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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (681 comments in total)
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Yoggie: Can GPS data be transferred from a cell phone via WiFi/NFC to the A77ii? I realize we probably wont know for sure until a full test, but if it can then I wont be as worried about the lack of GPS on the camera.

For that matter, would the WiFi be able to triangulate coordinates from multiple WiFi sources?

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Jogger: Dont photographers mostly use Lightroom or similar.. unless you are a graphic design or in a production environment why you would use PS in a photography workflow.

As a person who uses PS extensively, and was once devoutly used the PS Raw Importer, I can say that Lightroom eventually won me over. I found that I was rarely using Photoshop, and just developing the image in ACR and saving it out as a large PSD file. Yes, 95% of Lightroom's basic functionality is mirrored in ACR, but once I spent some time with it I found that it was a much more efficient environment for developing, and I could still bring pix into PS when I needed. I know there are lots of other good RAW image developers out there, but personally I like LR quite a bit. That being said I haven't seen a need to upgrade from 4 to 5. It's all bells and whistles in the upgrade.

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AbrasiveReducer: This is why they want you to subscribe. How many photographers will read about these features and decide they need to upgrade right away?

Yeah I thought the subscription model was supposed to be a way to get away from bold bullet point features and focus more on making the software solid at the core (which isn't a great selling point but is better for pro users).

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jadot: looks good to me. Yeah yeah I know, Adobe subscriptions etc blah blah. I'll take up to date software over waiting for 2 year product cycles.

There are plenty of free alternatives if you can't afford subscription. get over it.

Exactly. It's this kind of extraneous software add-in that the CC subscription model was supposed to suppress. It's a ridiculous addition. There are SO many features and fixes I would rather have than 3D printing ability. I'm not even going to go into my wishlist, but as an After Effects user I REALLY wish Photoshop would find a way to implement live filters as a default.

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Mystery Gardener: I see that a lot of the whiners and complainers commenting on the new Adobe CC features are the same people who fervently stated that Adobe would not add any new features to the CC product (no incentive). Please stand up and be counted (yes, you too hiding in shadows at the back of the room).

I am still using CS6 but will be joining the cloud group in the future if they keep adding new functionality. My cable/internet/phone package is 200 dollars a month, 10 bucks a month seems relatively cheap (basically the same cost as 2 good cups of coffee).

Cheers, James

I am mixed on the subscription only model. I like that a subscription model allows them to develop functionality that may be extremely helpful to users, but might not help them sell a big update. With the cycle of selling new versions every 6 to 12 months broken, they can focus on real user related issues, not just what looks good on the the bullet points of the box. But at the same time this biz model removes control from the user to upgrade at a time or price that works for them. I wish Adobe would allow upgrade points for those who would prefer ownership to subscription.

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OBI656: So I have updated my CC version but Perspective Warp nowhere to be seen ... ?

What is going on ADOBE ?

Right! You can't figure it out so it MUST be Adobe's fault! What are they DOING?

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On SmugMug launches totally redesigned website article (68 comments in total)

Thank God. Their site was the WORST. I haven't tried the new site but anything has to be better.

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PatrickVienna: I wish Curt Cobain was alive, he was going to show does bad people from Petzval...wanting money so they can make money- to , you know, share the magick of the thin can lenses...pffff...he was such a nice guy.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?! I have re-read your rant three times and you make no sense whatsoever.

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That is one seriously ugly camera.

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On img_0253 in the Children Playing out side challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice light and color.

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On Over the rainbow in the Children Playing out side challenge (2 comments in total)

This would be perfect is that lady's head wasn't in the foreground.

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On Simple Pleasures in the Children Playing out side challenge (1 comment in total)

Good composition.

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On Brush strokes in the Children Playing out side challenge (2 comments in total)

Nice use of the reflection.

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On 20080929-Image_72(01) in the Children Playing out side challenge (1 comment in total)

This looks like an NTSC video still.

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On Trouble in the Children Playing out side challenge (1 comment in total)


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On Olympian in the Children Playing out side challenge (2 comments in total)

This is outside?

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On Forum updates article (68 comments in total)

Can you employ a filter that removes all the bitchy, off topic, and misleading comments from brand fanboys?

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On Sony releases two new apps for the NEX-5R and NEX-6 article (68 comments in total)

Just like Sony to come up with a great idea but then waste it with their proprietary selfishness. A camera that can run apps is a great idea (probably not theirs but whatever). It would open up a world of possibilities with the ability to add features to a good camera without having to hope and wait for firmware updates. But they waste it by not releasing an API so third parties can develop for it. Come on Sony! Put it out there and watch a community of developers rally around your platform. You would have features that no other camera would have. Keep it closed, and keep putting out crap like 'God Rays,' and all you are doing is alienating your base.

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On A sneak peek at our forthcoming camera test scene article (323 comments in total)

I am sure others have mentioned this already but I don't see the point of the photos in the upper right. Isn't that kind of like showing how good a new TV would look on an old TV? I have no way of knowing if any defects I am looking at are the result of the camera being tested, faults in the prints, or the camera that took the original photos. Real world objects would be much more useful. Maybe some fake flowers or steel wool (dark and detailed). Maybe something shiny and textured so we can see if the camera has chromatic aberration problems with highlights and catchlights.

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Barney Britton: To everyone who thinks its appropriate to mindlessly troll, have some respect. If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say anything. It's appalling how rude some of the comments are on this page.

Hear, hear. And I hope people understand the "constructive" part of this comment. It's not inappropriate to crit the photo, but if you are going to tear it down, do it for solid reasons. Look at the photo. Look at the photo settings. Make a constructive critique. I don't like forums where every comment is "great shot!" but I also dislike the shallow insults that pass for criticism around here. And "hey, it's the internet" isn't an excuse.

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