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Curious to know if you think the new site could market to advertising and fashion clients, or if those markets use other avenues to find their talent.

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On Phottix Mitros Flash for Canon Review article (34 comments in total)

Thanks Mike,
Great to see that this is available. As an owner of 9x phottix odin receivers mounted to 550ex flashes (who needs IR anymore?), it's the Mitros + that has me most interested, for times I'd want an on camera flash as well as remotes... which is not currently workable with the hot shoe odin transmitter.... It's not very often that I'd want an on cam flash, but weddings, where another remote requires another assistant, is a notable exception. I could, and likely should, put a flash with odin receiver on a bracket for weddings.

I WILL say that i'd love more than three groups, though I can make do. ;-)

BTW... the Mitros at $300, is about the same as a used 550ex with an odin receiver. If the Mitros+ is not too much more, it would be a viable alternative.

Dave Seeley

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On Phottix Mitros Flash for Canon Review article (34 comments in total)
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Felix11: @DPReview "at well over half the price" did you mean "at considerably less than half the price"?

I use the Phottix Odin radio trigger system, with a bunch of Canon 550ex flash units... Ebay price for those extremely well regarded work horses (no overheating issue that later models had) is less than $200 for excellent condition The Odin Trigger is currently $137 on amazon... much less in sets of multiples. Given that the IR becomes redundant when using the much more reliable and versatile radio triggers, I'd rather spend a few extra dollars for full radio... You need it for soft boxes and flash units behind you.

Dave Seeley

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On 5 photography apps to download to your new iPad post (156 comments in total)
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paulbysea: As per usual the media only think about Apple. What about an article about apps for Android Tablets, The Nexus 7 2 has a better screen than any apple product, which suggest it would be better suited to photographers than over priced apple products.

Shuttersnitch on my iPad receives EyeFi jpegs from my 5Diii during shoots, and brings in pinch zoomable high quality pics to check exposure and focus. It also warns you when shooting outside user definable parameters. An important part of my workflow.

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On First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster article (357 comments in total)
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PicOne: so why EF to Sony APS as first model... vs. EF to EFS ?

So how bout EF to Eos M... currently you can mount EF lenses with the Canon adapter, but there is a 1.6 crop. The adapter is merely a spacer with no optics. It seems like this could add optics to eliminate the crop, and speed up the lens too.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Hands-on Preview preview (626 comments in total)

What a lovely piece of industrial design. I want to hold it... but at that price, I wouldn't consider buying one. Fixed lens seems like an unnecessary deal killer for many. I'm a Canon 5Diii shooter, and I love the notion of being able to take my L lenses traveling with a small hq body, so the EOS M is of interest. This needs to outspec that option by a whole lot in order to charge 3 times as much for it.

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plevyadophy: PHOTTIX Odins are incompatible (at present) with SIX Canon cameras.

Here's a copy of the email I received from PHOTTIX:


Thanks for your email.

Yes, the 1D Mark II will work. The only cameras we have issue with are: 1D, 1Ds, G6, G12, G1x, 1Dx

Canon changes their camera/flash protocols from time to time. This happened when the EXII flashes were released - and again recently as well. The 650D, 5D Mark III and 1Dx all have new protocols. This is easy for Canon to accommodate - much less easy for us when trying to add all the protocols into one product.

If you need anything further please let me know.


Anyone know if the Odin's will be compatible with the new EOS M?

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I have 8x 550ex flash units on the Phottix Odin system, and couldn't be happier. I bought it when my primary cam was the 5D2, and now use em on my 5D3. Takes a bit for me to shoot a couple of test shots and determine flash group levels above and below ttl, then any minor adjustments during shooting can be made via the flash adjustment compensation on camera. Love em. Never had any prior radio trigger system, so can't compare to those.

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miklmar: I can't find the Canon version on the website, only the Nikon. Trying to find out if the 550EX is compatible.

Yes... I use 8x 550ex flash units on the Phottix Odin system. Works like a charm.

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fotogloria: Here is my story.. I am a professional photographer with more than 18 years of experience and I tried everything else and finally bought Odin for my Canon 5D and 4 550EX combo. And ever since I bought Odin, I never missed any single shots because the flash was not firing. So far it is giving me 100% results with no issues. ETTL works like a charm... Accurate measurements. Distance is not a problem for me as I am always within their advertised range.

I have started with Radio Popper and they sent me 2 different sets of units for replacement and finally I sold that and got Pocket Wizard Flex TT series and even with them I had to get a replacement once but still was no use and finally I found these babies and I am married to them.. Permanently. If she decides to ditch me some how, I would get a clone of her from Phottix.. :) YES the review is right and it looks like an ad because that is the truth!!! ODIN ROCKS!!!

I'll second fotogloria,
I've got the Odin and 8 receivers mounted on 8 Canon 550ex flash units. The 550ex has the same flash capability as the later units, and does not have issue with recycle that those had. It's a true work horse, and sells used for about $160. The Odin has been fantastic, and never an issue with recycle... In a studio setting, I will shoot pix about 1 second apart, for 20 or more shots. You can also use flash exposure compensation from the camera, and it adjusts the settings on the Odin globally. I love it!

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kff: What a pity! They don't have version for Pentax ...

I believe a Nikon version recently came out.... though I know a guy who switch from Canon to the D800, and says the Nikon Phottix system is not as care-free as the Canon.

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gl2k: The article says nothing about any high speed flash capabilities.
Pocket Wizard can do.

Yes on high speed sync.

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Toranaga: One thing that makes this kinda useless for some... You cant mount a flash on top of the trigger like with a TT5! In some situations I use both on- and offcamera flash and this makes that impossible.

True...no hot shoe on tope, and I suspect that it's the form factor of the transmitter that makes a hot shoe unworkable... I do think you can mount a hot shoe pass-through cable between camera and transmitter, to an off camera flash -hand held, or bracket mounted.
I have not personally tried this after researching it - because I decide to buy another receiver instead.

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plevyadophy: FAILURE!!
Well, this item isn't as good as it is claimed to be.
I have tried it TWICE, once with old firmware, and second time with new firmware. It failed to work on both occasions.
I was testing it with a 1D (Mark 1) and a 580 Mark II flash gun.
The list of problems:
~FEC that you set doesn't show in the viewfinder (as it does with the flash in the hotshoe)
~ FEC is not reported in the EXIF data during image playback
~ You can't use the transmitter (tx) to fire flashes at desired power level so as to take meter readings of individual lights. Instead, pressing the TEST button on the tx results in a very weak test pulse being fired irrespective of power output set on each flashgun. So you must trip shutter to get flash to fire at desired power.
~ Chnaging flashes to Manual Mode does not work
~ When tx zooms flash heads it causes error message on the flash after the flash has been fired.
~ Setting FEC on the tx has ZERO effect
~ Finally, EVERY shot taken results in GROSS overexposure

Canon 1D not supported by Phottix Odins

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