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Great Bustard: Oh yeah? Well, uh, Nikon has oil spots on their sensor. And you know what? They had oil on their sensor long before Canon had these dots. So, well, like, there. Take that! : )

Does anyone not know how blatantly you troll all Canon articles and threads?

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jrkliny: It does not seem possible that Canon's QC procedures would have missed this defect occurring in a large percentage of cameras. More likely the defect occurred as the glue dried. Perhaps vibrations or temperature changes during shipment revealed the defect. If this is true, Canon needs to recall every camera and start over.

Canon might want to consider using sensors from Sony. The initial reviews of the Canon sensor have shown that the dynamic range is still lagging. It is sad to see how far Canon has fallen from their former leadership position. For quite a few years I have regretted being a Canon user. Unfortunately I own a lot of lenses and switching would be very expensive.

What's really sad is that unlike any other industry one brand is simply expected to always have the edge here.
The reason you've regretted being a Canon user is toy lust. If you were a pro or even an advanced amateur that really needed the advantages of another system you'd just make the decision and do it. You don't need it, don't want to spend the money on new bodies and lenses, and that makes your inner child sad that he doesn't have the newest and coolest toy.
Canon does use sensors from Sony in some cameras. Maybe if Sony made DP PDAF sensors they'd use them in their DSLR bodies.
It's impatience with the natural ebb and flow of technological changes that's really sad. To then take that emotion and assault others with such negativity on a daily basis rather than being a grown up and making a decision that will suit your own needs is truly a mark of our times.

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To quote the article "They are NOT telling me, as some manufacturers do, that there is no problem."
Have a cup of coffee and reflect on your priorities in life if you have any kind of reaction to this news. This could be a very limited issue as far as anyone knows. The test of a company that makes millions of cameras isn't whether or not there are manufacturing issues but how they handle them.
There is no story yet, just an isolated incident. Take a deep breath and make it your goal to be patient and extend your attention span beyond fifteen seconds.
If anyone had the first clue how amazingly complex making these sensors was they'd be astounded that there was ever a single one made that was defect free (which there technically aren't, since there are always a few pixels that don't work quite right or not at all....if you want a perfect sensor talk to NASA and then prepare for disappointment at the resolution).

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www_zeeshan_de: Thank you for the posting. Thats why the i dont use APS-C Sensor toys anymore. Using a full frame Sony A99 i fix it to ISO100 and take pictures with EV+1,3 just to exposure the sensr CORRECTLY. After that i get pictures from RAW Files on which there is NO REQUIREMENT of denoising at all.
For more Info have a look at my german page at:

Then you really should be using medium format, which makes full frame 35mm look like a toy. Or large format scanning back that makes both look like trash.

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Excellent article. Using flow charts to show how each level of recording and encoding alters the original scene might bring this idea home to those who don't understand the difference between RAW and JPEG, properly exposed and exposed to avoid post processing. Of course, "properly exposed" really does depend on one's own needs and exposing to avoid PP is perfectly valid, but the figures you've shown visually demonstrate the advantages of a properly exposed RAW file that is then post processed to bring the photograph to its maximum potential dynamic range, detail, and greatest flexibility when it comes to creative expression.

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On Interview: Canon's Chuck Westfall on the new XC10 article (342 comments in total)
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Wait just a gosh darn second! You mean these are for-profit companies???!!! Well I never!!!! Here I thought they were run by Benedictine monks for the betterment of all mankind!!!! Lying so and sos!!!!

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On Interview: Canon's Chuck Westfall on the new XC10 article (342 comments in total)
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cinemascope: A dinosaur trying to innovate...

A broken record trying to...trying to....trying to....trying to....trying to....

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On Interview: Canon's Chuck Westfall on the new XC10 article (342 comments in total)

Excellent work! Thanks for the insight.

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GaryJP: Funny that Adobe and Apple hated each other so long, when they are increasingly becoming mirror images in terms of imposing their will on consumers.

That's the death by a thousand cuts route. If it's slow enough you think it'll never end, but eventually it ends. Adobe has lost trust. And making CC available on tablets means they are already excluding me.

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GaryJP: Funny that Adobe and Apple hated each other so long, when they are increasingly becoming mirror images in terms of imposing their will on consumers.

Wow, what a mess. I think we have reason to be concerned since the only way to put LR on your tablet is to have a CC subscription....which means, in fact, that for certain devices it truly is only available as a CC product that you pay a monthly fee for. The fact that you can get a standalone perpetual license for your computer is great, but there's no reason to think that will continue for much longer.

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On Lost in snow in the Minimal landscape challenge (7 comments in total)

Wow. I hope you have a huge framed print of that hanging in your living room. Stunning shot.

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Actual photographs of a unit in the wild and tons of information including user experience. Explains why it looks like it's in a case but really isn't.

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NeilJones: So let me get this correct. Absolutely NOTHING NEW brought to the market with this action cam?

Then what's the point?

Are you saying that if various features exist across the entire market that if you put a certain selection of those in a single unit it is meaningless? We haven't seen any reviews of this, don't know why kind of image quality it can produce, and don't know about how well it functions so as far as we know this could be a great combination of features, usability, video and audio quality. That would be the point.

