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On First Impressions Review: Using the Canon PowerShot G16 article (351 comments in total)
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Teru Kage: The G-series was a serious contender during the early boom of DCs but with the advent of MILC, I find it increasing difficult to find a justification for this line. There are M4/3 and NEX cameras that offer better quality and performance with less bulk and comparable prices, and compact DCs that fit in your pocket with similar image quality, which makes me wonder what benefit the G-series offers in today's market.

I cannot understand the NEX3 being touted as an alternative. The whole point of the G cameras is you do not have to wade through labyrinthine menus to do anything as is necessary with the stripped to the bare essentials entry level NEX's.

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On First Impressions Review: Using the Canon PowerShot G16 article (351 comments in total)
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mcshan: That ugly Wi-Fi sticker would be the first thing to go. Makes the camera look cheap.

It is amazing that people are actually calling it a sticker but still not getting that means it can be peeled off. It beggars belief really.

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On First Impressions Review: Using the Canon PowerShot G16 article (351 comments in total)
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Musicjohn: The G serie powershots have always been way too overpriced rubbish, are still way overpriced rubbish and always will be way overpriced rubbish. There are many other (even cheaper) cams of this format which make just as good a picture, if not better.

I am a professional photographer with 1D-mkIV and 5D-mkII and I have always had the need for a 'pocket sized' little cam which I can have with me all of the time. I have had several G-series from Canon, but always sold them again within a few weeks because I was disappointed with the image quality. About 4 years ago I even preferred a Casio Exilim to the G11.

The reason why people would buy a pocket sized cam is the need to get any picture as fast as possible onto a blog or a newspaper or news website. Considering the resolution size in which the final picture will appear (usually no larger than 600 pixels max.) one could argue that ANY compact camera would fulfill that job, even the lowest price compact cam available today.

@bored rich person
Was 86 a good year for Toyotas? Probably wet pebbles with a dash of blackberry and camellia petals suffused with delicate oak flavours.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (508 comments in total)
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futile32: best in class... silver.... 79%.... interesting....

I own the RX100, hands down an amazing camera pocketableness asside. My only quibble about using it for my everyday 'keepers' was no tilting display (for waist level shooting) and no EVF. Both of these objections have (sort of) been handled with the MK2. I do wish the EVF was part of the body, but I am still amazed at how they managed to fit in what they did. Can't have it all.

Seriously though, this camera should be graded for what it is intended for and for its target audience. To complain that it has too many options/filtering and no in-camera raw conversion is just a joke.

If you have a camera and like it what is the importance of a review? The RX100 is a strange camera in that its users just seem to need so much acceptance from other people and to prove their camera choice is superior to others. There is no camera user base so given to gushing hyperbole on other brand user forums about their cameras as RX100 users.
I suppose the RX100 is the camera of choice for the user who views photography as some sort of competitive sport in equipment buying prowess.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (508 comments in total)

A valiant attempt by Sony to match the G1X but spoilt as usual in true Sony compact fashion by too many pixels when the light dims. The razor sharp image of the Queen's head if you select the G1X on the noise page, as the Sony descends into mush when you raise the ISO is pretty compelling. Especially as the ISO performance of the enormous sensor in the RX100 is supposed to offset the slow fully zoomed lens.

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Art that needs explanation is not art at all.

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I hope we see some manufacturers break ranks from this artificial marketing thing where you have to pay $1000 for a camera with a view finder. Hopefully the Sony A3000 can help break this nasty little habit camera makers have at the moment. Rear screen only cameras are completely useless at long focal lengths let alone in bright sunlight.
They are trying to manoeuvre us all into accepting that EVF's as a luxury item which is I suspect complete nonsense.

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Ben Herrmann: Bingo....glad to see this. I really like the P7700 with regards to IQ. Having this higher def EVF makes all the difference in the world. Will definitely pick this one up.

@Joe Talks etc. It is nice to have all these goodies on one camera though so I think the fact that you do not need to collectively use cameras and lug more than one about is an advantage.

