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Chief Engineer at Have been developing electronic products for a long time! Since 1999, I've been developing time-lapse camera equipment, and some very interesting underwater camera equipment.


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Mark Roberts: Length 3.8"... is this at 18mm, or 36.4mm or 200mm? It seems all lens manufacturers only report the shortest possible arrangement. What's the length at 200mm? Looks like a great time-lapse lens.

Good range of zoom, low cost, don't need VR...

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Length 3.8"... is this at 18mm, or 36.4mm or 200mm? It seems all lens manufacturers only report the shortest possible arrangement. What's the length at 200mm? Looks like a great time-lapse lens.

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mpgxsvcd: The only thing that would get me excited about this camera is if you said it had 4K @ 60 FPS. 1080p @ 60 FPS isn’t even acceptable now that the GoPro has excellent 2.7K @ 60 FPS.

Do we really need a pixel count race, again??

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Timmbits: The flat shape is very impractical;
they should make them cylindrical (as Panasonic did a very long time ago as an alternative to the gopro, but unfortunately didn't seem to have any success (that's a failure from marketing, not because of the product))
The cylinder is more aerodynamic, harder to snag and bang on things, easier to mount on things like the side of helmets.
This is really playing it safe.
Wish more would innovate.

However... this does tell you for how much those cameras costing hundreds more SHOULD be selling for - what they are really worth!

For Cylindrical, have a look at the ReplayXD cameras.

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On Up close: The beauty of butterfly wings article (47 comments in total)

Here is another gallery of microscopic imaging. Focus stacking, all sorts of technology, and much it was done years ago.

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On A look inside Sigma's lens factory article (89 comments in total)

Very classy! I so wish media would get out of the habit of blasting stuff into our faces and ears. This was beautiful, and inspires me to pay more attention to Sigma offerings.

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On Tamrac launches rugged-looking photo messenger bags article (106 comments in total)

I'm amazed how few haters are checking in about a bag review.

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On Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty article (136 comments in total)

Ahhh, reminds me of the days I spend modifying Nikon 990s, and then D70s. Multiple wires to desolder/resolder, assemblies shoved into nooks and crannies. Good times. The new Sony looks positively civilized!

Clearly this design took a lot of work to make look simple. This was no slap dash effort to make a camera to tiptoe into a new corner of the market. They appear to be serious about making these cameras.

This is a different spin on reviewing a camera, and I like it! Thanks for the article.

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On Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty article (136 comments in total)
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ZorSy: In D7K teardown Cicala said: "I’m pretty comfortable saying there’s at least as much profit in the $700 mirrorless as in the $1200 SLR, probably more". Looking at this one (and having a7R pricing in mind), just tinkering how difficult it is to justify the price tag put on some new mirrorless cameras. Apart from the sensor and the shutter, not much more is left.... On the second thought, I may not be the only one expecting something substantial and 'more complicated' for the money, thus growing skepticism if this is supposed to last or will get discarded/abandoned by manufacturer like 2 years old smartphone...As a conclusion (apart from being nice shiny new thing that works nicely), if it is really that simpler to make (and maintain, adjust, calibrate etc) than the traditional DSLR, why does it bear the DSLR counterpart price? Oh, I think I know - because THEY can....

Factor in the number of cameras they will actually sell, then divide that into the amount of money they spend in engineering to come up with such a clean design! I'm an engineer/company owner myself, and can only imagine the cost of development! I'm generally shocked we can buy equipment as cheaply as we can.

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What a great report... I was delighted to see it written with a human perspective, not just technical.

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For those needing a better form factor... check out the Replay 1080XD. Personally I think the GoPro is the oddest form factor imaginable...

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The big limitation I've had with these sort of cameras has been low light performance, and image quality... both strongly impacted by the sensor size, and the lens. Interested to see if improvements have been made in these areas by Garmin.

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Sure, you can do art with crayons too.... does that mean it's to be considered in the same category as oil painting?

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Has anyone been ASKING for a middle ground, or is this just a push for another proprietary standard that Adobe can license?

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Nikon has always designed their cameras to include proprietary connectors for shutter release cables, etc. Given how inexpensive digital cameras have become, so quickly, I'm constantly amazed that any of the manufacturers can stay in business. Making a relatively tiny profit on low volume accessories isn't much to complain about.

I've actually manufactured an accessory grip (for the D70). We had pretty nice comments about the quality, but it was still nothing compared to the quality from Nikon (luckily Nikon didn't make a grip for the D70). The amount of effort it takes to reverse engineer the connections, do the mechanical design with close detail to the surface feel, the way the dials move, match colors, design the firmware, fabricate the molds, develop a production process, test each unit, etc., requires an investment most people just don't comprehend. Frankly I can't conceive of even attempting to develop a grip like this, and then sell it for only $100. Amazing...

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Joe Ogiba: I paid $72 at Newegg for a 1TB WD USB 3.0 ext portable HDD last October so it looks like the floods really killed the low prices on WD HDDs. They need to come out with Thunderbolt versions for people with Apple computers .

What the image quality on this new photography product?

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On Five of the best tripods for under $450 article (84 comments in total)

OK, I see the marketing spiel, but where's the review?

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ntsan: This is what I call pocket-able! unlike NEX's humongously huge zoom lens

All of the micro-4/3 lenses I've seen will reset the focus when the camera awakes from sleep or powered off and on again. Anyone know if the 'manual' focus on this lens is retained at power on/off?
This is critical for time-lapse...

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On Patriotic in the Typically AMERICAN, as seen by Americans challenge (1 comment in total)

First time I've ever commented on a picture here... simply stunning.

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