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  • It's certainly very impressive, but somehow I was expecting more resolution! The sensor on that camera must be absolutely huge.
  • Actually, Hitler was describing Jews, I'm describing Zionists. Ironically, the Israelis are treating the Palestinians just as they were treated by the Nazis. It's akin to the abused becoming the ...
  • The Jews that were there "before the Arabs" were Arabs. Do you honestly think that there were a race of white people living in one of the hottest parts of the World for thousands of years? Do you ...
  • Israel is built on stolen land and the genocide of its indigenous people. Benefits? What benefits? Illegally imprisoning and shooting children isn't a benefit.
  • This is coming from someone who said this, "Many resolutions against Israel, as far as I can tell, are not objective and fair". You see, your disadvantage is that you also let your emotions ...
  • You tell me to take it somewhere else yet you continue to discuss with others?! That's the classic move of a man defeated in debate.
  • You really are the most ignorant person that I've had to interact with in some time. Let's break this down one by one. The Vietnamese was for a long time ruled by the French, but during WW2, the ...
  • I don't think people perform Hajj for the selfies.
  • Emotions or not, facts are facts. Absolute nonsense. Over the centuries, the Jews converted to Christianity and Islam and many left the area entirely. There are such a group of people called Arab ...
  • You're either a Zionist scumbag or extremely ignorant on matters of World politics. Israel is built on stolen land and the genocide of the indigenous population. It has broken more UN resolutions ...
  • And whilst we're at it, lets boycott Israel, too.
  • Created discussions A7r + batter grip problem
    Hello All, I tried turning the camera on and a message displays something like "incompatible battery  use correct model". I had to unscrew the grip and re screw it to make it work. It's happened ...
  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    This is a total game changer and will force its competitors to up the game. It's fair to say, that in maybe another 5 years, that mirrorless will outperform DSLRs in every area other than battery...

  • It all depends what you want from your system. I have the A7r and the following lenses: FE35mm f2.8 - That's my everyday lens, so to speak. FE 70-200 f4 - Good for outdoor use when zoom range is ...
  • I would say, the previous no.3 was better. The idea is to try and isolate whatever is the focal point. If you had the bridge filling the frame, maybe it would work better. The previous poster who ...
  • OK, I'll start off. First and foremost, these are just an opinion based on my own personal taste. Others may disagree, and on a technical level, they're all fine. 1. Would be nicer if it was ...
  • I'm pretty sure the Nikon D610 and D3200 have a plastic mount. It doesn't matter if the front part is metal, if the whole unit is anchored into plastic, then it's a plastic mount.
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