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On Zeiss announces 'no compromise' Otus 55mm F1.4 article (488 comments in total)

From the blog:
">Many photographers are used to taking pictures with autofocus these days. Why does the new lens only have manual focusing?
We want the user to have the freedom to employ the focusing position as an artistic means, since we are dealing here with one of the most important tools that a photographer has at his disposal."

And this is prevented by autofocus, how... ?

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Corner sharpness of the 10-18 seems OK at f4 and good at f5. Finally a good UWA option on the NEX? I feel weak in the knees ;-)

DPR team: please try to give us more useful test shots next time - brick walls, regular patterns, and the like...

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On Photokina 2012: Hasselblad Stand Report article (47 comments in total)

They actually rebadged the crappy $100 18-55 kit lens. How much will they be selling it for? This is even more pathetic than the body...

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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (613 comments in total)
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KHorn: I hope that Hasselblad does better on firmware updates than Sony. Sony support stinks.

For the 7 maybe. But they did allow NEX-3 and NEX-5 users to get many new features of the 5N series (focus peaking...) via firmware update, which I think not all companies would have done.

The problem with the 7 is that Sony does not seem to be standing behind it - it feels like a dead end, with the new models using the 16MP sensor rather than the 24MP...

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Prognathous: No articulated screen... bad move Pentax.

I wonder how many of the people who sing the praise of WR actually need WR in real life... I've brought all the non-WR cameras I have owned on long hikes, used them on beaches, in the rain, in tropical countries, and never had a problem. And I suspect 90% of people here never get to mistreat their gear more than that.

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I've actually read several reviews from photographers who were quite surprised with the 1's good IQ (at high ISO especially, considering sensor size).

Another crowd is using the 1 with the F-mount adapter to make cheap 800-900ish lenses from 300mm F-mount glass, complete with AF - and they have shown several BIF pictures to prove that it works!

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review article (355 comments in total)
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D1N0: The score on ergonomics and handling is too low. Sure it isn't the best, but give it some leeway, for it's off beat design. Which you are simply not used to. Also the value score is too low. The picture quality it delivers is way above par and pricing? €829 is not realistic. In Holland you van buy it voor €200 less.

Also I do not think blaming it for poor AF on old or cheap tele zooms is fair, since those behave poorly on any dslr and are not available on other system camera's anyway. You are beating it up for a drawback from a big advantage of the camera, but dismiss this advantage (K-mount almost all together) Quality glass will always deliver better AF (and there is plenty of that around from Pentax, sigma, Tamron and some other brands.) Focus peeking will also be great for MF, which is a great advantage because of the huge amount of hight quality but cheap glass from the 70's en eighties you can get for almost nothing.

Actually no, the IQ is not 'way above par' - it is excellent but no better than comparable offerings from Sony or Olympus.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery article (499 comments in total)
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Sam Carriere: It's hard to take any camera that comes in a bright red version seriously. It's either a camera or a fashion accessory.

I personally don't buy cameras to 'look serious' but it seems lots of people here do (most of which I suspect aren't even pros).

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On Just Posted: Leica V-Lux 3 samples gallery article (8 comments in total)
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max metz: Excellent photography. This new version looks to be a big step forward in the sensor department, given its range the lens remains stellar.

Hard to see how good the lens is whith such a subpar sensor...

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On Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts article (169 comments in total)
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MPA1: Would not spend my money on any of them. The only two makers that I will use are Nikon and Zeiss.

You never regret buying high quality glass, which outlasts camera bodies by decades.

Some of the recent Zeiss are less than stellar, and the Nikon lineup also has a few duds. OTOH, some 3rd party lenses are hidden gems...

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On Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts article (169 comments in total)
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CharlieDIY: I'd love something like the Tokina, though. I'm currently using the Tamron 10-24mm on my Pentax K20D, but the constant f/2.8 aperture would help on a number of shots. Unfortunately, Tokina thinks Pentax owners won't buy, I guess. Or they were afraid of being incestuous before Pentax because part of Ricoh.

Some Tokina lenses are rebranded by Pentax and sold at a much higher price point -- eg, the 12-24/4, a great lens which would deserve a place on this list...

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