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Horshack: If I were to photograph a Taylor Swift concert I would gladly hand over the copyright to my photos in exchange for ear plugs.

Internet fora: where humour goes to die.

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rw22: My hand and wrist are fine (after exercises for carpal tunnel and wearing a brace) until I use my heavy DSLR gear equipment. For work that is not done with a tripod it's time to switch to something lighter, probably a 4/3rds camera. I know I'll miss the OVF experience and all my great Canon lenses but at least I get to keep shooting.

Jim, sure, it's an apples-to-oranges comparison in a host of ways. Bottom line is that I've been shooting for long enough to establish what's important to me, and my m43 kit gives me almost everything* I want at a considerable size, weight and cost advantage over the FF kit I have been using.

(*battery life is not good, but only likely to be a practical impediment on very rare occasions)

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rw22: My hand and wrist are fine (after exercises for carpal tunnel and wearing a brace) until I use my heavy DSLR gear equipment. For work that is not done with a tripod it's time to switch to something lighter, probably a 4/3rds camera. I know I'll miss the OVF experience and all my great Canon lenses but at least I get to keep shooting.

You might not miss the "OVF experience" as much as you think. I shot with Nikon D300s (100% petaprism) and D700 (95% pentaprism) for the last few years.

In January this year I purchased an Olympus OM-D E-M5 with a 'crappy' 1.4MP EVF. I found the ability to 'see what you'll get before you shoot', and the availability of in-finder histograms etc more than made up for the 'crappiness'. The 2.4MP EVF on the E-M1 I subsequently bought really doesn't leave me wanting in any way. I shoot mostly landscape / still life, so blackout time is not an issue for me.

Compared to my D700 with 24-70 2.8, my E-M1 with 12-40 2.8 is less than half the weight and half the price. The 'equivalence' debate is immaterial to my uses.

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I have LR6 standalone. The updater is a bundle serving both LRCC and LR6, which is mildly confusing at first glance. I updated to LR6.1. There is no sign of a 'de-haze' tool, so it seems that standalone customers just get the bug fixes and new camera and lens supports - which isn't nothing.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)
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ProfHankD: This is an interesting variation on the old CMYG and RGBW CFAs. The biggest issue I see is that RB will get far less light than W pixels, meaning they'll probably be noisier, and hence G derived from W-(R+B) will be noisy too. Then again, you could almost get away with just using the W channel as G... or W is roughly Y in JPEG's YUV. W pixels also will saturate fast, possibly limiting dynamic range. In sum, there's a lot to empirically test here....

One way to prevent W channels from saturating ahead of the R & B channels would be to include ND filtering for the W channel.

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erichK: The problem is, in fact, real.

As a former employment counselor for immigrant professionals, I have come to know a dozen+ pros from all over the world. Those *without* neck & shoulder problems are in the minority: big, fit usually younge guys. (This is a major reason that belts and vests, sling bags and more elaborate solutions as Katas convertible backpack-sling, Thinktank's rotating bags have become so popular.)

What matters is the weight, balance and bulk of the all the parts of - and the total package of - the kit needed to do a particular "shoot" or combination of shoots. While this may mean an 11"x14" view camera and tripod for Clyde Butcher, many great photographs as well as countless reviews and user reports demonstrate that mFT cameras and lenses from Olympus and pansonic (and the mirrorless offerings srom Sony and Samsung) can indeed do the job,

Olympus has has its problems. It has also long produced smaller, lighter camera kit much needed by many.

You're forgetting about equivalence. Because the sensor is only one quarter of the size of a 'full frame' sensor, you have to apply a 2x multiplier to arrive at the effective weight. In other words, although actual measurement may indicate that m43 systems only weigh half as much as full-frame systems, in reality they are effectively twice as heavy.

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Valiant Thor: It appears that the target audience for this kind of advertising is the mobile home, couch potato crowd whom I doubt would purchase such a camera anyway. I cringe when I think what good could have come from the money and resources it took to produce and run these ads. I really miss the thoughtful age of elegance, sophistication and taste.

When was that?

