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munro harrap: The examples [posted here are typical of the reasons we do not invest in the A7RII, now that, apparently, the lag problems of the A7R have been resolved.

I figured on buying into the system as soon as the dreadful shutter lag was eliminated, but as they cannot be bothered to let the user decide whether to compress a file or not, they have , obviously zero respect for the needs of those who have to use their equipment, and the excellent explanations here with the samples do tend to further that impression

It makes no sense to cripple the capabilities of expensive gear, and I certainly could not live with, or market poor results like those shown.

Who's "we"?

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On Under the hood: A closer look at the Sony a7R II article (593 comments in total)
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lapomattiabarambaniviendalmare: Given the AF A7 RII eye tracking capability, it's really a shame that Sony doesn't have 1.4 or 1.2 E mount portrait lenses in its lineup...
It would be a perfect marriage!

Francis, the FE 16-35/4, 35/2.8, 35/1.4, 55/1.8 and 90/2.8 macro all beg to differ.

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On Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II article (1091 comments in total)
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lightmatters: It has been being shipped for a while but still no studio shot? :-|

No doubt dpreview staff are too busy picking their jaws up off the floor to publish the results.

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ThatCamFan: What I learned from this: Sony makes the best sensors, but they need someone to teach them how to make a lens because apparently they cant design a good lens. The opposite of Canon, great lenses, bad sensors. Do I smell a future merger? ;)

You weren't reading very carefully, were you?

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On Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II article (1091 comments in total)
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SwissRapha: Now I just hope they'll make a LA-EA adapter with built-in screw-drive motor and without SLT. All my A-mount lenses are screw-drive...

Simao, I think you can flip the mirror on the LA-EA adapters (certainly on the LA-EA2), but I don't think you can actually attach a lens while the mirror is flipped, as it protrudes outside the mount.

It wouldn't help you anyway, as the camera would activate the LA-EA's AF sensor (which of course would no longer work due to the missing mirror!) in place of its on-sensor AF.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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BartA: I was quite impressed with A7II until closer examination and reading reviews all over the net. For lightweight 24MP and better rated IQ why not a Nikon D5500? It's actualy lighter, focuses better and beats Sony A7II in several areas. See DxO Mark's sensor ratings. Not to mention other than a few good looking primes I see only one zoom anyone who matters rates well (16-35 f/4) As a travel shooter zooms are my sweet spot.

"Low light ISO: as I said, normalize for sensor area- an FX camera at the same F stop and ISO will need 1.2 stops longer shutter speed to maintain exposure."

What? No it won't. At the same f-stop, ISO and shutter speed the exposure will be identical.

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nerd2: So they put a totally unnecessary digital scale on the lens, which can be shown in camera LCD or EVF, and neglected the autofocus system?

What a stupid move. Oh and $1200 for MF 85mm 1.8? Seriously?

Unnecessary how? Current A7 cameras display only the focus distance, not DOF.

How have Zeiss neglected the AF system?

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ProfHankD: These look clearly designed for Sony FE bodies, and even the OLED display makes sense for that (the info was digitally available, so I bet this doesn't cost any more than the usual focus/DoF scales). A big step for Zeiss... a giant endorsement for Sony.

I bet you're fun at parties, whyamihere.

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msstudio: What i want to know, why introduce a 35mm manual, along with a 50 in 2014, and then have a new line in 2015 starting with 25 and 85 incorporating AF. Also, I wish it would be all the same barrel design, front filter diameter and AF. My dream lens for the A7 series is a Zeiss 35 AF, 1.4 like the Leica Germany built legend, the perfect focal length for a small travel and snapshot reportage camera.
And while were at it, where's there Otus 35mm se we can rest this case as well.

Apparently both Batis (AF) and Loxia (MF) lines will co-exist. A wide angle Loxia is coming out later this year.

The fact that the Batis line has AF and OSS (85mm), naturally means they will tend to be bigger overall, so the same filter diameter probably isn't possible.