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Antonio Rojilla: Best ergonomics and set of controls in a compact camera ever. Now if its sensor and lens were like those of the RX/QX100... would be a RX/QX100? Not sure of the relevance as this is a P8800 being discussed here.

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Canon probably need to start to have have a look at these newfangled EVF thingies now.

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Joe Talks Photo Gear: If only the sensor grew. If only. Isn't it time for that? A nice step forward with the evf.

If the sensor grows then the optics grow. The performance of these little 1/1.7" sensors is very good know and sufficient for the purposes I am sure.

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b craw: It is nice to see this at $400, but in my opinion the poor fixed LCD and (to my eye) too sparse button/dial set-up on the back might be problematic. The Samsung NX20 is APS-C 20MP as well and is WiFi enabled, has an articulating LCD, good controls for $550.

You are missing the point that Sony are opening at this low price. As I said below the Samsung NX20 is a $1,000 camera and this $550 is just an end of line dumping price.
This camera is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons in mirrorless pricing.

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AbrasiveReducer: Great news for consumers. Canon, Nikon & Fuji may not go this low but everyone else will have to. There should be some amazing deals for the holiday season.

@b craw. The Samsung NX20 is not comparable as its recommended retail price is $1099 according to Samsung's site.

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Sony must have made a major breakthrough here and found a way around the normally massive cost incurred in not putting a mirror in a camera.

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I think everyone commenting up to this point have missed the most important point which is how sharp are the corners of these photos.

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1201 comments in total)

It does make the the Olympus range of everythingless cameras look rather bare and spartan in comparison.

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Probably not Leica branded as the Leica guy had to go into therapy after seeing this lens. The first ultra zoom fish eye lens that can apparently resolve to 16mp on a 1/2.3" sensor. Interesting to see the results. My 20x TZ40 certainly cannot resolve 18mp on a 1/2.3" sensor, 12mp in practice but Panasonic obviously find marketing a camera with not enough f's difficult but I appreciate them trying so back to pixel packing..

Despite that it will probably be a handy little device within its limitations.

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Seagull67: Acquiring more stuff than you actually use is of course very much a privileged First World 'problem' . If I put as much time in trying to take good and better photographs and learning about the art of photography as I do checking our 'gear porn' then I'd be a far better photographer. That said this site has helped me enormously to get the most out of a camera and lenses I really love using daily, those being the Fujifilm XE 1 with 35 mm lens and the 18-55 zoom. Perhaps on this site there should also be forums for Walker Evans, Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston, and Atget fans (etc. etc.) so art and commerce can go hand in hand? I'm interested in why we love photography & the power it has in our lives, but I'm passionate about technological progress too. We need the balance, but I'm striving to own only what I regularly use.

It is probably an example how our privileged first world life can create a dissatisfaction that we try to compensate for. It was interesting that when I was on Prozac for a short time my desire to constantly buy gadgets completely disappeared so it is probably just disrupted brain chemistry, probably from the rather mechanistic, form driven and cold world we inhabit in the West. Probably just too low a serotonin level in the brain and some of us can top it up it by rewarding obsessive interests.
It is interesting that a Doctor just laughed when I mentioned that the obsessive desire to purchase things disappeared which just shows how clueless medicine at ground level is about these problems, which can lead to devastating financial problems for many people.

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Probably that little red R on the camera is in many ways cooler than the little red dot. Splashing out all that money on a common non U camera brand shows more style in many ways than buying a Leica. I think if I win the lottery this would be a tempting subtle way to show one's wealth to those that know. Having to post process all the moire out sounds boring but I suppose I can get someone to do that for me.

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Dave Oddie: In the UK making someone redundant and then giving their job to someone else is illegal.

It's the position not the person that must be redundant.

Yes but what companies do is reorganise the operating structure so for example divisions A and B are being discontinued and there will be divisions C and D instead. Then people are assessed for their suitability for transfer to the new operating environment. The people you do not like will be found unsuitable for the new structure so lo and behold you are rid of the people you do not like as redundant.

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