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justmeMN: Olympus owners suffer from Small Sensor Syndrome. :-) All of their friends have bigger sensors than they do, and it's just embarrassing. They've tried those sensor enhancement products that you can buy on the internet, but none of them worked. :-)

As a former 'full-frame' user I opted to have a sensor-size reduction procedure because I understood that it's not the size of your sensor that matters, it's how you use it.

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On Mare Island Ship Yard in the Industrial site – HDR challenge (4 comments in total)

As a general statement, I don't particularly enjoy 'extreme' HDR, but it works in some circumstances. This is one of them. I think the 'industrial' processing suits the industrial subject very well.

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On Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 Quick Review article (71 comments in total)

Why is it a "gun"? Is it not a flash?

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On E' la Belle Epoque in the A portrait in Corcos style challenge (16 comments in total)

Lovely model (the photo's OK too).

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rgames1: Interesting but I'm skeptical that the variation in number of photons can cause anywhere near the amount of noise produced by the camera electronics.

The argument is made by comparing to tubes collecting raindrops. However, nowhere in the article does it say how many photons are captured in the shadow pixels, so the comparison is never backed up with any data. Making the argument requires that that number be established then compared to the variation in number of photons.

So, how many photons are captured by each pixel in the shadows? Further, what is the variation in that number? My strong suspicion is that the variation in number of photons in any part of the image is still extremely small compared to the number captured but that information is nowhere to be found. That information is implied by the analogy but never quantified.

The answer to those questions will show whether or not the analogy is valid.


In other words, the ratio of photons captured in the brightest part of the image to those captured in the dimmest part of the image can be 100:1 or greater.

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jl_smith: This is awesome - I can't wait to apply this knowledge to take better photos of cats, or at least things sitting on my desk
:D /jest

One of the take-home messages is to ensure all your cats are mid-grey or lighter.

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RichRMA: FF cameras will likely always have better noise control than smaller format bodies, but as they creep up in pixel count we've seen an increase in image noise. The D810 is visibly noisier than the D4s, for example, solely due to pixel size. There will come a point where (if they get to 80-100mp) a FF will be noisier than a standard 24mp APS. Couple that with sensor differences (example, Samsung's backlit or Fuji's sensors) and different in-camera processing and the idea of absolute noise control based solely on sensor size becomes less "absolute."

What happens to all that noise when you downsample your 100MP image to 24MP?

If you compare a 100MP FF and 100MP APSC, how does the FF sensor do in that scenario?

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"...light black and light light black...". Would those be grey?

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Sezano: “If you take a picture of a human that does not make him noble, there is no reason to take this picture. That is my way of seeing things.” – Sebastião Salgado

Right, so dictators, mass murderers, terrorists, rapists etc should either never be photographed, or only photographed in ways that make them look "noble"?

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yonsarh: Just incase for those who don't know about North Korea. North Korea is a collectivism society, where all people are grouped together instead of western capitalistic society,people tolerate in political left and right each other, but for North Korea, they don't tolerate each other. For Visa, I heard there are tourist company that can apply and gives you North Korea visa.

Nonsense. North Korea is a small marsupial of nocturnal habit, endemic to the coffee houses of Rundle Street, Adelaide.

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rallyfan: Why harass the three elderly women in Spain?

I'm starting a support group for Post Photographic Stress Disorder (PPSD) for people that were made feel briefly uncomfortable by having their photograph taken by a passing stranger.

This shouldn't be confused with PPSD (Post Processing Stress Disorder) which aims to help people traumatised by HDR.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (837 comments in total)

I think they undermine the performance of their own sensors by not offering at least a lossless compression option.

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aramgrg: A good placebto start for people trying to be overly original.

I agree that the method - although often of interest in its own right - is irrelevant when evaluating the output solely on its own terms. In the right hands there is no reason this camera can't be used to produce interesting work.

But there isn't any output to assess here, just a self-consciously 'retro' device that outputs an image that will only ever be reproduced by quintessentially modern means.

It's like musicians who eschew digital recording because it's 'clinical' and 'analogue has soul' or some other rubbish, when the overwhelming bulk of their output will be, ultimately, in digital form. A comical irony that deserves lampooning.

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