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"...light black and light light black...". Would those be grey?

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Sezano: “If you take a picture of a human that does not make him noble, there is no reason to take this picture. That is my way of seeing things.” – Sebastião Salgado

Right, so dictators, mass murderers, terrorists, rapists etc should either never be photographed, or only photographed in ways that make them look "noble"?

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yonsarh: Just incase for those who don't know about North Korea. North Korea is a collectivism society, where all people are grouped together instead of western capitalistic society,people tolerate in political left and right each other, but for North Korea, they don't tolerate each other. For Visa, I heard there are tourist company that can apply and gives you North Korea visa.

Nonsense. North Korea is a small marsupial of nocturnal habit, endemic to the coffee houses of Rundle Street, Adelaide.

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rallyfan: Why harass the three elderly women in Spain?

I'm starting a support group for Post Photographic Stress Disorder (PPSD) for people that were made feel briefly uncomfortable by having their photograph taken by a passing stranger.

This shouldn't be confused with PPSD (Post Processing Stress Disorder) which aims to help people traumatised by HDR.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (783 comments in total)

I think they undermine the performance of their own sensors by not offering at least a lossless compression option.

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aramgrg: A good placebto start for people trying to be overly original.

I agree that the method - although often of interest in its own right - is irrelevant when evaluating the output solely on its own terms. In the right hands there is no reason this camera can't be used to produce interesting work.

But there isn't any output to assess here, just a self-consciously 'retro' device that outputs an image that will only ever be reproduced by quintessentially modern means.

It's like musicians who eschew digital recording because it's 'clinical' and 'analogue has soul' or some other rubbish, when the overwhelming bulk of their output will be, ultimately, in digital form. A comical irony that deserves lampooning.

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Hi b - yes, that's exactly what happened. I didn't object to the urination so much as the fact that they came and went on fixed-gear unicycles laminated from recycled Capiello prints.

Thanks for your remarks about my work. It's particularly nice to get positive feedback from someone with some depth of formal knowledge of photography.

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It'll become sufficiently "DP" if the hipsters want any more than half a dozen people to see how awesomely retro they are - 'cos then they'll have to digitise it. They'll probably do it on a scanner with a solid wood case though...

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aramgrg: A good placebto start for people trying to be overly original.

Yep. Total Hipster.

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On Fujifilm X100T Review preview (646 comments in total)

Why did it only get a Mauve award when it's the super bestest camera in the Milky Way Bar and should have got a Paisley award!?!?! It's pretty obvious that dpreview are only interested in Yak husbandry etc etc.

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Zvonimir Tosic: Magazines like Communication Arts are full of stuff like this, and call this photography, but I don't agree with it.

This is actually digital illustration work, but done through elements of photography. So this is not photography per se.

It is staged, and unreal. Same as life in the movie set is not real life of a person, but staged. And we don't call movies real life.

Photography, likewise, is supposed to memorise elements of reality, or, the truth. And even then, when going through a mountain of negatives that showed truth, photographers would look at all of them to pick one where all nuances of truth were the most obvious and overwhelming.

Photography, like any other art form, can be any damned thing you want it to be.

You want your work to be some unimaginative representation of "the truth"? Well, good for you. Your desire that everyone else follow in your well-worn rut isn't doomed to failure - it failed a century before your birth.

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On Landmark of Turku in the Old Cranes challenge (4 comments in total)

Excellent shot. Great processing.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (740 comments in total)
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Tapper123: Perhaps the metallic awards system should be done away with? It just leads to contention. Seems the numerical scores are enough, not to mention the conclusion text, for people looking for a summation.

Personally I thought this was a fair review, and I own an EM5 II and enjoy it. Pair it with some really good lenses and it's as good as almost anything except for perhaps some extreme situations where a 35mm sensor has an advantage. I see it as a great all-arounder, a camera that does everything reasonably well, with world class IS, solid build and weather resistance. If you can't get a good image from this camera paired with a good lens, then I suspect the problem is not the camera.

Anyway, gold, silver -- it doesn't matter. It's a great camera, capable of great images, and has a remarkable lens selection. Enjoy it.

