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  • I think the real issue here is not between David Slater and the public domain, but between the monkey and the public domain. We obviously need more rights for monkeys.
  • Replied in C&C?
    Well that's twisting words. As a generalisation aside from technical issues like exposure and focus all that's left is opinion, the OP had a couple of photos that they (surely must have) liked and ...
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  • There might be some other optical illusion or misunderstanding that's throwing you off. But these are most definitely the windows on the other side of the building. Consider that they are all ...
  • Is that an comment on the unfortunate nature of the public vote, or an endorsement for images with punchier post processing? Because I much prefer the more neutral image. Though achieving much more ...
  • I can't say if I would risk a repair myself, obviously you could save a lot of money, but you also have the potential of requiring a new lens altogether. Although if the cost of a second hand lens ...
  • With the first image there's no clear focus point, you have one of the insects in focus but you've also caught some of a plant in the bottom right, which is distracting. The harsh light isn't ...
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    Some issues I've noticed on main Challenges page. Profile drop-down menu, notifications and PM widgets don't do anything when clicked. They work on other pages and when viewing challenge galleries. ...
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    I don't think it means that both sides have to be between 1000-1400 pixels, just the longest side, so you could have pictures between 1000x667 - 1400x933 for a 3:2 image.

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    I'm not pleased about seeing the rule for a max ISO value. Cameras have a huge amount of variance in their noise performance (assuming that noise is your issue here) and this rule is unnecessary...

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