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Dirk Nuary: Always pricey, why?

halfwaythere, the proof is that Zeiss, not Sony, announced them. Not to mention they clearly aren't Sony branded.

Some people.

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R_U_Q_R_U: Anyone see the upgrade in the Creative Cloud app? Mine still shows up to date with LR5.

Installation Failed is pretty standard with CC. I don't think an update has ever worked first time for me.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (837 comments in total)
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jkokich: Forgive what may sound like a stupid question (there are those), but why is there shutter sound, at all? (Serious question, even if stupid).

Because there is a shutter.

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wayne ker: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2015/03/03/hands-on-the-sony-fe-35-1-4-lens-samples-and-my-1st-thoughts/

Looking at the photos, this lens is worth it

Now go look at the new 90mm macro's MTF. It's insane.

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JacquesBalthazar: That Sony FE range sure has some very attractive features, and most of the recent lenses are clearly best in class. Well done to all involved! That said, I do wish the Sony body designs and user interfaces were not what they are. I just do not like them. Would love that range to have the Fuji xt1 design for example. One day maybe. Part of the pleasure of photography is the interaction with the tools. I think they are getting the lens designs right, the body features are great, but the body design.....

I think menu designs are simply a case of being used to what you know. Give me a Canon DSLR and I haven't a clue what's going on!

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jimbodoc: Seeing these lenses, I feel happy to have ditched my A7. The body was lovely, ergonomics acceptable and performance good. However, the (native) lens selection was poor and now, it becomes clear that there is no point in such small lovely bodies when carrying such priapic lenses. A D750 and zoom is smaller. Sorry Sony- nice body, shame about the lenses. Optics will, of course be fine to brilliant but they are all HUUUUGE, even the primes. Such a pity. Now I see why the original 35 was only an f 2.8, current technology does not allow a sensible sized lens for the body. Even the 55 1.8 is a serious piece of real estate.

A D750 and which zoom is smaller, and which Sony lens are you comparing to?

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FrankApollonio: Ill buy the 35mm 1.4 as long as the threading for filters/hood is well constructed... I bought the 55mm 1.8 FE which I love for Image quality, But i put a lee universal hood/filter on it and it broke the retaining ring because sony chose to make it out of plastic... Which is a real let down because that was a $1000 lens not some toy... Its at the sony repair shop now and I'm requesting them to put a professional metal ring... NOT PLASTIC... I wonder if the 35mm 1.4 will be up there in image quality

Where do you think Sony will conjure up a metal filter thread from? It is unlikely to be on their spare parts list.

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On CP+ 2015: Sony shows off new technology article (216 comments in total)
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Rooru S: DPReview Team. Did you ask Sony about any future plans for A-mount? Or can I start selling my equipment now?

Nothing "on record", Barney? Does that mean they told you something off record?

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (3439 comments in total)

"Why ‘cancel out' the effect of the 5DS R's AA filter rather than omit it entirely?"

Maybe it's because Canon would be accused of charging more for taking something away.

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Shiranai: They want to rival $5000 DSLRs? Well thats a lot of confidence putting their small APS-C against fullframe. Especially considering their less than optimal lens-range which still lacks a 50mm 1.4 or a 300mm zoom.

And yes, there is something that DSLRs do better - its that their viewfinder has no lag at all. Because even if its 5 milliseconds it can be the moment you miss.
And talking about small sized, the NX1 isn't really small sized, they intentionally made it this big to attract DSLR owners, so thats complete marketing-bull.

Now you have to add the shutter lag caused by the fact a DSLR has to lift its mirror before it can capture the image. EVF lag is a non-issue in comparison. What was that about missing a moment?

No DSLR can rival a mirrorless camera with electronic front curtain shutter.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 14, 2015 at 14:29 UTC

"From a design standpoint, the biggest changes are the grip - which is larger - and the addition of a front dial."

The A7 always had a front dial. It has just been moved.

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