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About me:

Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in It depends.
    If you already have a crop camera, in general FF lenses will perform better in the corners (notable exceptions abound). Of course, it is tough to do an apples to apples comparison, since you would ...
  • Replied in Coming soon?
    New Samyang macro lens rumor
  • Replied in False
    That is demonstrably false, unless of course you don't understand math (or pretend not to in order to rabble rouse).
  • Replied in Artifacts...
    There are rather obvious spectral artifacts as well as pixel luminance bleeding. I thought a Foveon would do much better for this kind of shot, it is pretty much the best scenario to show off its ...
  • Replied in 45?
    My 50 is not a macro, but I do have a very good macro lens (70mm). I can't imagine there is a 45mm lens that would better suit me than my current 50/1.4, but that does not mean one does not exist ...
  • Replied in 300+
    I have no (current) need for anything beyond 300mm. And not that it matters, but my 50mm prime has been— and probably will remain— my "most used" lens :)
  • I have all three of those lenses. (1) Beercan (70-210/4): If it is in good shape (minimal wear and tear on the outside and none of the internal elements are out of alignment), this is an excellent ...
  • Replied in It depends?
    I depends, is the beautiful thing being taken with: (1) a Sigma sensor w/lossy raw? (2) a Sony sensor in jpg mode? (3) a CCD ('cuz photography really ...
  • Replied in Same guy?
    Wow, I did not ever make the connection before! When I read your post I thought you were just pointing out a clever coincidence, but I just looked up the domain registrations and they are (mostly) ...
  • Replied in Artifacts?
    I don't see any artifacts, are you sure they are there? I think Sony is on to your rants, and has placed a firmware trojan on your workstation. This causes you to see things that are not there (to ...
  • Well, this thread allowed you to triple your post count as well as drive traffic to your Youtube channel. Well done. Since this thread is rapidly approaching the reply limit, what can we expect next? (1) ...
  • Replied in Easy!
    Day to day, month to month, year to year: my 50 remains my "most used" lens. I have 24, 35, and 85mm lenses that also get a significant amount of use and produce an excellent ratio of keepers. But ...
  • Replied in Hunger strike!
    If the a7ii is not to your liking, you can either choose to buy another camera (I hear the Quattro is everything you have been looking for), or... ... wait for it ... Hunger strike! (1) RAW format? ...
  • Replied in Dismiss?
    I can. For the record, I keep my albino rats away from my camera.
  • Replied in My primes...
    My primes tend to have a better MFD/macro factor on the wider end, but not a strict trend: (1) 0.29 (24mm) (2) 0.20 (35mm) (3) 0.19 (35mm) (4) 0.14 (50mm) (5) 0. ...
  • Replied in RAW?
    All good points, and it should be noted these will be easier and more effective shooting in raw mode. Depending on the specifics raw might not be absolutely necessary, but if you are shooting near ...
  • Replied in Extension tubes?
    Would extension tubes work for you? I am able to turn some of my lenses into "macro" (or close enough) with tubes. Some lenses work better than others, of course. If you don't need AF anyway, you ...
  • Replied in Hand held?
    Hand held or tripod? If hand held, IS of some sort will be really helpful. It also depends on haw dark your scenes will really be. Streetlights plus the light of a full moon can often be enough ...
  • I think you are correct, that this is the most appropriate current sub-forum. Sadly, there is very little there so not much to discuss. I am interested not only in shots for C&C, but also ...
  • Replied in Unsurprising
    You are testing using a very unchallenging scene, so it is not surprising that you are getting similar (and quite good) results. Cell phone cameras do very well within their envelope, there is no ...
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