That's hilarious Joerg. (This being the internet I'd better explain that I mean just that, no sarcasm)

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NancyP: I think that there is a market for a geared head that is lighter than the 410, for the users of mirrorless cameras. I have to say that my tiny Sigma DP2M (8 oz) looks a little silly on top of the Manfrotto 410/Hejnar adapter plus Manfrotto 055 legs.The only geared heads out there are Manfrotto, Arca-Swiss Cube and D series, and the Sunwayfoto knockoff of the Arca D4 (not available in US).

@NancyP - yes I think this could replace my ancient 3-way pan/tilt atop my old 190, for M43. I found the 200PL plates don't allow vertical positioning of a DSLR with 'heavy' lens (the camera rotates around on the plate no matter how tightly you do it up), but the lighter weight of my M43 gear shouldn't present that issue. I haven't used my E-M5 with my 405 head and plates as yet because it seems like 'overkill', although no doubt it would be a super-stable support.

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babart: Problem being that standard Manfrotto camera plate, which, when the camera body is moved to vertical position, allows the camera to rotate on the mount screw. Especially if it has a heavy-ish lens mounted. In this case, of course, "heavy-ish" might be misleading :).

@babart - remove your non-QR head and replace it with one with QR. It's about the single best tripod-related thing you can do. My QR plates remain more-or-less permanently attached to my cameras and mounting them to my tripod head is simply a matter of snapping them in. Removal is a simple click of a lever. Treat yourself. Once you go QR you never go back. If your body/lens combined weight exceeds about 2kg, get a head that takes the 410PL plates (assuming you stay Manfrotto), the 200PL plates don't offer enough resistance to rotation with the camera in the vertical position (ie the lens will 'droop' groundward).

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On Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop article (366 comments in total)
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MnTony: OMG - this whining is still going on? Folks, the adoption rate for CC was much faster than Adobe predicted. They aren't going back. Buy into it or don't - you have the power of your choice. But whining every time Adobe is mentioned is getting very old. Alternatives may pop up, and competition is always a good thing.

That sucks, ThatCamFan! Why does Adobe hate Iceland? I can't think of any technical reason Icelanders couldn't just deal directly with Adobe, so there must be a bit of counter-free-market nastiness going on.

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Jasko014: If it would be not written, that this is gay couple, I would not recognise it. Left person has a physiology of woman.

That's fair enough. I also thought the person on the left was female until I read the description.

Coupled with the fact that the bloke lying on his back could equally be dead as engaged in a moment of intimacy and I don't think the photograph has much storytelling power without accompanying text.

It's still an interesting photo though. The chiaroscuro evokes old Renaissance paintings.

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Johannes Zander: DPR, did you delete some comments?

'Disguised' expletives doesn't seem to be the only reason. More than one set of sensitivities on parade here.

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Raist3d: So sad to see Russia doing this. I hope the rest of the world can serve as a living example of why this is ridiculous.

@ogl, the heart is a muscular structure that has evolved for the purpose of pumping blood around the vascular system. It is neither a measurement nor sensing device.

The brain, of course plays a vital role in material analysis so you are definitely on to something there.

I haven't found the New Testament very useful in terms of answering pretty much anything new in the world over the last two thousand years. I couldn't, for example, find the part numbers for the windshield wiper blades for my Subaru in it anywhere. It also fails to either mention explicitly or even vaguely predict any of the patterns of the universe discovered and described over the last thousand years or so, including those that led to your ability to make these puzzling statements electronically from so far away.

I'm glad to hear that not everybody in Russia shares the point of view about gays expressed by your political or church leaders, or explicit in the actions of those who bash gays to death.

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Raist3d: So sad to see Russia doing this. I hope the rest of the world can serve as a living example of why this is ridiculous.

@Peiasdf, "ego" is an idea. There is no sense in which an idea can be said to exist independently of the material world - all ideas are transmitted by physical processes and stored in material substrates. In that very literal sense ideas are subject to material analyses. That is of course true of any idea including "sin", but doesn't speak to the universality (or utility) of an idea.

Although self-awareness and the possession of a sense of one's place in the social order are likely universal, the concept of "ego" is not. It is a cultural phenomena with little to no conceptual authority outside its originating culture. It is not culturally independent in the way that hyrdogen or iron are. Nor is "sin".

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