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Goal: develop the proper shooting techniques and technical skills that allow for the most unusual and hard to obtain shots. This necessarily involves using equipment "incorrectly" and modifying or ignoring many accepted shooting styles.

A good deal of my current effort is directed at musicians on dimly lit stages:

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  • Replied in Lenses
    I'm not sure. I don't have an a7. Understood. You probably have a style of shooting (or choice of subject matter) for which this feature is not useful. In addition to semi-latent overlays of pink ...
  • Replied in Sports?
    I don't get the obsession of using sports to rate all that is photographic. But that should not be a surprise, since I don't shoot sports more than twice a year. I also don't get the obsession ...
  • Replied in Related thoughts
    I bought into the Alpha mount because there are several lenses I wanted available only in that mount: (1) Minolta beercan (2) Minolta 85/1.4G (3) Minolta 100/2 (4) ...
  • Replied in Lenses
    Lenses are what matter, I could not agree more. A camera body will be obsolete long before a lens is obsolete. That's what is so great about being able to use a modern camera with all the ...
  • Replied in Tools?
    What's a "tool" in this context?
  • Replied in FF + fast lens
    FF might not be strictly necessary, but a fast lens is. Which lens is appropriate will depend a great deal on the specific setting you expect to be in, but in general a 50/1.4 for FF is a good ...
  • Replied in Lens "character"
    The difference in "character" (which could be deemed "imperfections") of a lens is more pronounced with FF than it is on a crop sensor. I like using, for example, two different 35mm lenses (on the ...
  • Replied in ??
    Is this on the internets somewhere?
  • Replied in IBIS at 300mm
    I have this lens, and used in on an a77 and now my a99. My best test was handheld at a soccer game, I was using the whole range of the lens as the action moved around the field. At the long end I ...
  • Replied in Screw drive AF
    I have several screw drive lenses, some are fairly modern (like the ∑70mm macro) and others are older models from the 1980's. I have not found screw drive lenses to necessarily be slower or less ...
  • Just because a lens is f/1.2 does not mean (necessarily) that it will have amazing bokeh, although certainly it will have more blur. There are a few very wide aperture (and expensive) lenses on ...
  • The Sigma is the only one of these three that I own, but based on your post i have a few thoughts: (1) It is sharp. Really sharp. (2) I originally used it on a crop sensor ...
  • Replied in Limits
    I think this is a really good point. Almost all cameras these days, and most lenses, will perform better than needed for most scenes. We all win! It is at the limits that the limits matter... if ...
  • Replied in Comparisons
    I don't have either of the other 50mm lenses, so all I can go on is reviews and sample photos I have seen. The CZ50/1.4 is very sharp, very well built, and dust/moisture sealed. I have no doubt it ...
  • Replied in 50/1.4— agreed
    The first prime I bought for my a77 was the ∑50/1.4 EX (pre- "Art"). The focal length is a great compromise on a crop sensor camera— pretty good for portraits (more so for full body, but still ...
  • Replied in My list, FWIW
    (1) IBIS, so I get VR with older lenses (2) Fully articulating LCD, so I can take "odd" angle shots (3) ...
  • Replied in Used vs new
    You might want to check eBay as well, or the " For Sale " forum on Dyxum. I have purchased several Minolta lenses via those routes. Minolta stopped making branded lenses in 2006 when their camera ...
  • I use Tech Spec lens cleaner (Edmunds Scientific) and Kimtech "delicate task wipers".
  • Replied in Age?
    I think age has a lot to do with sample variation. The older a lens is, the more likely (at some point) it is to have suffered an impact that knocked something out of alignment. This is more so ...
  • With PDAF, they way it is *supposed* to work is that the camera analyzes the focus point to determine the direction (forward vs back) and the magnitude of adjustment necessary for proper focus, and...

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