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What is really interesting (hehehe) is how Canon made these pictures: the lens itself is evidently a 3D digital rendering (no DoF effect on it, and definitely too sharp edges and regular textures), while the straps are real pictures stitched in PP on the 3D rendering. Look closely at the 4th and last image, which really make this very evident.

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On P7180555 in the Of flowers and men challenge (1 comment in total)

I see no men nor flowers, sorry.

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On Of flowers and men challenge (3 comments in total)
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ConanFuji: wow... is this challenge about men or wo'men'?
The theme description kept swerving from one to the other like a pendulum.

It says "in the same frame a men (or a woman) and a flower". Nothing swivelling.
A title like "Of Flowers and People" would have been more precise, that's right, but less suggestive too.

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On He's The Man in the Of flowers and men challenge (1 comment in total)

No men in sight. Disqualified.

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oscarvdvelde: I had a great Toshiba laptop with 17" screen of 1440·900 pixels. Now I have a laptop with 15.6" screen with 1600·900 pixels, it is more dense but frankly, I prefer the former. Images should be displayed larger, not smaller. I'd rather have 2880·1800 pixels in a 34" screen. On the other hand I suppose one could enlarge images 200% and get the same quality and size as before.

hey guys, but do you actually read the details before starting complain about vapor?
UNLIKE Windows or Linux OSs, where increasing the resolution means making things smaller (because the graphics manager of these OSs has a FIXED RESOLUTION), OS X scales the apparent size of controls and text in order to keep the same APPARENT SIZE, but increasing the RESOLUTION (i.e. DPI).

Stop blaming about the wrong things, please.

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Iron Mike: a 15 in display with 2880x1800 resolution will make stuff so small it will be very hard to see, including text. The 1080 resolution on my 16 in laptop is bad enough, this will only be worse...

That's exactly the point. The apparent size of controls and text will stay the same. It simply will look better and crisper. Apple calls this "resolution independent graphics", and its something that has been gradually introduced in OS X during the last years (see very high res icons and graphic resources inside app bundles, for example).
The same happened with the transition between iPhone 3/3s and iPhone 4.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review article (358 comments in total)

Yup, worst score in a while, and yet best samples gallery since a long time. There are probably many good reasons for that, but still it does not make much sense to me.

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On Flickr poised for much-needed interface improvements article (82 comments in total)

It's March 1st. It's me or nothing has changed yet?

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On Uploading your avatar article (104 comments in total)

That's a pity. I actually find Gravatar a useful way to centrally manage my avatars, without having to upload a picture again and again, every time I subscribe to a new site/service/forub etc. This is a step back, IMHO.

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On 'No Future in Photojournalism' Interview: Dan Chung article (278 comments in total)

Three videos and one still in this article. And the only one that sticks in my brain is the still, that lil girl with the war fog in the background.
I am the only one thinking that way?

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On The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching article (169 comments in total)

I appreciate the article, but I still do prefer the original. It's the difference between a real person and a Barbie doll.

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