantial battery grip on the camera for better balance and comfort in shooting. I don't think this bag looks like it would accommodate a camera with a battery grip on it. Would be nice to see.

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EmmanuelStarchild: I'd love to see Canon and Nikon collaborate. Now THAT would be something!

The only truly appealing thing to me about Sigma is the image quality. Its always been about the image quality. Now I've shot with the SD1M and it shoots just fine and is well performing in the iso 100 to 800 range. Beyond that---you better pull out your Canikons. However I don't believe in one camera fits all--so I've always owned different cameras for different purposes. The Sigma Cameras are for shooting the highest resolution images possible. Period.

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Pavel Sokolov: Who need an unscratchable lens when you should buy new iphone every year? ;)

The iphone is not a status symbol. It just works. Its a tool, nothing more. I own one---who cares? No one.

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On Apple releases version 1.1 of iPhoto for iOS article (15 comments in total)

more goodies for us photographers!

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FAIL? No way. Pentax improves the already outstanding K5. Low light focusing improvement is a big plus. Congratulations.

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Happy Days! Finally a TS lens for thr Sony Alpha line

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On Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? article (291 comments in total)

Who cares what people do to their images? Ummn...I don't.

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solarsky: Well it's about time Sigma issued an update to bring the 15 MP Foveon sensor up to the advertised 46 MP! ;-) And for Nikon: By Foveon-means they should be more humble and revamp their advertisements for the D4 down to a mere M43- or a 4 resp. 5.3 MP FF cam. // End of logic chain (it IS Friday at last).

It is well established that the SD1 produces an image comparable to a 24 to 30 MP camera depending on the colors in the image. It is still a young technology compared to the refined bayer sensor technology. I would love to see Nikon license the foveon technology from Sigma produce a Nikon foveon camera as Nikon has superb engineering know how. Sigma is a tiny company, so expect a slower development cycle. I think Sigma is in it for the long haul---hopefully.

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topstuff: You can always expect evolution rather than revolution with Canon.

Conservative and lazy?

Or cautious and clever?

They will sell loads of them. But with their competitors innovating and pushing hard, is Canon doing enough?

Hmmn. What happened to Minolta? Sony bought Minolta and all their lens manufacturing facilities and patents. Minolta world class innovation is still happening under the guise of Sony. Sony is the innovator here---but Minolta technology and expertise and patents are its foundation. Sony Alpha SLT and EvF is the future.

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The CS6 trial seems to be an improvement over CS5 but I'm really not feeling the love for Adobe right now. I'm glad they are owning up to the problem and working on a fix. That is the right thing to do and it will help repair their tarnished image a bit.

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richardginn: hahahahaaaaa I can't believe it took them so long to respond.

LOL---SD1 support from Adobe? They didn't support the SD15. While I like lightroom---I'm not feeling the love for Adobe......

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Rubenski: Won't be long before we have the first Pulitzer prize winner that took a picture with his iphone. Mamma mia, what an terrible outlook for such a beautiful profession!

That would be so cool to get a pulitzer prize for an iphone image! The future looks very bright for us.

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Chuck's a great pitchman for Canon---I thought he retired? Did he come out of retirement for this launch or something?

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On Lijang in the Smoke challenge (5 comments in total)

Nice Image.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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Vitruvius: Cameras like this are for people who simply want them and have the money. Technology is leapfrogging over old fashioned image acquisition paradigms like sensor size and high quality glass with new interpolation methods, algorithms, smart filters, light folding lens technology, and 41 megapixel camera phones like the Nokia 808. Spending thousands of dollars and lugging massive equipment like this around is starting to be a pure status symbol and an attempt to impose some perception of competence and authority. Of course I am going to get a better image with my 8x10 Linhof. But how many shots am I going to miss because it wasn’t in my shirt pocket at “that” moment? Buy it if you want but stop pretending that it won’t be surpassed by some sort of P&S camera in a couple of years.

History is repeating.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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rich12: I forgot to add that color accuracy on the Sigma is still terrible. It's been that way for 10 years. I guess they can't get rid of all that excess purple.

And the camera is still slow as molasses. 15 seconds to save? What am I supposed to do, get coffee between exposures?

I think getting coffee and having a nice break between exposures is a great idea! LOL

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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jkokich: There are SO MANY cameras that can produce great shots at low ISO in studio settings. SO WHAT? For this much money, it is simply not a good camera.

Photographers will spend large amounts of money to get that high level of moire free resolution and the camera should work perfectly controlled studio lighting--even shooting .jpegs. Imagine super high resolution .jpegs of fabrics and patterns--something that is very difficult to do with Bayer censored cameras. It is not a bad camera---it is a very specific camera aimed at studio and landscape photographers---thats all and worth it. I ordered one.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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Cipher: So this camera has one thing going for it. Resolution...and only at ISO 400 or lower. The colors are way off (must be the "Foveon" look). AF isn't that great. Slow write speeds. Too many negatives. It wasn't worth $10K...$6.9K...nor the current $2.3K. It should be priced at $1100.

Would you buy this camera for $1100.00 if it were available today? Or are you just complaining? I just ordered one. Of course I shot with one for 30 day on loan to me from Sigma--it sold me on buying one.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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Schweikert: No raws will download on the comparison page. An error shows. Please fix! Raws for any other camera compared works fine.

As stated by others, superb image quality at low ISO. But with such a crappy camera and slow speed, just seems to be a waste of money.

That sensor should have gone to any one of the other camera companies who know hold to build cameras.

For low ISO studio work, this sensor would be wonderful. But buying a Sigma camera is never going to happen in my photo business.

I ordered an SD1M for my photography studio. It will work very nicely for my work.

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