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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)
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PaulDavis: I gave them owned a fugitive camera but I was going to thus would be it. Really nice little camera. It would be nice to out a small on there.

Fugitives stole a camera from me once. Then I didn't own it any more. What I missed most was outing a small on it.

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vadims: > reduce luminance noise at the expense of colour noise, on
> the grounds that the human eye is less sensitive to the latter

Even though color noise is less noticeable than luminance, to me the former has always been both more objectionable and harder to get rid of.

vadims, I agree entirely.

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On Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested article (269 comments in total)
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MrSkelter: RRS stuff is over-rated and your money helps fund anti-human rights legislation which targets the families and rights of gay people sponsored by the owner. For those who care it's worth giving them a miss for that reason alone. I know I don't want my money going to fund hate.

Tonio, thanks for the link. Joe Johnson's contribution to the thread was illuminating. Although I disagree to some extent with his *personal* stance on the marriage issue, he did not come across as a hard-right bigot in the way that Australia's Senator Cory Bernardi does, and I saw nothing that would prevent me from purchasing RRS products.

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On Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested article (269 comments in total)
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MrSkelter: RRS stuff is over-rated and your money helps fund anti-human rights legislation which targets the families and rights of gay people sponsored by the owner. For those who care it's worth giving them a miss for that reason alone. I know I don't want my money going to fund hate.

This may be 'common knowledge' in the 'States, but not here. Your post caused me to do a search, and I was unable to quickly find anything that supports what you say. Can you provide references please?

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (554 comments in total)
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Burbclaver: I like the sound of Pure photography - Take a D800, but smaller with no video. Set autofocus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance using on-camera controls. Dispense with the rear display all together (you can review your pictures when you "develop" them on computer). I'd keep the bracketing button, because of this, but I always bracket manually.

Removing the display also allows you to get rid of image review, trash button, image lock button, zoom in and out buttons, OK and live view buttons. Keep the top LCD, so you can see limited menus and set date/time etc. Vastly reduce the custom features and totally remove the retouch menu. I'd keep picture controls for the JPEg shooters.

Yours is one of a number of posts hoping that the rear display is not included. I don't share your point of view. I think one of the major advantages of digital over film is the ability to review your images in-field, make any needed adjustments and shoot again. I won't purchase a digital camera that doesn't allow image review. If they dispense with the rear LCD and make image review possible via the EVF, that might be a compromise I'd be willing to make.

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Scales USA: Are any of them now tall enough to use without putting the center column up and losing most of the anti vibration effects needed in a tripod?

I guess that when all cameras have tilting lcd's, we won't need tall, but for now, I want something to bring my camera to eye level and still be stable enough to use for a long exposure.

Buy one of the 055 series.

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On Marco Bohr investigates 'hipster photography' article (105 comments in total)
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Perry Kivolowitz: Meh. Every generation thinks they are cool.

Yeah, but only *mine* actually is...

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Madaboutpix: So beautiful, I agree. Down here on the ground, though, it sometimes seems to have become a considerable challenge to find plastic-wrapper-free wide-angle subjects! Let's work hard to keep this a hospitable, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing planet - we have only this one ...

It isn't just the ground. In a landscape image posted on DPReview recently I counted 13 contrails, making up the bulk of the cloud cover in the scene. Contrails are one contributing factor to a phenomenon referred to as 'global dimming', a decline in the amount of light reaching the surface. This is not just bad for photographers.

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On Ten items you should have in your camera bag article (288 comments in total)
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M Lammerse: The list is a good start:
I usually carry also with me (which might be a tip for others)
- aspirin and several sticking plasters
- a note book and pencil (even in the digital age)
- small LED flashlight, using same batteries as my flashes
- sun or spare glasses

Depending on the event:
Presscard (usually connect it to my bag, important to not forget)
tiny folding chair
parts for a folding step ladder
gas mask
folding reflectors
specific flash diffusers
A small yellow (rain)coat/top with reflecting safety striping for in the dark

And I never ever carry my smartphone in my camera bag. I would advice no one to do. In case of loss/theft or confiscation of your camera bag you can contact those who you need to contact.

Your list is a good one, but a gas mask? Do you live somewhere there are frequent riots? Is a lot of your work done in sewers?

And why no Geiger Counter?

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Alec: We got the landscapes with empty dresses. Means some other site got the nudes!!

Yeah, but they are decaying nudes, so we got the better deal.

