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  • I had not considered a USB video adapter but that might well be a part of the solution. I'll check into it. Thanks much.
  • Ah-- ok. Thanks for pointing that out. The Matrox route might be overkill and is more expensive, but I'll certainly keep that in mind if the Monoprice unit doesn't fit the bill.
  • Appreciate the info. But at first glance it looks like these system are designed to have: >>... two displays show up as one big display << which is not what I need. In the meantime I called ...
  • Created discussions Any way to SPLIT HD output?
    Our Lenovo notebook has a mini Display Port output that we use to connect to an external monitor at it's native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Display settings are set up to duplicate both displays so ...
  • re. >>...fast wireless charging that can take the battery from empty to full in approximately two hours should make up for the loss. <<

    Not even close. Without the option to swap batteries no way...

  • Ah yes, the toast buttering dilemma--  something I struggle with every morning...
  • It is unbelievable what the manufacturers try to sucker you into buying. I have to wonder if the people writing these warnings are laughing out loud while they make up this stuff. I was about ready ...
  • So, there are NO freeware programs that don't contain spyware? I assume you're joking...
  • Good points. I remember when we built our hose how BIG the main living area seemed during construction. By the time all the furniture & fixtures were installed, where did all that space go?? :)
  • Created discussions Ideal size for a photo studio?
    If one were to build a stand-alone building for a photo studio, what do you think would be an "ideal" size (L x W x H) be? Assuming pretty standard sessions ranging from portraits of small to ...
  • Was the program InfoSelect by any chance? That's what I used back in the the days of DOS and really liked it. Now I'm using and very much like Evernote. As others have mentioned OneNote is also ...
  • Then perhaps, given that such a large volume of messages written on online forums are related to various things folks don't like, you should just stop reading here??  ;-)
  • Hi Russell, Interesting. I've been running Win 8.1 Pro on my touchscreen Lenovo for some months now but haven't spent much time exploring any of the Win 8.1 features. Actually spent more time ...
  • We're looking for way to have a dedicated a monitor at our studio that clients can use to view images. The general idea would be to walk up to a large touch screen monitor, choose from several ...
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