Lives in United States D.C. Metro, VA, United States
Works as a Rock & roll photog, computer geek
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About me:

Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Rockwell
    And if you disagree with anything he writes, you are a girly man (according to him). Don't be a girly man. Buy whatever he is recommending this week.
  • Are you sure a flash is allowed? I am not familiar with that club, but a lot of clubs have strict "no flash" rules, or even "no pro photo" rules. You can sometimes get away with breaking a "no pro ...
  • Replied in Too soon?
    The a7Rii is a pretty new camera, so new that pretty much the only people that have one are the very people you are describing. Within another month or so there will be loads of positive and ...
  • Replied in Nominees?
    Are you suggesting yourself for the qualifying committee? Will there be a vote?
  • The commerce aspect of the site is non-functional. It is not possible to actually purchase a photo or print or poster. It appears like you can, but the site will not allow a purchase to finish. So ...
  • Replied in How about this:
    This page is light on technical details, but compares IBIS and OS using the same lens and camera: I have seen other, similar comparisons but ...
  • Replied in Very interesting
    And they said I was some kind nut for owning two 35/1.4 lenses! I like a discussion of the esoteric details that make such lenses, that by specs alone appear similar, so very different. I have a ...
  • Replied in Try this: The article is a little old, but I think covers the basics.
  • That's why I got a diaper bag to haul it around in.
  • Replied in Pretty happy
    If all my gear got stolen, my replacement gear would be as close to my current collection as possible.
  • How closely did you look? Did you disassemble the elements?

  • Replied in Interesting
    I don't have a problem with a one line signature that advertises a commercial web site (that's my opinion of my tastes, not my interpretation of the site rules). It is hard to tell if a single ...
  • Replied in Neil-H
    Yeah, what ever happened to that guy? He got into a machismo battle with March of the Tripods and Ontario Gone and all of them disappeared. Crazy stuff.
  • Replied in Superhero!
    And I for one salute you, good sir, for taking on the hive of lies about equipment you do not own and have not used! God speed in your quest! You are a superhero and your weapon is the truth. But ...
  • Replied in Possible?
    Good theory. Certainly possible. OP, are there any other photos taken by others you can share? Such behavior of the fireworks would show up regardless of the gear used.
  • Replied in Camera shake?
    The effect is far more pronounced in the horizontal streams, so it appears to be vertical camera shake. Perhaps the footing of your tripod was not as sound as you thought? At that distance and ...
  • Far be it for anyone to suggest you would post anything negative about Sony, but what is to be gained by posting negative posts about equipment you do not own in forums devoted to that equipment? A ...
  • Replied in Fun :)
    Not tell, suggest. I would hate for you to come off as immature with a passive aggressive posting history. For this account. So many of your other posts do, so I just thought that would make more ...
  • Replied in That's it?
    Your untethered pride in the size of your Sony dirt collection is not in question, relax. Why not just post a "here's some Sony dirt" post directly? Instead you chose a passive aggressive "hey I ...
  • Replied in 14 bits
    The only people who claim that Sony's 14 bit output (in single shot, not burst) is not 14 bits are people who do not understand math. Results are results, and I have only ever seen 3 samples of ...
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