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TomCreek: I'm guessing she's from back east, NY, Vermont self-respecting Montana native would have time to produce this self-absored drivel.

I'm surprised a "self-respecting Montana native" would have time to post insular opinions on a photography website.

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madeinlisboa: I'm gonna photograph cat poop with different shapes and textures in different environments and perspectives and get famous. The sky is the limit!

Any subject matter can be photographed in interesting ways, and if you were an adventurous photographer you probably could make a name for yourself with your "cat poop" images. But the way you have written your response indicates that you are a 'conventional' thinker who will probably only ever produce 'conventional' images. Safe, boring and like the overwhelming majority of us, destined for obscurity.

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Jeff Peterman: Why isn't there an easy to click on link that takes us to the original site? (Or if there is, where is it?)

As for the lake being a "lake of blood" - if so, what about the green lake? I'm pretty certain that the water color is simply from minerals in the water, not "animal products".

The green colour is cyanobacteria feeding on the nitrate-rich waste expelled by the cattle. The bacteria suck all the oxygen from the water, leaving it toxic and dead. "Minerals" have nothing to do with it.

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)

Good article. I think I have one more 'large' camera left in me. By the time I'm done with that, 'small' cameras will have improved even further. Then I might 'go small'.

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Hugo808: It must be rubbish! You just don't like bad news! Review some decent cameras for a change!

Huh! Some attempt! Other than you fail to say about the PRICE of fish!! And RANDOMLY use the HATS LOCK buttern!! I expected better SAtire than this!!! And you spelling is APALLING(ly good, and so not fit-for-purpose). Come on Hugo! Pull your socks up!!!!

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whtchocla7e: Finally, a dual pixel sensor!! Looks like the MP war is over. This brings back fond memories of 4 bit computer graphics. I can't wait to see what this beast can capture with 2 pixels.

Where will it all end? 8 pixels? 16? Madness!

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AngryCorgi: Is it just me or is Marissa Mayer insanely cute?

Works for me.

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Jabs767: Cloud? What's that?

First you have to have reliable internet connection which for me is not possible and this reliance by software manufacturers/developers on such technologies might be alright in the US, but not all parts of the world have the same systems.

It takes a whole day recently to download/update my Mac OS! Not every professional photographer works in big US cities or even the big studios in Australia. They seem to have forgotten a large portion of their market and are concentrating on the 'big' customers.

Adobe already charge nearly twice as much in Australia for their products than they do in the US.

It looks like I will be using Nikon's CNX2 and Capture One Pro more now when Nikon deliver new cameras that ACR won't open the RAW files on.

I went and looked at the US, then the Australian prices for subscription to Photoshop alone, and they are both $19 / month, or AU$240 for Photoshop for a year. You could subscribe for 4 years and still pay less than the boxed version of Photoshop we were being asked to pay previously. We *finally* have something akin to price-parity with our US cousins, so I'm happy about that.

Your comments about the variability of internet connections / speeds across the country are spot on though. I'm good at home, where I have ADSL2+, but when I go to visit family in Broken Hill I will be up sh*t creek in a barbed-wire canoe (without a paddle).

I guess you'll be voting for the party that supports the NBN fibre-to-the-home solution in September?

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On Photographer turns camera on teenage 'freighthoppers' article (189 comments in total)
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DenWil: So one person riding the rails illegally photographed others riding the rails illegally. Safer than being a Christian missionary in Iran or N Korea where you go to prison when you're caught.

Also less destructive than attempting to replace one lot of counter-productive dogma with another.

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BartyLobethal: These are all welcome changes, particularly the improvements to the Healing Brush and the addition of radial gradients.

If the upgrade is US$99, then I guess I'll be asked to pay AU$150 or AU$200 so that Adobe can provide me with their "bespoke customer experience". This is what they called it at the recent federal senate enquiry, we consumers simply know it as the Australia Tax. Will have to keep my eye out for specials, or work out how to implement the 'VPN workaround' recommended by Choice.

BaldCol, what you're apparently missing here is that we have to pay more for exactly the same product. It's not so much the price Adobe are charging, but the higher price Adobe are charging Australians. The senate enquiry found that Aussies were paying up to $1000 more for Photoshop than folk in the U.S. Our dollar has been consistently over parity with the US$ for some years, and this market-specific surcharge is simply greedy gouging. Bespoke customer experience my butt-hole.

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