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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Not outdoors!
    Outdoors in sunlight, and depending on the FoV of the lens, up to half of the possible directions you might be pointing your camera might benefit from a lens hood. The amount of protection a hood ...
  • This touches on a point I made in a thread a few weeks ago: variances in all categories of IQ (the sum of which I posit is a lens' "character") are more prominent from lens to lens on a larger ...
  • Replied in Concerts
    My current concert lineup is a Minolta 35 and 85 f/1.4, and the older ∑50/1.4. I am slowly working the ∑35/1.4 into my kit, replacing the Minolta when I do. In terms of bokeh, I think the ∑50/1.4 ...
  • Replied in Key points
    I think these are the key points, note that there is not a definitive "correct" choice as to which is best for all circumstances: (1) OSS makes the lenses more complex, and likely to need repair (this ...
  • I just uploaded a few more samples at f/1.4 of somewhat similar scenes: Most of my use of this lens wide open is of bands playing on dimly lit stages, I'm not sure if that makes for a fair ...
  • Added 5 photos to their gallery
    DSC06815: Bokeh samples at f/1.4DSC06667: Bokeh samples at f/1.4DSC01443: Bokeh samples at f/1.4DSC01437: Bokeh samples at f/1.4DSC01401: Bokeh samples at f/1.4
  • Replied in Bad bokeh?
    So far, this is the worst bokeh I have been able to coax out of this lens, and I was actually trying for a "really bad bokeh" shot which I assume most people do not do (most of the time): I don't ...
  • Replied in Diffraction
    Interesting point. Are the effects of diffraction more noticeable, or harder to accommodate, or limit lens or sensor design (for smaller sensors)?
  • I can across this product while browsing: 24mm projector lens What I found interesting is that it is designed to project onto a curved screen. I surmise if I was to use it as a camera lens, that it ...
  • If you do any PP, higher resolution originals yield better (often noticeably better) results, including: (1) cropping (2) perspective adjustment (3) distortion adjustment
  • Or something to do with lizard people?
  • A tripod restricts movement too much. I would say the ultimate in stabilization is a steady-cam rig... but nonetheless I think your point is valid :)
  • I had my a99 + ∑50/1.4 on my tripod using a AS fitting L-bracket. While hoisting the tripod over my shoulder as I walked to a new position, the camera slid off the tripod. It fell roughly 6 feet ...
  • Replied in ∑35/1.4
    I bought the 35/1.4 "Art" about six weeks ago. While the optics were impressive, the AF was just not working regardless of MFA. After two weeks I had given up adjusting it and I returned it to ...
  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
    Bonfire Beach: #dcrocks
  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
    DSC04549: A test of the worst bokeh I could make this lens do.
  • Replied in No.
    I think for 90% of the people who want a camera (maybe more), pretty much any recent camera will satisfy them if they stick to the basics. A 5Diii with a 600mm lens won't, but it is unlikely ...
  • Replied in A CPL?
    If you mean a CPL, there is only one piece of glass, although it is laminated. If water has indeed found its way inside the filter I don't think it can be fixed. I would rule out any other ...
  • This has been done, at least with one lens/camera pairing: SS vs OS
  • Replied in Moms?
    The look I would hope to convey is "dude left carrying bag of soiled diapers," which I hope would keep even the moms at bay.
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