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How come EM5II low light studio comparison only has high resolution mode in Raw format now? I remember I can select regular resolution mode in raw format and comparing high ISO images before.

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phoenix15: Sony Sensor ?

If yes it would be interesting to see that the sensor DXO mark could probably jump to much higher ranks beyond all other XXD and XXXD models....

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giliath: Seems like an awesome uwa. But please! I need native iso100 for landscape photography!

Manufacturer cannot provide features doesn't mean people don't want them. I think giliath's concern is reasonable.

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thx1138: Here is a hypothetical interview with Nikon:

Q: I see this camera uses a 16MP sensor, from the D4, so this must be a flagship sensor too.
A: No actually the sensors of the D610 and D800 are much better according to DxO
Q: Ah but this low res must allow this camera to shoot very fast, 10fps or better.
A: No, actually it shoots at 5.5fps slower than our D610
Q: Hmm, but it must have class leading shutter speed, 1/16000
A: No, actually it same as our entry level cameras at 1/4000
Q: Ummm, err, oh yeah, well it must have the flagship AF system right
A: No, actually it has same AF as D5300 and D610, middle of the road
Q: Ah, but it must have old school battery life and run forever out in the wilds
A: No, actually it has a very small battery with below average number of shots
Q: Well it must be very cheap then, cheaper than D610?
A: No, actually it is much dearer.
Q: Ok, then what is the point of this camera?
A: To get old farts to part with a lot of money to relive old time memories.

That's a good one

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Man, I'd rather buy Canon 6D + 24-70 f2.8 II + EX 580 II + something else may still be cheaper than this ...

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