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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in AF performance
    The image quality is great, but not surprising. How does it handle, how is the AF?
  • Replied in Three weeks ago.
    I got the new ∑35/1.4 "Art". It was actually a little longer ago, as delivered it was broken so I sent it back to Amazon and got another one which is in perfect working order. In April I got a ...
  • Replied in drill bit?
    You could get a metal drill bit of the proper size and remove the stuck screw that way. How are your results inconsistent? What are you doing for your tests?
  • A RAW file has more dynamic range than a JPG, but if you are bracketing then (in theory) the set of JPGs you start from represent (as a group) a higher DR than a single JPG file does. Thus, an HDR ...
  • Replied in Bodies vs lenses
    A camera body will wear out or break before a lens will (in general). This is particularly true for cameras with heavy use. So people who heavily use their cameras are more likely to: (1) Be on the ...
  • Replied in For a Sigma?
    A Sigma wide angle will cost the same regardless of mount.
  • Replied in March?
    March of what year? 2015?
  • You picked some pretty good scenes to show off a fisheye :) Do you have the model with the fully removable hood? If so, it becomes quite useful on the a99.
  • Excellent use of shallow DoF in most of those shots, I like that look!
  • I like the bokeh balls on the last shot! Are all of the shots you posted adjusted -10 contrast? I just got the same lens for my a99, my impressions so far match yours but I have not had it very long.
  • Replied in Facts?
    How do those charts indicate, or even imply, facts about viewfinder brightness?
  • Replied in 5Diii a toy?
    I don't think the 5Diii deserves to be labeled "a toy".
  • Replied in I hear ya...
    I just spent the sunrise on the beach (OBX) with my dogs, a99, and "micro" beercan (no photos to post... yet). It's a great little walkaround lens, age be damned!
  • Replied in I prefer orchids
    I have found the EVF on my cameras to be everything I hoped they would be, and more. I can't see myself ever reverting to an OVF, at least not by choice. I also prefer orchids to roses.
  • Replied in Beercan?
    Well, someone had to mention it :-) I augment my 16-50 with the beercan and the Tamron 70-300 USD. Both are different beasts, of course... and different in different ways from the venerable 16-50. ...
  • Replied in Guitar strings
    Guessing the particulars after the fact is an interesting exercise, but leaves out a lot of the details when comparing different formats, sensors, resolutions, lenses, and techniques. Different ...
  • You are probably right— waving a big lens around but then loudly announcing you have decided to use a "special" lens for the "right feel" might be very comforting for many.
  • Replied in Depends...
    Doesn't it depend on what you anticipate you will be shooting, or the environment? On some occasions the only lens I bring with me is a 35-70 FF zoom made in 1985, it weighs 255g. In daylight it is ...
  • Replied in For my tastes...
    I think it looks cooler, and provides more aesthetic latitude. Very much so.
  • This is true, but there are many portrait situations where the exact opposite is desired: a big intimidating lens. Your subject may feel more comfortable if the photographer and camera are closer ...
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