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JohnMcL7: I'm disappointed Garmin have completely abandoned their first generation Virbs - I much preferred them over the GoPro3: Black Edition I had for their better reliability, batterylife, interface, mount system (much easier to work with bikes than the fiddly GoPro mounts) and firmware system. The Virbs had a builtin power efficient transreflective screen along with a conventional four buttons (up, down, back, confirm) plus a handy big record switch that when pushed forward would automatically record no matter what state the camera was in (powered off, in menus etc.)

I'm not that fussed about lacking 4K as most of the time when I publish videos it's from the bike where there's a lot of motion so not super sharp anyway and I put them onto YouTube which tends to lose a bit of quality anyway. With action cameras I'm much more concerned about reliability and batterylife (something the GoPro3: Black edition certainly lacks) as without those the quality is useless.

At least it appears they've addressed one of the biggest complaints with their old Virb, which was lousy audio. Also, the GoPro still can't break the 2 hour barrier, which is sad. Sony has some lousy mounts and water sticks to the lens covering so it basically becomes useless in water. And even then it has wicked distortion. So, Sony is great if you don't want to get it wet, don't mind distortion, and need a longer battery life (almost three hours). GoPro has lousy battery life but good audio and video and the lens covering sheds water really well...but no GPS.
For me, I want GPS, ability to use in water using the housing that comes with the unit, Wi-Fi, good audio and video quality, and usable in extreme heat (dash of a car with no A/C in the dead of a desert summer). It's surprisingly hard to find operating temps on many action cams, and I appreciate Garmin posting temp specs up front. Also looks like you can power in-car while recording, which means not battery limited.

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carternewton: Does anyone know if the GPS derived path can be plotted to a map (like google maps)? Nice would be the ability to see the action video and and corresponding progress on a map simultanously. Contour did this but you had to view it as a stream from their site. Perhaps in post processing the two could be linked and captured on a combined video. That would be extremely cool and I would buy it; Also when will this be available for purchase?

According to their software page you can add maps and overlays of all types.

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SeeRoy: I'm not in the market for this kind of gear (although I did look at and reject GP for external timelapse application a couple of years ago). But if I was I'd say that integral waterproofing is a huge plus. Having read the comments here nobody seems to care about that, which I find odd.

There are way more considerations than many here seem to care about. Video/audio quality, water shedding over the lens, operating temperature, GPS, mounting, waterproofing options, etc. are all important to me. I've read about some cams that act up when they get too hot, won't shed water off the lens, have poor mounting brackets, and all sorts of other video and audio related compromises that I simply can't accept if I'm shelling out $400. I'd rather have nothing than a source of frustration and regret. I'm looking forward to reviews of this unit because it seems like it might actually be a great solution for me.

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photogeek: 4K 120FPS or GTFO. This needs to do something GoPro can't do.

GPS on the type of camera that can show data on the video from a wide variety of activities may not revolutionize the industry, but I don't think 4k is terribly necessary. Who has a 4k display? Who thinks 1080 is garbage? Who has the bandwidth to stream 4k video constantly?

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lacikuss: The only problem is the small sensor...

I'd buy this with a 1" sensor and same size. You Sony figure it out

Experiments at Sony, a lab at Harvard both have something in common and that is they are in the research and development phase.
Others talking about breaking the laws of physics aren't quite hitting the mark. There are tons of technologies that exist today or are being developed that could do some really amazing stuff. Your dreaming of them is of no matter in this realm of dreamers you muse about because you're just another wisher, not a dreamer. A dreamer is someone who is actually in a position to make their dreams come true, and until you get your doctorate in physics and start making breakthroughs you're just a consumer that wants. You're a wanter.
That curved sensor might one day be viable as a consumer technology. Way more often than not they find that these ideas are never going to be of any commercial use because they are just too expensive. The force of your wishing and wanting and dreaming is of no consequence to the economics of these industries.

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smhmn: Garmin really missed on this "update." Specs that are about the equal of a Hero4 Silver on a product to be on the market a couple of months before the Hero4 Silver's successor is. No attempt at class leading 4k video, or building on their near class leading battery lift of the existing products. Instead we get a late me-too product with poor battery life and fewer sensors, and they altered the mounts so that any of the previous generation's are junk. Thanks Garmin.

So the XE can pair with Bluetooth devices and has internal GPS. So that means I can use this as a killer dashcam with an overlay from an OBDII transmitter and I'll have all sorts of vehicle stats and GPS data at my disposal for overlay.
I think the point here is data...the website really sells the heck out of that, but it's actually something that you don't get on GoPro.
For those who care zero for 4k video and find 1080p/60fps more than adequate, the information that can be incorporated into this system is really incredibly desirable. And the exposed microphone might mean there will finally be an action cam with more than passable audio.

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photogeek: 4K 120FPS or GTFO. This needs to do something GoPro can't do.

Some people have no need for that kind of spec and no desire to pay for it. It does do something that GoPro can't do: GPS.

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