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  • I really recommend signing out of Find my mac and your iCloud account before parting with computer.
  • What to do before selling or giving away your Mac Note erasing the drive and deleting user will not prevent that computer being associated with your Apple ID, and may cause a new owner problems f ...
  • Replied in Mac Newbie
    Select the photos in Recently imported and click File -> New Album. A dialogue will pop up where you can add the name, click OK and a new album is created with that name and your photos in it. You ...
  • A small point of info/correction about booting into the Recovery Partition. The Yosemite installer converted many laptop Macs to corestorage at initial installation. Also any volume using FileVault ...
  • I think a piece of advice that may be missing (but is implied) from the replies so far is that you should do everything (importing, creating Folders and Albums etc) from within the Photos app ...
  • While in the edit screen......Menubar at top left.....Image-> use RAW as original
  • Yes, those scenarios make sense to me. In theory my mixed method would make a single library for all requirements possible, but the lack of ability to move to and from managed and referenced is ...
  • Yes, you can have a mixed referenced and managed photos library. You can make it your iCloud System Photo Library, and only the managed ones will be on the Cloud and sync to other devices. ...
  • 1. All portable. Mainstay is four Seagate 4Tb Fast self powered USB3. These are built-in RAID devices so I have an extra backup. 2. Not noticed any differences and I have used all brands over last ...
  • Agree. I use MacUpdate a lot and very much doubt they were doing this, which is how I first read the thread.
  • Correct
  • The new Photos app exports frames from movies very easily.
  • You, or someone else said this before, so just want to point out that the max internal capacity of the rMBPs is 1Tb. Both my rMBPs (15" and 13") have 1Tb as supplied by Apple.
  • Yes, assuming you don't want them! If you do want them, export them. Note, after deleting the photos from within Photos app, they will go into the "Recently Deleted" folder (first screenshot), so ...
  • Has the 2007 MBP actually died? Is it too late to make a clone of it? If you can make a clone, you can connect it to your new iMac, and use Setup Assistant (preferable) or Migration Assistant to ...
  • As I understand it you have a referenced Aperture Library (originals stored separately outside Aperture Lib), and you deleted 300 Gb of the referenced photos with Finder. But the the deleted photo ...
  • While I share your frustration about Apple, just want to point out that iWeb still works for me in 10.10.3.
  • Another choice missing? (what I am doing) "Convert legacy Aperture Libraries to Lightroom. Use Photos and Lightroom in combination going forward". There is a lot to like about Photos, although it ...
  • What happens when you launch Aperture holding the option+ command keys: Should get this window:
  • Thanks for detailed explanation.
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