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Shaken: Quadro GPU supported?

It presumably runs on some Linuxen, but I couldn't find the appropriate libstdc++ libraries on my Fedora 14 system (I installed all of the libstdc++ libraries listed by yum).

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On Compact Flash Association announces XQD card format article (84 comments in total)
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Habemus_Canon: Ahh, but does it use easily-bendable/breakable pins (the biggest point of failure in the current CF spec) or does it use the small more-robust tabs like SDHC and PCIe cards? If it still uses pins, it's DOA.

There are some devices with a short enough track that you can put the card in upside down and smash the pins, which happened to me on a Vosonic portable storage unit. It didn't help that this device you put the card in face down compared to every other reader where you put it face up. In reading the various comments about it, I wasn't the only one who bent the pins.

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On Compact Flash Association announces XQD card format article (84 comments in total)
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mrmut: I don't see the point. CF standard is nice, fast, has a great form factor and is widely adopted. The smaller alternative is excellent SD card. Why add another one?

Note, CF cards in their current form top out at 128GB which we are just getting to now (CF cards are based on IDE ATA-5). There is the CFast format based on SATA, but that never caught on. I suspect the main home for XQD will be in embedded devices as a disk drive (where CF is already used today when laptop drives are too big), and not in digital cameras. It may be the high end video cameras will use it, but I don't play in that market.

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On Olympus PEN Lite and PEN Mini announced and previewed article (30 comments in total)
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absentaneous: sometimes I really don't understand the logic of camera manufacturers. if the dpreview specification sheet is right and it should be also from looking at the pictures the E-PL3 and E-PM1 cameras don't even have a built in flash! while the E-P3 one which is supposed to be aimed at more advanced users has one! before the story was the way around. the less advanced E-PL got the built in flash and the E-P didn't. and that made sense because an advanced photographer is more likely to even want to use an external flash anyway. I really wonder how many potential E-PL3 or E-PM1 users are the kind of photographers that would want to bother with an external flash unit. I mean really, you bother making a really small camera and then you make it in the way that it need an external flash unit which makes it's small size irrelevant. no logic whatsoever. the only logic I see here is to make more money selling external flashes. I wonder how many people are stupid enough to buy into this.

Well if you want to use the VF-2 viewfinder at the same time as the flash, the external flash is problematical. I run into this from time to time on my E-P2. Another nit might be that being modular, it might fall off, and you might not notice it was gone until later.

Hmmm, speaking of the E-P2, I wonder if the external flash will will be available separately and if it would work on the E-P2.

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