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maxnimo: Why do they call it a 1" sensor when not even the diagonal is even close to 1" in length?

I would disagree that it is an obsolete system as it does a thoroughly modern job of making the sensor sound bigger than it is and causing general confusion on what you are actually getting.
Additionally the 1" sensor is a perfect integer giving it magical properties such that it makes all other sensors sizes obsolete.

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rallyfan: Why harass the three elderly women in Spain?

I am sure most people get over the fact that someone has been rude and intruded uninvited in to their space but it does not justify the behaviour. It is not as if taking photographs is really that important. The example of the ladies just seems to be a recollection of impertinent disrespect by some insensitive gear head lauded by his fellows as some sort of genius, unless it was posed which does not really make things better.

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Angrymagpie: Would be nice if DPReview could include Sony's APSC bodies in future tests of FE lenses - that's one of the major selling points of the E-mount system, isn't it?
Would be nice to have comparable samples taken on an a6000, for instance.

Sony are probably scaling down on aps-c so in a couple of years time this may not really matter. I think aps-c is in their just plod along as it is but not waste any more money bucket in their corporate recovery plan.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review (842 comments in total)
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ZeneticX: this means in order for a gold award, they need to get that a7r/a7s sensor into this body

fair review nonetheless, somehow makes me feel better that I sticked with the original a7 while waiting for a more significant upgrade from sony.

Today's gold is tomorrows brass in 6 months time so it hardly matters. This camera will just be woefully inadequate and of no use to anyone in no time at all at the rate they churn out variants of this camera.

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RichRMA: What happens when you stick a Ferrari engine in a Skoda body.

I have a Skoda. It is a great car and your comment really shows the sort of shallow buried in the past thinking that pervades these forums. My Skoda has a slinky slick dual clutch 7 speed Volkswagen automatic gearbox that far surpasses any gearbox I have had in any car; oil or clutch plate drive.

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On article Olympus offers Stylus SH-2 with Raw support (46 comments in total)

It would be a bit more balanced if the fonts for 'Press Release' and 'Brilliant Imaging' were a similar size. This would help us all add the correctly sized pinch of salt to the statement.

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KonstantinosK: I found myself spending more time reading about this than the D7200. Hmmm...

The thing is 1 metre is using the camera at half power so that may give dividends. The problem is I get more detail cropping my 55-210 lens on my Sony A3000 than I do with my Fuji HS50 at 1 metre and the combination is lighter. The Fuji is not known as the sharpest cookie in the tin so this new crazy camera will probably will get more detail and be good at least for bird identification at long range.
Probably the images at not going to be the sort people will want to pore over with their electron microscopes in to the depths of the night, so that takes a lot of people here out of the market.

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(unknown member): Ridiculous . . .

You do not exactly explain yourself well Master Yoda. This camera can probably be a bit of fun to play which of course in the humourless, competitive world of DPR will probably not go down too well.

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tonywong: Not ripping into Mr. Burrard-Lucas but I guess everyone will want their share of the drone photos before it gets commonplace and/or regulated. Since he spent a year in the area he likely exercised due diligence and caution regarding the welfare of his subjects but other photographers may not.

I am conflicted about the use of drone photography in wildlife photos. In the crush to get the closest and newest photos and perspectives that no one else has gotten yet, will the animals now be surrounded by a cloud of flying drones and wheeled remote buggies during an animal encounter?

It is bad enough to see multiple rows of jeeps surrounding a lion hunt in eastern Africa, but now everyone will have to contend with photoshopping out the remote cameras popping in and out of their photos.

I think that there may have to be a policy once these devices become commonplace and common courtesy is forgotten, and the animals will be constantly harassed by these devices.

The funny thing is that I lived in Africa for 3 years 61 years ago and most people drove around the game reserves in ordinary cars like Morris Minors.
I find it hilarious watching all these intrepid explorers in their 4x4 SUV's.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 (598 comments in total)
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Richard Franiec: The EOS M community has shown a good dose of support for original M (including myself), despite the scrutiny of the reviewers. That camera was a first stab Canon made regarding MILC segment. Not the best they could do, of course, but (unfortunately) in line with the ultra conservative and paranoid approach to every new product they release. New high MP cameras and M3 are the perfect examples of the scheme, it seems. Give it some but not all they can, and take some back.
Exclusion of US market for M3 saddens me. I hope that Canon is not holding the grudge against the US M enthusiasts, following the harsh reception of the reviewers of original M and will reconsider availability of this camera in all markets.

