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backayonder: Brilliant.
As a youngster my Dad used to fetch fish and chips and cigarettes for the 82nd Airbourne who were based in the village of Quorn in Leicestershire

My dad was in the 82nd in England preparing for operation Market Garden. Maybe your dad met him.

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Tilted Plane: boring pictures...how do some people get included and not others? seems like an editorial slant (probably by accident?)...anyway, it makes the site seem a bit amateurish, frankly. and dpreview is the BEST...don't get me wrong.

These recent features are very interesting to me. Much more interesting than reviews of equipment I'm not interested in.

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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (424 comments in total)

Even at the beginning, surveys showed most pros with a mac used LR. Glad I never used Aperture. But disheartened at Apple's slide from pro users generally. Probably the macs will go later and it will be just phones and tablets. Steve always was proud of the pro products in Apple's line.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 3) article (90 comments in total)

The most interesting series of images DPR has ever had. These are of a lost world.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (220 comments in total)

These two series of England slides are the best items I've ever seen in DPR. They are beautiful.

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This is a disaster for NX2 users. I mainly shoot Sony RX100 and Fuji X100 now, but liked to convert them in LR to TIFF and use NX2 to editing since it was so much easier than Adobe products. Too bad. I don't see why anyone would learn the new NX-D product. I never expected Nikon to just dump photo editing.

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I assume Fuji would not be releasing it after all this time unless it will also fit the X200.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 real-world samples gallery article (101 comments in total)

I liked the cat picture a lot!

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Big improvement to me. I hated all that white space. Now I can quickly see photos and scroll down. Just bought another two years on my pro subscription so I'm good to March 2016. Wanted to keep the stats, didn't want ads, and renewal price half of the ad free.

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inColorado: I'd like this deal even better if Google would integrate the tools with Nikon's Capture NX2. Nik did it for Color Efex Pro3, but dropped the ball on the world Capture NX2 users.

Prior to Google, Nik tried to get Nikon to work with them on integrating more plugins with NX2, but Nikon had no interest. Nik even asked users to petition Nikon to cooperate on adding filters to NX2. With the Google acquisition, the moment has probably passed but the original roadblock was Nikon.

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larj_lights: Hope they send me an email, why did they not send to their old clients like us who spent more than what they are selling now?

They sent me an email for the free download.

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On Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested article (211 comments in total)

I downloaded the free RFC/Silkypix 3 from Fuji's website and it does a completely acceptable raw conversion for these two sample files. Much better than the examples above. Of course actually using Silkypix for more than 30 minutes at a time will drive a person insane and you will plunge off the nearest ledge to your doom.

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On Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested article (211 comments in total)

This is pretty discouraging for RAW shooters. I have the X100S on preorder but might just keep my X100 if Adobe RAW support doesn't improve. Those samples are bad.

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On Hands-on with Fujifilm's X100S article (62 comments in total)
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Alejandro del Pielago: "Watch out for a full review in the coming weeks" ?????

Dear DP are you kidding us??? The E1 appeared before and the review is taking MONTHS because the work is hard and you are few guys, etc...

But thanks for the interesting information.

If there is a review before mass shipments at end of March that would be cool. I'd know whether to hold or fold on my preorder.

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On Just deployed: New dpreview.com forums system article (699 comments in total)

I think the new look is great. Also reading the guide for the new design helps. Anyone should read that first before complaining.

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On Shooting with the Leica M9-P article (648 comments in total)

This is the most beautiful samples gallery I've seen on DPR. Really, really well done.

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