Lives in United States Bonn (US expat.), United States
Works as a Automotive Engineer
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Joined on Mar 8, 2005
About me:

What I currently use:
5D and 5D Mk III with Canon lenses:
24-105/4 IS L
180/3.5 macro w/tripod mount
70-200/4 L w/tripod mount
100-400 IS
MPE 65/2.8
Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-T1 with lenses:
Panasonic: GF1 with 20/1.7
Gitzo tripod: G1325 & Manfrotto 3-way gear head #410

I still use film at times: Leicaflex, Leica R4, Minolta X700, Canon EOS 100
All-time favorites: Pentax Spotmatic F, Pentax 67 and Canon F1

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  • Replied in All I see... an empty page with your name at the top.  Must I register with smugmug to view your images?  I don't think I'd need to have registered, but bottom line is - I can't see any image(s).
  • You didn't make any mention as to your intended image output.  Will you mainly be posting to the web, printing A2 size images on glossy paper or another manner of output? I bought and used the Sony ...
  • A longer zoom will be presented by Fujifilm late 2015.  If I recall correctly, it will have a focal length of 70-400mm.  I haven't heard of greatest f stop but it surely won't be 2.8 - more ...
  • Replied in Very Tempted!
    I'll take a close look at it shortly at my local dealer.  Since I'm "testing" if the X System can replace my Canon system, I'm eager to also test this lens. But I did trade in the Canon 70-200/2.8 ...
  • I use all three and usually don't stop down further than f5.6.  All three are excellent!  I prefer shooting most subjects (fairly) wide open and stop down only for purposes of depth of field - ...
  • To make sure of proper focus, I suggest focusing manually on the main subject.  Ideally the camera is mounted on a tripod.  Then adjust the aperture and use the self timer for releasing the ...
  • Adam, are you refocusing once you change the aperture?  Or have you focused (manually) and then only altered the aperture - without touching focus at all?
  • Replied in you could...
    ...combine extension tubes.  That would increase magnification.  I did that many times in the past with my Minoltas and Canons - sometimes still do with my Canon extension tubes, when I want to ...
  • Replied in I got mine...
    ...about three weeks ago.  My local dealer mentioned, I must have been the first person in Bonn with the graphie silver body.  That didn't matter since I can only use it on weekends due to the ...
  • Replied in Interesting
    An interesting point, which I'll have to keep an eye on.  I haven't noticed the phenomenon you explain with my X-Pro1 or (silver) X-T1.  I usually shoot wide open with all my Fujifilm primes. I'll ...
  • I've been shooting with the X-Pro1 and the X-T1 for some months now.  I had previously owned an X-Pro1 for a few months about 2-1/2 years ago. I'm comparing the images to my Canon 5D and 5D Mk III ...
  • Replied in Peter... was interesting to read your comments.  I'm waiting for th Fujifilm extension tubes. I'd be interested to know, if you've run across any angle finder which fits the X-T1 finder.  The tilting ...
  • I've been using an aged Novoflex bellows unit (from my Minolta X700) with an adapter to my X-T1.  Bulky items to fit my rucksack and use in the field but image quality is okay with Minolta 50/1,7 ...
  • Replied in I agree
    Two weeks ago I received Luigi's half case for my X-Pro1 and yesterday I received my second order - one for my X-T1.  For the X-T1 half case, I ordered the "rainbow" strap with a small case which ...
  • The situation in Syria (and neighboring countries) is a great human tragedy.  I wasn’t aware of that effect on the Lebanese economy – thanks for the information.  I wish Wassim and the countless ...
  • Replied in Mike ...
    ... I'm glad I'm not the only person operating that way.  Sadly, it's a little known fact.  And I often hear people complain about the poor resolution of jpg on the screen and the inability to ...
  • ... the film simulation styles affect jpg files only.  The raw processor inside the camera is converting the raw to that particular processing style - along with a number of other raw processing ...
  • Gasp!  Anearly snow - piles of it!  Drive safely.  Thanks for the (warning) shot.  Often we get similar weather across the Atlantic a week or so later.  Please do us a favor - keep the snow!
  • Commented on Wrapped in Love in the mother & baby challenge

    What a wonderful photo of a beautiful mother and delightful daughter! The shot truly is heart-warming, really made me smile. Perfect title.

  • comments to Vic.  I also know, that I could sync an iPad or iPhone to the X-T1 using WiFi.  I'm not overly keen on this since, while I have them, I don't like carrying them during my ...
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