The exclusion of the US by more than one manufacturer may be as a result of price resistance in the US. You are so used to getting everything ultra cheap so it may not be economic to supply in the US unless large scales of sales can be guaranteed.

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I suppose everything imaginable is going to be available at some point (except a compact Canon with an EVF that is, let us not go too much in to the realms of fantasy).

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Liberator: It is impress to have F2.8 in this compact caliber. Nice to have as spare but I still would go with my E-M5 using Pro 12-40 lens.

An f2.8 lens is an f2.8 lens whatever sensor is behind it. f2.8 at 64.3mm does not sound too bad to me. Better than a lot of ILC lenses especially for a zoom.
1" sensor cameras with this sort of reach have a price and a size to match. Horses for courses. None of these cameras are working any miracles in optics.

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WetCoast: 1" sensor, please. No more 2/3", 1/1.7" or 1/2.3"... :)

But I was countering the conspiracy idea that they are hiding the sensor size by saying the information is actually on the camera. You only need to know the size of a full frame sensor and the much stated relative focal length and you have it all. Also working on actual focal lengths is more informative as it tells you how much of the sensor is being used as for example the LX100 which has a 4/3 sensor but is not using all of it as is not 2x crop.

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WetCoast: 1" sensor, please. No more 2/3", 1/1.7" or 1/2.3"... :)

But 1/1.7" does not really mean anything per se unless you are in to ancient television tube sizes and it seems a lot easier to divide 6 by 28 which does not even need a computer and gives you an actual usable indication of size relative to 35mm.

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WetCoast: 1" sensor, please. No more 2/3", 1/1.7" or 1/2.3"... :)

Olympus are not making a good job of hiding the sensor size as per Francis Carver as they print the actual focal length on the lens and dividing this number by the 28mm declared field of view gives 0.214 which says the diagonal measurement of this sensor is near enough 1/5 of that of a full frame sensor.

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chlamchowder: At least batteries with poor contact are more manageable than ones that like to explode.

So you are saying that batteries that do not make contact are OK because if they do nothing at all this makes the camera safe. This does seem a do nothing and you can do no wrong philosophy. Surely it is just as safe not to buy the camera at all and this will save a lot of money without any loss of functionality.

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Grumpyrocker: There's an advisory on the Canon UK site about this too.

My S120 has occasionally shown the "charge the battery" notice even with a full battery. So I suppose I should have it looked at.

@Richard Franiec.
Seems a big deal if cameras are being released with long standing design problems constantly repeated in each iteration.
You have to wonder if the boilers are still lit in the Canon organisation or are they just are rolling forward purely on inertia?

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MPA1: Why is an insolvent company producing new products?

I suppose the choice advocated here by MPA1 and audijam is to fire everybody and close down the company straight away to save the investors unnecessary costs. This is not a lot of help to existing users of the kit either. I love these internet opinions based purely on the headline banner 'insolvent' without any thought or study in to the detailed situation or consequences or even what the word means.

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tabloid: Real world..
Personally as a full time professional photographer i would never go back to a SLR….its morrorless all the way for me.

I dont do sports, or fast moving objects….I photograph people.

Just a couple of reasons why mirror less is great : Focusing via the mirror/pentaprtism in a SLR doesn't mean that its in focus on the film/sensor plane.
For me a digital SLR (with mirror) can't be used for view-back in bright sunlight.(please don't say put a hood on it).

SLR (with mirror): Constant overheating in video mode.

Ive set my Sony A65 so that when i take a picture, the image stays in my viewfinder for about 4 seconds so that i can see if what I've taken is acceptable, or if the person has blinked. Great for group shots, where one person has always blinked.
Can do videos via the viewfinder. Can play back videos and stills via the viewfinder….great stuff.
I could go on, but i won't, as people who own mirror less cameras know exactly what I'm talking about.

Your Sony A65 has a mirror and dedicated focusing sensors. This is not the sort camera being discussed here. I doubt if Samsung are going to go the SLT route.

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The odd thing is with my NEX system I much prefer to use the 55-210 lens on my dslr shaped and sized A3000 which is inferior to the NEX6 in nearly every respect. This is because it is so much more balanced and pleasant to hold and compensates for the basic evf and focusing speed.
I would think people before switching should try out the and make sure for longer focal lengths they enjoy the beer can on a credit card feel of mirrorless or I suspect in the case of full frame ale keg on a paperback experience.

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