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About me:

What I currently use:
5D and 5D Mk III with Canon lenses:
24-105/4 IS L
180/3.5 macro w/tripod mount
70-200/4 L w/tripod mount
100-400 IS
MPE 65/2.8
Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-T1 with lenses:
Panasonic: GF1 with 20/1.7
Gitzo tripod: G1325 & Manfrotto 3-way gear head #410

I still use film at times: Leicaflex, Leica R4, Minolta X700, Canon EOS 100
All-time favorites: Pentax Spotmatic F, Pentax 67 and Canon F1

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  • Replied in Also
    Yes, Fuji (Fujifilm today) have much experience and a long history of manufacturing outstanding lenses and cameras (formerly also medium format).  Their lenses are second to none.  The Hasselblad ...
  • Replied in I can't say
    I have no experience with the Sony in low light.  But I'm absoluely thrilled with the (graphote silver) X-T1 in low light.  This is the first camera with which I use auto ISO.  I've set a top ISO ...
  • Replied in Macros
    You're abolutely right, Deed.  But the 50mm focal length is a bit on the short side for my liking.  The only true alternative is an Olympus, Canon, Nikon or other macro lens with tripod mount and ...
  • Replied in You're right
    You're absolutely right - two mounts; "A" and "E" mounts.  I had mistakenly thought of the NEX as having a third mount - it obviously uses the "E" mount.  (By the way, I absolutely hated the NEX ...
  • That Kenko model seems to have won their comparison.  I know a number of photographers who are very pleased with their Kenko extenders. But that test is only part of the story.  There is build ...
  • Replied in I'd say X-T1
    If I were in your situation, I’d take the Fujifilm.  I have both X-Pro1 and X-t1 with four (prime) lenses.  There’s so very much to like about them and the rest of the Fujifilm gear.  Especially ...
  • What you should do is find the settings you enjoy most.  You might choose velvia for one subject, standard for another and find a use for classic chrome .  Never will one rendition fit all situations.
  • I'd like to thank all you who responded with suggestions.  I've given each of these thought and using your advice, have now done the following: 1.  I disconnected all electric devices, thus forcing ...
  • Replied in Thanks, Tom
    That was interesting - I hadn't known of those problematic serial numbers. I checked mine and it does not fall into that production lot / series.  Boy oh boy, Apple seems to want to hide the serial ...
  • Replied in Thanks, Mouser
    Thanks for your helpful suggestions and the information.  I've been through all you've mentioned and nothing improves my Apple TV performance.  I'm streaming from my local iMac, where I have saved ...
  • Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  I'm pleased to hear, that you have good experience with your Apple TV.  I'm sure my current behavior is due to some negative effect caused by the update. ...
  • Thanks for your suggestions, Mark.  My router is located some 3 meters from the TV and my iMac with the films (from iTunes) is some 10 meters from the router.  Only Apple TV shows this behavior - ...
  • Since the last Apple TV software update (some six months ago), it keeps losing the wifi connection!  All my computer gear and TV are located in my large living room.  Before the software update, ...
  • Replied in Don't feel bad
    Don't feel bad.  It happened to me too, when the lens was new and wasn't that familiar with it.  Only happens once, thereafter you know or will check every now and then. Actually, when removing the ...
  • Replied in Great!
    Mark, I agree with your assessment.  And your resulting images show, that you really know what you're doing.  Well done!!  Great images!! The X-T1 is the better camera for such shots, I own both.  ...
  • Replied in Thanks, Richard
    Thanks for your mentioning the Zeiss 50mm macro.  Yes, it will reach a magnification of 1:1 but the focal length is too short for my liking.  Also, it doesn't have a tripod collar.  I've found ...
  • Alex, while my situation is different, in that I use Canon bodies, my situation is similar because I had also been contemplating a switch to the Fujifilm X-System.  Let me explain my experience ...
  • ... that in stead of offering a true aperture, the adaptor in question caused darkening of corners (vignetting).  So it was out of the question for me.  Can't offer a link to those reports as I ...
  • But I wouldn't deescribe that process as sensible.  Maybe for a one-off trial but no procedure for shooting all day outdoors.  No doubt some manufacturer will market such an adaptor one day, but ...
  • Replied in Only wide open
    There's no sensible way of closing the aperture of Canon EOS lenses when mounted to a Fujifilm X-System body.  I'm sure there's a technical solution but I don't know on any manufacturer who has ...
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